we need to modify the code for the following code:

for the blog, there are two main rich web page summary function, a directory is the classification function, is a function of the author.

              noble baby rich snippets can help users quickly determine the nobility baby search a website contains the information they are interested in more. Launched a rich web page summary before the nobility baby for shopping, recipes, reviews, videos, music and activities. Today I will introduce the use of "rich in common website on the optimization of Shanghai dragon.

for WordPress, modify the single.php file, add the following code at the appropriate location:

< $separator? Php
=’& rsaquo; ‘; $category = get_the_category (

< div itemscope itemtype=" 贵族宝贝data-vocabulary.org/Breadcrumb" style=" display:inline" > < a href=" < #article/category/url#> " itemprop=" url" > < span itemprop=" title" > < #article/category/name#> < /span> < /a> < /div>

and then save the reconstruction of articles, so that the next time the noble baby included page, the page will be included in the rich.

station is also very simple, as long as the modified article page, add the directory category links the original a few lines of code.

, for example, for the Z-blog article page template file, b_article-single.html original classification code: < #article/category/name#>

Using the method of The

catalog functions, allows users to search interface in the noble baby can visually see the specific classification information in the article, to understand the structure of the site, to guide the user to further access to more content.