Don’t just focus on Optimization forget the security of the website.

may for the many webmaster is deep. After Robots set up the site, the content of the site collection is very good, but after setting very easy to expose the admin address, leaving a lot of security risks. In fact, the Robots is set to have certain skills, better not to use the website background […]

Fast to solve problem two analysis of the site to drop right down the right site reason

site will be punished, I found a lot of the time is the cause of the site itself, and the content of the website quality directly determines the possibility of the site right down. For example, we can see some sites there are a large number of duplicate content or spam worthless, or between relatively […]

On site in Shanghai Longfeng in how to optimize talent shows itself

, the user is GodSince we want to optimize the sites are associated with the user experience, because the site has a lot of repeat every day will come to visit you. we all know Shanghai Longfeng optimization for a web site is a very important step, but also for the website of Shanghai Longfeng […]

Exchange Links flow and exchange Links prevention techniques

15 links after the exchange of 14 login background to add Links was the lowest, but also the most common. After you finish the webmaster and exchange Links, soon quietly unilaterally removed, so that you become a one-way link to the past. This website for some business station or business outsourcing is relatively easy to […]

2015 China Internet venture capital list unlisted companies valuation list, active investment instit

          text advertising as a new member of Internet advertising has been very much the strength of the company to join at the same time, more and more large website portals began to put on the current development of text ads, text advertising has become a benchmark for online advertising.   […]

Please don’t hate leaving the business before the solemn commitment of employeesCarpooling is better

2, attitude two: to leave employees to indulge, on the premise that does not involve competition in the industry " once had dinner with Ding Mouhong and asked why you couldn’t decide on the NetEase, "he said." so and so, "he said," you can’t be supported from the NetEase. "." If the Getaway is suitable […]

Six team, three months profit four hundred thousand, why is the ending upBusiness knowledge before i

investment clause is the arrangement of the company’s equity, which is how much the investor will invest, how much it will take, and how the company will structure its equity. The general ownership structure in three ways: on an equal footing, the structure between the founders are more dispersed, which easily lead to disputes; this […]

How to plan the studio in 2013Game guild owners tips for making money

fourth web game in early twenty-first Century, Li Xingping hao123 has aroused the myth of ten thousand waves, navigation website has become the object of many businesses sought. The China game Daquan is a new navigation website which appeared two years, the domestic large and small game together, the association can be purchased through the […]

Analysis of the difference between graphic design and web design

has been working on the design of print pies such as photos, books, desk calendars and so on. From product design to "I often think, graphic design and web design are, but the difference is so large, that is with the nature of the tiger and the cat as well, they all belong to the […]

How to improve website access

remember the first two days we were discussing how to improve website traffic in the group. I sort it out and hope to have some inspiration for friends who are looking for ways to improve their website traffic. one, search engine login, landing each big search engine and classification directory. two, the site for proper […]