Millet Lei Jun just acquaintances and acquaintance of an acquaintance that allows entrepreneurs to m

Lei angel investment in fact, as early as 2004 that success will be transferred to the Amazon Excellence Lei Jun completed the transition from entrepreneurs to angel investors. To 2010 this time in 2008, resigned from the post of CEO Jinshan Lei as an angel investor, a portfolio of some 20 companies, including, VANCL, […]

Invest in yellow on the contrary the future of health care is a revolutionary medical data big data

share investment management partner Huang in the health care special on the future of health care, health care big data industry views. In his view, over the past few decades, hundreds of billions of dollars a year to spend on human capital to study cancer drugs, but these drugs are not so obvious tumor drugs […]

Jiayuan Wu Linguang the first half of next year, the biggest task is to integrate

[Abstract] the ultimate embodiment of the value of the company is the product, the user and the way of operation, rather than relying on the concept.   Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on December 18th said Jiayuan CEO Wu Linguang, at the Wuzhen World Conference on the Internet told the Tencent interview with science and […]

Yu Minhong six months cast 4 hundred million, many entrepreneurs have to go

Abstract: this year, 53 year old Yu Minhong has a lot of labels. He is a successful entrepreneur, to do big business English training, New Oriental in 2006 listed on the NYSE, China became the first mainland listed in the U.S. educational institutions; he has also become a generation of young people in the eyes […]

Entrepreneurship is not a trifling matter 18 years old genius girl CEO Wang Kaixin’s magic departmen

according to the relevant media reports, magic department store page is now inaccessible. As of press time reporter, still can not visit this site. in the first half of 2016 in the field of entrepreneurship, 17 girls Wang Kaixin and her magic department store is definitely the most eye-catching. However, management experience, overexpand, fast moving, […]

The new board was a wonderful thing brother Lun step chairman express resignation letter lost

new board following the Airbus chairman because of misappropriation of funds to the Public Security Bureau, has exposed the brother Lun step chairman Wei Qinghua lost contact after the express letter of resignation.   three new board listed company has more than 7000 days ago, saying "what birds have many wonderful things, the listed company […]

In 2016 the new three board ten bad luck to live the most sad reminder of who

half a year ago, Shen Si with papaya mobile came to the new board, the company secretaries said: "I think the new board is Chinese capital market in the future"; after half a year, papayamobile chose to leave, "said Secretaries (the company) itself is an attitude". The trouble is lonely…… tighter regulation, the market downturn, […]

UC subscription number start W+ quantum program will invest 1 billion fund to encourage creators

Tencent technology news (Sun Hongchao) December 1st news, UC today announced the launch of UC subscription "W+" quantum plan and investment of 1 billion yuan of special funds of provincial, with the creation of bonuses, advertising into two forms to support to the platform subscription number, total number of uncapped. Each natural month, the outstanding […]

Liang Jianzhang talk about Innovation the future is not able to start in the twenties

even in the global scope, it is difficult to have entrepreneurs called scholars reputation and not considered or have an ulterior motive of flattering fish for fame, Liang Jianzhang is probably very few exceptions. As an entrepreneur, he is one of China’s earliest and most successful Internet entrepreneur, he founded changed Chinese travel habits, […]

The dog in the 10 position hypocritical business circle of friends, you have the right to get

  venture so Niubi, entrepreneurship is a fashion, is the trendsetter marker of entrepreneurs. Not a record industry, you will feel shy out of social, if not a name card printing, such as CEO, to feel unworthy of female teachers and students, an array of ancestors, tickets are bestie. So the question is, how do […]