Submit SITEMAP.XML to each big search engine

4, Sitemap MSN to submit a site map, direct submission by URL: to Yahoo! Sitemap 贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝/webmasters/tools/ 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/mysites use the noble baby account after landing, verify your site, then you can re submit the "sitemap" page submit site map, submit through the following web site management submit site map Sitemap to Yahoo China, submitted […]

Several symptoms of love Shanghai update and recovery situation

  Figure 1: analysis: the love of Shanghai update to high quality content better ranking, but now this is only temporary, will not last long, the 80% station will soon be restored! So webmaster friends do not have to worry too much about a ranking of your site, a lot of keywords ranking off, it […]

Shanghai dragon service with their clients should be taken into account

said before, Shanghai dragon industry did not end, but some of the list did not do well, but for those who appear to be "hard-earned" list we have to be careful, maybe the money you earn is heartburn. Because some things are not from their own unilateral consideration, we should also be aware of the […]

Bing (Bing) Webmaster Tools Guide

website, with the love of Shanghai and noble baby Webmaster Tools similar verification method.   fill in on my website with Several major search engines ( Webmaster Tools:   love Shanghai Webmaster Platform: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝 verification is completed, your site will appear on the website administrator background page, click into the dashboard. > entrance     […]

Seven year old station weight 6 to 0 weight on pain

Right down to the right 6 1, website security has become 2, seven years of the site should not be considered in Shanghai Longfeng optimization alone, need your own website Google search engine is a real example, since 2010, Google exit China market, it China in the server is not stable, the site open have […]

Root cause analysis and prevention of the site is often black

7, cross site instruction forgery > hackers can remotely execute code, remote installation rootkits or completely break a system. Any one received from the user file name or file network application software is the existence of loopholes. Vulnerability may be written in the PHP language, PHP is a scripting language most commonly used in the […]

Some of the best website optimization keyword ranking method

three, Title is very important. two, before doing keyword keyword selection is the basis of optimization. Title tag to contain the keywords, concise, such as my station is Shanghai dragon _ Shanghai dragon _ Optimization Website Optimization _ search engine optimization. The title tag is very important, at least for the love of Shanghai. As […]

Shanghai Longfeng detours rookie entry-level experience

remember many years ago, to join the army to go forward with great strength and vigour of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon for the time, that time every thing to do is to turn over the size of the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, see predecessors footsteps, learning the experience of their predecessors, presumably such things, big home […]

Shanghai Longfeng inventory process that likely to be overlooked details

is undoubtedly the search engine more friendly, more conducive to the analysis of the structure of the site search engine. The URL can make the search engine more easily understand your site, URL is not too long and try to contain the keyword Pinyin, that will make your pages easier to search. In addition, clean, […]

Professional work but also the effective communication of Shanghai dragon is dry out

Shanghai dragon solution, the fact that these two methods are not ideal first, work (orders) are important, but the problem is that Shanghai dragon is going on with the result of the success of the last, such contradictions encountered "work (orders) and abandon principle" approach is very difficult to guarantee the ultimate success of Shanghai […]