The province’s comprehensive cultural service center construction pilot work officially started

8 5, the Provincial Cultural Press and Publication office officially launched the province’s grassroots comprehensive cultural service center construction pilot work, and strive to build a comprehensive demonstration center for cultural services. This is the reporter in the province’s cultural Secretary of the forum and the construction of a comprehensive cultural service center was informed. […]

Xining special working group on the prevention of juvenile delinquency

To conscientiously implement the provincial and municipal comprehensive management work conference, to further strengthen the city’s prevention of juvenile delinquency, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of young people, the morning of March 8th, the prevention of juvenile delinquency special group work conference held in Xining City to conscientiously implement the provincial and […]

Xining rushed forward – reform and strive to walk in the forefront of the province

Xining reform to move forward, Xining reform and strive to walk in the forefront of the province. July 10th, the Xining evening news launched a wave of reform tide of "front page" one man, attracted wide attention from all walks of life in the province. Readers have to the evening news search to ask about […]

The city issued regulations for the black car problem

day before the municipal government in the form of government that issued the "Xining measures investigate illegal passenger vehicle" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), and will be formally implemented in February 10, 2015. and the "black car" of an important basis for the

State department assessment team to assess the 2015 annual green fire

May 12th, deputy director of the State Bureau of cultural relics Song Xinchao as the head of the State Council eighth assessment team to Qinghai, the province’s fire prevention and inspection work in the year 2015. Han Jianhua, deputy governor of the provincial government on behalf of the 2015 annual report on the work of […]

Qinghai, the first meeting of teaching achievements

12 12, the provincial government held the first meeting of the recognition of teaching achievements. According to the "measures for the implementation of" Qinghai provincial teaching achievement award, the provincial government decided, awarded the first prize for teaching achievements in Qinghai province Qinghai area national middle school biology curriculum localization teaching theory and Practice Research […]

Xining development zone held a meeting of the Party committee

– Wang Xiao presided over the meeting and speech – to achieve "leading Party building development, promoting the development of the party" – to do development in Xining and the trailbreaker model December 22nd, the Provincial Committee and party secretary of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Party committee secretary Wang Xiao chaired the Development […]

The rhyme ieguchi dust pollution is an emergency stop

October 16th, the newspaper of "large" theme rhyme ieguchi let dust gray dust pollution problem rhyme ieguchi unity bridge sections of the report, due east district attaches great importance to the area immediately take action, take measures to carry out rectification of dust. on the same day, the district environmental protection, urban management, construction, traffic […]

Province to carry out special road traffic prevention special rectification actions

reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps was informed that since the beginning of the August to the end of September, the province’s police departments deployed in the province to prevent serious road traffic accidents special rectification actions. Put forward a number of outages resolutely hidden safety problems in a number […]

From their landscape residential property market in Xining reborn

"Rui Ning village", "beautiful Jiangnan", "riverside king", "Metro international"…… From the name of these elegant Qingli, the Xining property market has changed obviously, living quality improved significantly.With the accelerated construction of city landscape plateau, from black to their beautiful environment of the garden style residential area, the Xining property market changes twenty years turn the […]