The best practice method of using breadcrumbs in a web site

what is the bread crumbs you can usually find breadcrumbs in a large number of organizations according to a certain level of content on the website. You can also have a network application more than one step to see them, this time they function similar to the progress bar. The simplest way is, the crumbs […]

The line on the website for 21 days PR upgrades for the 3 Shanghai dragon operation

our website is newly established, positioned to provide daughters information station. In November 11, 2011, the site began production line. After the optimization and adjustment of time, site in 21 days, IP exceeded 150, PR upgrade to 3, Sogou PR upgrade to 2. Have achieved satisfactory results. The main keywords "how to give birth to […]

Crack love Shanghai intimate search in the mystery of related enterprises

first, show the company related enterprises have made love Shanghai encyclopedia. The authority of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, there is no doubt that I love Shanghai to determine whether an enterprise is recommended, Wikipedia is the best basis. Students, pay close attention to the name of the Create Company at summary: entry classification of […]

How to treat love Shanghai August 25th adjustment algorithm

3, "with accumulation of keywords or articles are not related to the topic, in an attempt to deceive the search engine, there is no real help to search relevant keywords users. After the 2, although the content readable, but most of the article is collected, copied from other websites, no original content itself. from the […]

The prince talks about shlf1314 AD optimizationThe construction company announced the restructuring

Sina As for the reason of recombinant … second: color problems, I think the more beautiful the better the color, the more and the site in line with the better, there are many friends of advertising look, I know it is advertising,. , Dong Jun and Wei Wei said that after the reorganization of the […]

The use of the Internet news, let the traffic explosion

I’m a little webmaster, found the method of traffic explosion, share a simple. take patriotism as an example. When you see the QQ mass patriotic picture at that time, you have not thought of the pictures sent to your web site for everyone patriotic? If you have the time, you can harvest, I just want […]

The unspoken rules of Chinese personal websites blog

personal websites or blogs are websites or blogs that emphasize personal focus or personal development. Each circle has its own hidden rules, here a few personal websites to develop some of the unspoken rules for reference. 1, domain name is bought abroad, the host buys inside the country foreign domain name purchase, the price is […]

How to protect the masses of the problem of Puyang strong move

in a legal society, many of our rights and interests should be protected very well, in the face of government personnel illegal demolitions behavior, some people picked up the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests! However, due to improper handling methods, was detained by the court, we have a detailed understanding of […]

The correct way to deal with franchise investment

often see business advertisements always feel heart, seem to join later can immediately become millionaires, to join the big market, must have the right attitude, calm analysis, so that it can correctly deal with joining trap. 1, the illegal franchise ills difficult to eradicate one year total, similar to plus specific supervision in the process […]

Cooked food stores purchasing what precautions –

now play in the cooked food which is the role of small does not need to say, now the demand is great, many consumers love out tasting cooked food, which drives the development of good food, some entrepreneurs see this business is very good, choose to open their own food stores, however, between the various […]