love Shanghai algorithm is high, the majority of workers want to optimize Shanghai Longfeng opportunistic way to site optimization is also more and more high, this is the station group optimization in recent years by the Shanghai Longfeng workers as a wide optimization model optimization, especially the Shanghai dragon optimization team, due to years of accumulation Web site resources, the use of a large number of sites to build into the weight of the station group, is an easy thing again, on the basis of the website optimization effect will be able to a higher ranking in a very short period of time, thus establishing itself in Shanghai Longfeng optimization circle inside the dominant position and core competitiveness.

If the

station group new connection needs not only the type of site has certain correlation, but also have some randomness in Links, not be able to carry out simple interconnection, and the site space choice also is random, this is the Shanghai dragon optimization team is generally not a problem, but for some Shanghai Longfeng individual optimization personnel, want to engage in station optimization.

now love Shanghai algorithm pay more attention to the link, which need to stand swarm optimization in the selection, according to the content of the web site to conduct, the usual method is the use of an industry chain upstream and downstream of the JianShe Railway Station group, such as IT industry, it can be a computer keyboard software sales, sales, sales and other web sites the station group, the appropriate link in the relevant content, this link is random, not every channel, every content should be made so that the regularity of the sprocket mode, station group is obviously not suitable for the new algorithm under the station group link.


but in the two generation algorithm and the algorithm of pomegranate green under the impact of the station group but also the optimization model of sprocket can work, can not be optimized Jones is widely used? The author think that we must keep a low profile, to know the stations is their years of accumulated resources, has been in the industry have a certain reputation and profitability, if the optimization mode of station group, one not careful it is easy to be search engine caught cheating, resulting in their failure to optimize.

Intelligent and The correlation between

is not standing group has successfully optimize the use of resources, to achieve common prosperity through its establishment of a number of sites, if the station group chain wheel optimization in this process, the author thinks that still have to be careful, after all, investment cost of the website is not very cheap, if the two level domain name the construction site, looks relatively cheap, but in fact the optimization effect is very small, especially in the new love Shanghai algorithm, especially

fell in love with the sea since the new algorithms have so many difficulties, it is not that stand swarm optimization will be eliminated no way out? I don’t think it will, as long as there is some innovative methods, was able to play some power stations optimization, especially the optimization team Shanghai dragon itself has a certain resources, through some innovative methods still can be achieved.