The reason and method to determine whether a site is down right

The reasons are: 4, keyword ranking was originally on the target keywords or long tail keywords are falling down, my friend, he was once ranked in the first place, life is very moist, often told us that this day, key words suddenly dropped out to can not find, cow face ah, later found that the […]

Study of Shanghai Longfeng internal optimization from Lu Songsong, Moonlight blog

as an independent blog, updating the content of nature is the first one, because the user is God, in the blog, almost a few days will release an illustrated letter post, by sharing the characteristics of heart and soul to their own user communication, then why would say that this is the Shanghai dragon internal […]

Webmaster how to do long tail keywords

header, an article appeared in the title of the long tail word. 3 1, state of mind: mentality too anxious, that excessive behavior during operation. Or luck, think they do search engines should not be detected. long tail keywords in the text, such as the first section, the article, at the end of the article, […]

Buy links to improve website rankings have much effect

1. don’t choose to buy the black chain, buy black chain it is possible to make your website "forever". 2. to buy outbound links below 30. recently often received some novice webmaster friends: buy links can really improve website rankings? Buy links will make the site was K? How much buy links to our website […]

The three major PHP mainstream CMS in China from the perspective of shared ideology

1, DedeCms (www.dedecms.com)   in the past, when only DedeCms open source, other times are not open source, some malicious comments in attack Dede say false open source, but when we are open, this idea will no longer exist, we discuss the openness of the system, not to discuss what the GPL protocol, because these […]

Palm broadcast network sales related data

brief introduction of the first metacarpal, broadcast network (www.3gmovie.net) site has a year, now has a membership of 2 billion 600 million people, 95% of them for the real data, there are about 5% repeated registration, registered members are | QQ | mailbox name field, and from the data sampling, more than 75% users the […]

Web analytics, metrics, meaning, and unknown (2)

thank you for your active participation in the last article! The collective wisdom is so powerful! I’m going to prepare your speech and add my speech to a single article. recently in the business, a few days ago with my colleagues to learn some of the characteristics of Discover Adobe Omniture, the excited, in what […]

Reveal the price inside the website construction

some unknown customer market, some of the construction site from thousands of thousands of high, very do not understand, they were more interested in some of the site workers low price more than 1000 pieces, so that hundreds of pieces, this low price nature is very attractive, but they know that behind the unspoken rule? […]

Four factors influencing website user experience (UEO)

needless to say, the user experience (UEO) for a website is very important, but some webmaster in the site SEO, often ignore the user experience, leading to the final SEO effect came out, the flow also increases, but is not stick flow, once the website ranking drop, flow will follow down, we all have this […]

Analysis of the five stages of grassroots Internet

this paper is based on a speech of graph king of finishing, the graph king is not talking about how to make money, but at the grassroots point of view to talk about the Internet to talk about the site, from the grassroots to the future, a very thorough analysis, the site is divided into […]