first, do not understand the true optimization. Some owners only know nothing more than to do optimization ranking, in the optimization of the system understanding is not comprehensive, leading to lack of optimization knowledge and think content with the chain that is universal, repeating the same work every day, in order to update and update the contents of the station outside the station, in order to increase the chain and the chain, and heard the friendship the link is valid, and then followed for Links, day in and day out, three months later, the site still no change.

usually is not difficult in the optimization of the site keywords period on the home page is normal, but can not get it to the website also is even longer, do optimization, search engine will not change to favor, then Shanghai dragon Er will be so hard to do optimization question, but there is no effect, why? In fact, Shanghai dragon Er sites took up a good chance to challenge the previous optimization, do a good job, to enhance the commercial value of late site is new sites do not optimize with extreme ease, is nothing more than a few reasons:

website. The new station received after the first of the site were analyzed to change to optimize website structure, such as the code is too long, the same module code is inconsistent and so on, to pave the way for later work well in the station optimization routine optimization. Then optimize the location, select all the established keywords in relatively easy to achieve ranking as a key word optimization, to optimize the keywords to drive the overall site keywords ranking.

second, the optimization method is not correct. In addition to the work mentioned above the mechanical optimization, there is no comprehensive examination on the website, the website layout and site code optimization is obviously not in conformity with the optimization rules does not make any change, not only affects the content of the website, and began to search engine brought bad impression. Did they get to work in order to optimize, after optimizing the cycle of three months to enter the sandbox, to achieve the ranking probably three months to may not be.

I believe there have been >

Shanghai Longfeng experience know that the first effect cycle optimization of the railway station is about three months, the optimization work whether the role will be in this period slightly, in addition to the keyword difficulty, more important is related with the optimization method, the odd million Internet business for many years engaged in website optimization professional, following shared secret can let new optimization for three months on the home page and you.

After analyzing the reason after

website optimization do not exist on the front page, is the new combat, to three months on the home page, you can try a small series of methods.

third, no effective way of optimization. Although the webmaster know roughly what the website optimization approach, but did not choose their own web site is no good. After all, after receiving the new station, through the analysis of integration and obtains a set of optimal thinking for website and direction, the work is valuable, these related to the user experience and the quality of site search engine to judge.

1, analysis of the