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in the keywords on the bid, enterprise customers can operate through the change of the two terminal bid proportion, according to their custom on the weight. Love at the same time, Shanghai also launched a total solution of mobile marketing, including mobile station mobile business tools, online consulting, direct dial telephone, APP and other mobile terminal promotion presentation, can help deal.

May 16th, love Shanghai integrated promotion system will be on May 18th (Sunday) officially launched, promote corporate customers in PC and mobile terminal will be integrated into a unified management platform.

A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference

it is understood that love Shanghai integrated search marketing system PC search promotion and mobile search marketing promotion plan set two be made one, as a solution to simplify the customer management and optimization of enterprise account operation, can realize a set of materials, multi screen delivery.

love Shanghai says, from the point of view of the user time distribution, PC side search focused on work hours, and mobile search traffic will show a sharp rise in the weekend, this complementary trend highlights the advantages of mobile search promotion.