In the new algorithm, love Shanghai under the station there is a way that swarm optimization

love Shanghai algorithm is high, the majority of workers want to optimize Shanghai Longfeng opportunistic way to site optimization is also more and more high, this is the station group optimization in recent years by the Shanghai Longfeng workers as a wide optimization model optimization, especially the Shanghai dragon optimization team, due to years of […]

In the independent blog promotion should pay attention to the nofollow tag

to solve this problem, there has been no careful thought, again today when the query is suddenly thought, which should be nofollow in the way of thinking, immediately went to the Lu Songsong blog, and several other well-known blog check, if not so, their message, although your blog link, but have to add the nofollow […]

Enterprise how to make good use of Shanghai dragon and bidding for transformation doubled

Through the optimization of site search ranking website in the first page of search results, regardless of the daily traffic in many times, do not pay any fees on website is not independent of the engine maximum benefits of optimization, even if you only ask for love Shanghai is optimized, but the result is Google, […]

A search engine spider crawling

? no matter what search engines to waste it on their own resources are strictly controlled in the grab, we should try to save each other to our website all the time, so, in time, I will focus on grasping it with. But, what time are included? Of course, it should be our first focus […]

How does website operations define user value

as a career in the Internet above four or five years of rookie, do not stand may have all I more love himself as a hobby, vaguely remember when graduated from University, your specialty is not conducive to their own to find a comfortable job, wander astray into the Internet world, the when the network […]

Old code farmers some experiences on demand analysis

in a blog "in front of me to write how to write their own satisfaction code", readers in the comments referred to the user demand uncertainty resulted in the overall design stage is always without problems. Demand analysis is, of course, very important, even in some cases more important than the overall design. So, how […]

Discussion on the management and profit mode of the Forum

as a BBS webmaster, I saw a lot of other BBS webmaster exclamation, BBS SEO how to do, BBS IP how bad up, BBS how how bad. Let’s go to the portal. In fact, a forum can do, can I do good turnover, although the public forum, not to make money, but I would like […]

Webmaster friends can not fall, live out their own fan, only more exciting

After may many people experienced a lot, just tired, the heart is tired, just want to give up; in fact, webmaster friends don’t give up, as long as we believe you must live out their own thing, believe that your life will be more exciting. take the original article, the most important thing is to […]

Several criteria for evaluating the excellence of a web site

judges whether a website is valuable and if it is good to evaluate in many ways. Here are some ways for individuals to judge the value of their website. 1. site usability. The usefulness of the website is the value of the site, and if a website is not practical, even if it is done […]

Nanjing housing prices

Nanjing as the capital city of Jiangsu, but also a historical city, the economic development is more advanced, in the ranking of the country’s cities are also relatively, the price is also the topic of concern to the masses. November hundred cities nationwide housing price index released yesterday, the data show that the country’s 100 […]