second, this paper uses the best pictures of the way. When we introduce a product, even if you are using a very gorgeous statement to describe, but as a layman, but they need to know the text of the product itself. Besides, some pictures together will let users feel more profound impression, especially for many B2C products website, pictures and the text combine is to add a very good means of persuasion, if you are a careful friend, do you often go shopping would surely find many sales website and Taobao guest website the website content writing, often for different types, different categories, different graphic display based on this, the purpose is very clear, is undoubtedly hope "

Operation and optimization of process information of small business website

love Shanghai drop-down list often associated with the Lantian jade drop tail Related words, we can see the Lantian jade bracelets, jade Lantian Lantian jade bracelet price, price is relatively high degree of attention to the user, when writing the article, these content is our extension of long tail traffic, writing a powerful weapon for the relatively strong station in this paper, we will not only provide for the title of the original content, the key is how to make the article highlights the value, the author will introduce the general in the original process as the basis, to provide reference for many small skills based on different, in order to meet the needs of different users for search. For example, customers are in search of Lantian jade bracelet, the price, the client itself has a very clear demand They search, demand is jade bracelet, but we think, search the jade bracelet friends have different age friends, such as age between 18-23, between 23 to 30, with over 30 years of age, of course, different age is not a cause for jade color, young friends with love pink or green color, over the age of 35, they love like milky white or dark green products, we introduce different price best detailed products of different colors and different degree of agreement for different classes, according to the recommendation, allowing users to feel your heart in one, but also from the side reflects the key of professional website.

the author has been engaged in the Shanghai, especially with love algorithm upgrades, feel more and more importance to quality in the station of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon as a er I think the article is certain and user needs and experience linked to the content you can get how many customers attention, can promote the website big viscosity, both is proportional to, an information website, how to make the quality more valuable and more convincing, the author thinks that the following aspects should we think of any a webmaster, well below the author in his own website for detailed analysis.

first, before writing how to effectively tap the user needs. I love statistics work very much, let’s look at pictures,

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