February 2017

Chengdu net goods trade fair crowds than expected exhibits grab air flow

with the closing of the third session of the closing of the net goods trade in Chengdu, the scene of the hot atmosphere reached a climax. Because a lot of Taobao network operators began selling goods in special offer site exhibition, million people panic buying scene the atmosphere of the network trade fair climax. According to the rough statistics, more than 80 thousand people and 3 network traffic. Among them, more than 500 exhibitors, Taobao sellers reached 30 thousand people. in order to control the flow, all participants must be registered before the site can enter. Even so, there are still a lot of visitors were temporarily blocked outside the venue. In a pile of plush toys in the exhibition area, full of people come to Taobao. However, the boss replied: "I’m sorry, this does not sell." Rong source are Home Furnishing company from the Xiamen Promotion Commissioner Fang Limei face excitedly said, "before we don’t think the atmosphere will be so hot. No way, because the goods are limited, we can only suspend the sale of goods on the handle to stay in store display." the same situation in yesterday’s exhibition site abound. Although there is a long time for the distance, sell taobao.com goods sleep easy health care pillow exhibition will have to face the embarrassment of "advance and retreat". "We brought products have all been sold out, this is the last two." Looking at the rest of the health of the hands of the pillow, the Taobao seller can not agree.

How to open the shop detailed steps and processes, how to open the shop to find new sources

may, in a nurturing life is the dream of many people. Think that there is a husband who can afford to work out of their own good, and their full-time full-time wife at home. And I don’t think so, in my opinion, women also have their own life circle, have their own work. Otherwise, it is easy to get out of touch with society, and ultimately difficult to group. but after I had a child, I had to give up a good job and start a full-time mother. Until the child in kindergarten, I can finally go to society. However, after returning to work, I found that I had lost the passion before marriage, the work is more difficult. Two years ago, skilled work skills, as well as a wealth of work experience, seems to have been played out. this, I am very frustrated, but also become very self abased. Although her husband said I do not want to go out and just like children at home, but I still want to take advantage of young, how to go through some. later learned in a stay-at-home mom mouth, she didn’t have to go out to work at home can be a monthly income of 8000. She let me change the stay-at-home mom’s view, the previous impression is just stay-at-home mom children eating and sleeping groups. But she can take care of the family, while working to earn money at home. I wonder how she works at home. She says there is only one computer + one cable. depth understanding, only to know that she is doing Taobao, but she did not have to find their own supply of Taobao, but also do not have their own shipments, such a shop is indeed very suitable for full-time mother. don’t ask don’t know, ask a jump. Originally, she is the baby shop software Taobao shop to achieve a monthly income of 8000. Then, she asked me to show out of her performance as well as a variety of advantages of the baby store. first, supply stability. It is not possible to find a source to the market or the supermarket is so simple, especially for not too much time for full-time mother, to find the source and running around is unrealistic. The shop baby is a good way to make up for the lack of traditional shops, so that more people want to shop can easily set up shop. The massive high quality and stable supply, maternal and child products, clothing, food, digital products, is the first major advantage to the baby shop to novice shop. second, on behalf of the freight agent management. The traditional way to shop, in addition to sourcing, but also for logistics and effort, after several twists and turns. The emergence of shop baby software, it is a good solution to the logistics problems. As long as the agent store baby software, you will be able to enjoy the function of automatic delivery, when there is an […]

Six ways to make money on the Internet

If someone says that heaven can fall pie, no one will believe, but for the current Chinese Internet, many people believe that everything can fall, because now the Internet free lunch everywhere. From the beginning of the classover to send a registered Sohu to send Apple pretty much ice cream, from the 8d8d to send mobile phone to send the car from Albemarle, Easy Access free "Southern Tour" to Ctrip supermodel together, from a A to the dark horse investment winner quiz quiz, each big website to attract attention is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong. Although the purpose of a variety of prizes in the final analysis is nothing more than a propaganda site to attract attention, but there is a big difference between the various activities, whether it is the mode of operation or activity. In this paper, the author divides them into six categories. , a type of curry favour by claptrap "sound bites" that cause people’s attention, "drama" is a public uproar, which become the object of public favorite. This type of award activity is the largest number of activities and the most easily copied, but also the lowest level. Type of curry favour by claptrap prize to a large number of activities, too numerous to mention it or to create new styles, creative win, such as classover send apple, or to attract users to a large amount of prizes such as the eyes, Albemarle to cars, ChinaRen award house etc.. For Internet users to participate in such activities as long as there is passion on the line, do not need too much technology. Because of this activity is simple and easy to operate, it is easy to attract users to participate. It is said that in the classover to send Apple activities, a student Internet users have been up to a basket of apples. However, people who participate in such activities are generally registered for the event, as the end of the event is not on this site is not necessarily a. Therefore, this type of activities organized by the site in addition to improve the visibility and the amount of registered users with water, the effect will not be as good as publicity. Especially the second schemes, because it contains the factor of unfair competition, often easy to bring internet users settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, complaining, but made it. For example, the ChinaRen prize house activities once for violating the (Anti Unfair Competition Law) and the business sector has been ordered to stop, as it is create a great sensation of events, the organizers expected. two, long line fishing long line fishing, is to put a long line to catch a big fish, which is adopted by a majority of the forum. This type of activities of the site is often a gradual increase in the benefits of bait to attract users to their own long-term website. This type of activity is the most commonly used to score the winner […]

YAHOO CEO Thompson resigned due to the resignation of the chairman of the board of directors

  YAHOO officially announced that Thompson resigned from CEO position Sina technology – Beijing morning news on May 14th, YAHOO officially announced that the company CEO Scott · Thompson (Scott Thompson) for education has a false statement will leave. The last 5 years, YAHOO has been replaced by 4 degrees CEO. earlier this month, YAHOO announced that CEO Thompson has only Stonehill College accounting degree, without a degree in computer science. This inaccurate information appears in Thompson’s official resume and submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents. Thompson subsequently issued an open letter to his employees to apologize, but then he claimed that the matter should be attributed to the search company. The fabrication of academic credentials "caused a great disturbance, including Third Point, YAHOO shareholders called for the dismissal of Thompson. Under the weight of the YAHOO board of directors decided to finally make substitutions in this week. YAHOO global media executive Ross · Levin Thorne (Ross Levinsohn) will serve as interim CEO, director Fred · Amoroso (Fred Amoroso) will serve as the new chairman of the board of directors. Bostock, chairman of YAHOO’s current board of directors Roy · (Roy) agreed to immediately withdraw from the board of directors of Bostock. Amoroso said in a statement: "the director was satisfied with the settlement of these adjustments, and Third Point, and believes that these initiatives is best for shareholders." Thompson aged 54, in January this year as YAHOO CEO. He served as president of PayPal in early 2008, previously served as CTO (Chief Technology Officer), director of IT, product development and infrastructure. Prior to joining eBay, he worked in Visa’s technology company Inovant, and served as Barclay CIO (Barclays Global Investors) (CIO). sells Asian assets Thompson served as YAHOO CEO for only 4 months. YAHOO is still committed to working with Google and Facebook competition, and establish a long-term strategy to satisfy investors to reverse the stock price decline, and Thompson left the future of YAHOO once again call into question. YAHOO is still in negotiations with the parties concerned, trying to sell shares held by the 40% Alibaba group. YAHOO had tried to reach a complex transaction to avoid tax, but failed. The · of Macquarie Securities analyst; Schachter (Ben Schacter) said: "in what happened before, YAHOO is trying to find their own way, but this situation will make them in the jungle for many.

Ocean Terminal black five battlefield debut 10 minutes break 60 million turnover

November 18th news, foreign terminal black Friday in 2016 to promote the activities of today’s zero start on time. According to the data provided by the foreign terminal, the first 10 minutes of the foreign terminal transaction volume exceeded 60 million, the same period last year was 6 times. it is reported that, as of 1 am, the average customer price ocean terminal of the big promotion for 700 yuan; flagship luxury European commodity turnover far exceeds the five black the birthplace of the United States; a maximum amount of orders from a user Beijing, goods for a value of 88999 Yuan love shi platinum package. According to the introduction of ocean terminal, the activity has just started within one hour, Canada goose jacket sold on all 320 items; SWAROVSKI’s Black Swan Necklace sold more than 823; and Estee Lauder red pomegranate spring mask set were sold 2530 boxes and 289 sets. In addition, UGG snow boots, DW watches, Gucci scarves, etc. has become a popular commodity. according to the data provided by the ocean terminal, in these 1 hours, the user’s activity is usually 10 times the pier, Nanjing and Wuhan, the largest increase in user activity. The purchasing power of the strongest area is followed by Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Hangzhou and the turnover of Qingdao city within 1 hours of the top ten, overseas shopping consumer groups are extended to the two or three line of the city.

Buy the first half turnover of 9 billion 800 million less than half of the expected year

half a year later, the index is still declining to buy. The day before, group purchase navigation website issued "the first half of 2012 group purchase statistics report" data show that, with the beginning of the industry forecast target of 20 billion yuan year compared to 9 billion 800 million yuan in the first half of the total turnover is only barely run half, the number of group purchase website continue to reduce 20 to 2976. At the same time, the report shows that the group buying site from July this year have quietly changed, the industry gradually entered the era of Pan buy". according to statistics group 800, the first half of this year, the domestic group purchase turnover increase of approximately 184%, the purchase of a 154% increase in passengers, to verify the business value of group purchase. But worrying is the consumer group purchase passion faded, and the first half of last year the average group purchase turnover compared to 37 thousand yuan, the first half of this year is only 14 thousand yuan, a single product group purchase "pricing power" fell sharply. The first half of last year the average group purchase 973 people buy, the first half of this year, only 327 passengers. food and beverage, movie tickets are the most popular buy products. It is reported that the first half of the catering group purchase turnover reached about 4000000000 yuan, accounting for 40% of total sales. In the first half to buy movie tickets turnover of up to 800 million yuan.

Fly for 618 on the first day of activities open the crazy mode 3000+ entity bursting with popularity

smart Mercedes Benz cars are the main mobile phone, iPhone flowers people, minus the highest free random…… In June 17th, flying for 618 on the first day of activities, the city more than more than 3 thousand millions of consumers who fly into the business alliance of shopping centers, department stores, supermarkets, holding a mobile phone excitedly at the scene by flying van APP in shake, draw, seckill activities, the scene bursting with popularity unusually hot.   10 in the morning Business Hours has just begun, the reporters came to Beijing to participate in a flying activity where 618 union shopping center, although still only working day on Friday, but the mall on the first floor of the hall has been filled to the crowd, a stick together with the scan code to download, read the information on the fly preferential van APP also, she had come to participate in "shake" to win awards, especially in the field of cool Benz smart nifty reminder of every consumer, "come fly where APP draw me" !   offers, free single, surprise awards continue…… At the moment of the shopping center, every corner is full of Carnival passion, every where consumers seemed to be excited shopping shopping. The scene of a mother joy to reporters before the "shake hands" millet 5 mobile phone coupons, "when to shake can not believe this is winning, parked in the notice of the award page dare not move, afraid to move out, the staff told me that I was really won. Surprise call up, almost affect the baby’s stomach." She was excited to say that these two days to start the whole family to download the Fei Fan APP, hope that good pregnancy can bring them. Now her mobile phone himwith a big ticket to receive coupons, pocket money, today is not only to participate in activities, but also with the family shopping together, "the two day shopping, eating, watching movies are so cost-effective, must go to the store to experience."   a group of students just finished the college entrance examination together, is using the APP fan who snapped up the iMax version of Warcraft, 9.9 special ticket. "The end of exams like and friends together crazy one, did not think this activity has panic buying active movie tickets so cheap, or iMax field, we are very excited, certainly can not miss such a good chance!" the ticket you say you say me so cheap to grab was very excited. The scene of the theater staff to guide them to enter and introduce, where to buy a movie ticket with the fly APP, you can not take votes, directly open the movie ticket two-dimensional code, in the automatic gate machine to sweep on the line.   hot scene, not only reflected in the young, cool buy family, the scene can also be seen from time to time with the children come to the home of the three, Bao pa Mom

Mogujie.com double eleven on the first day turnover of 100 million mobile terminals accounted for 78

Tencent science and technology news on November 11th, the domestic female fashion electricity supplier mogujie.com announced that the company has exceeded eleven yuan transaction volume of one hundred million yuan, the completion of the previous booking targets. As of 0:00 on November 11th, the total turnover of mogujie.com platform reached 143 million yuan, is expected to be the whole of the "women’s Shopping Festival" will exceed 11.11 by 300 million. at 0:00 on November 10th, mogujie.com opened the "11.11 women shopping festival", within 20 minutes of actual payment orders successfully exceeded 10 million, 12 noon break 50 million, and finally in the evening at 10:23, to achieve the goal of 100 million yuan in advance, the mobile terminal transactions accounted for more than 78.03%, the average single customer also exceeded 250 yuan. mogujie.com said, in order to prepare for the double eleven, mogujie.com since mid September started the whole activity plan, not only the requirements of all applications for participation in the activities of more than 100 thousand items of strict quality inspection, and must also get the recommended three buyers at the same time, will be presented in front of consumers.

Ali dual 11 Internationalization Tmall international and Taobao overseas for the first time to parti

Sina technology news October 30th afternoon, the Alibaba’s retail platform Tmall announced this year, double 11 Shopping Festival will expand to the world, Tmall international, Taobao overseas, sold speed pass for the first time in the double 11. Ali to electronic business platform, rookie logistics platform, cloud computing, big data capabilities, such as the core of the global ecosystem has been initially established. double 11 this year, Tmall international, Taobao overseas, fast sell through, including the platform are involved in the double 11. 2014 in February, Tmall international online, for domestic users, access to well-known retail brands from the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries. in Tmall international, in the United States Costco supermarket as an example, in 11 before the Costco Tmall international flagship store on the line for three days, sold 3 tons of nuts and nearly 1.5 tons of dried cranberries. Alibaba COO Zhang Yong introduction, Costco through Tmall international direct transactions, as well as bonded goods to save logistics mode, reducing the cost of both sides. overseas in Taobao, Taobao overseas to help mainland businesses to develop new markets, but also to allow overseas Chinese consumers to enjoy cost-effective goods. At present, Taobao overseas focus on China Hongkong, China Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. in terms of fast selling, it faces foreign consumers. 2013, the number of goods sold through the fast break 100 million, becoming the first electricity supplier in emerging markets such as Russia, Brazil and other countries. At present, Chinese businesses can use the fast selling products sold to more than and 220 countries and regions around the world. In addition to the business platform, according to Wu Qian introduction, around the core of e-commerce business, Ali system home and abroad, have included Alipay, banks, professional cross-border electricity services, rookie network, logistics and express partners to provide support for the global ecosystem ali. in the field of logistics, according to Wan Lin, a senior vice president of rookie network, rookie network and partners together to build a global network of overseas storage network covering 5 continents and aviation resources. In Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore and other regions of the buyers online shopping habits, rookie in the three network launched 8000 overseas points. Alibaba’s pace of globalization has also led to the expansion of overseas business partners. SF, Shen Tong, Tong, tact and other original domestic traditional old rookie network express, follow international layout, carry out overseas cross-border transport, warehousing, business from overseas. in the field of payment, Alibaba ecosystem has also been expanded in recent years. For example, in Taiwan, China, the Bank of Yushan, Citibank and Taobao reached a cooperation overseas, during the 11 year period, the maximum credit card to enjoy a cash discount of 10%. In Hongkong, the octopus and PPS support Taobao overseas payment. at the same time, Ali by means of technology to achieve a cross-border electricity supplier logistics process digitization. For example, the rookie network of the central logistics information system, to achieve a visualization of logistics >

Taobao store earn 10000 yuan open Taobao shop is also a skill

estimates Wangzhuan circles, many people open the Taobao store to make money selling things, because this thing is most likely to make people understand, now I to say, I do is make money drops, they will say, just knock on the mouse will be able to make money? So I said, I sell things online to make money. They can understand. Visible, Taobao shopping than the site to make money more popular, more convincing. as the saying goes, a penny of goods. But Taobao shop estimated fear most is extrusion problem, because online shopping can not see the kind, whether you are a lot of things that Thor, people do not believe, so many new things, it is easy to squeeze down your things. I sold chrysanthemum seeds before, two similar varieties, but the price difference is very large, some people naturally choose lower prices. And then I thought, with a lower price of seeds, to send one or two chrysanthemum seeds. A grain of two natural not so effective, but can prove this seed, then they will find you have gifts, but I don’t give up, buy it yourself. is another description of the goods, often shopping estimates that, if the price of two goods found the same, it will naturally choose to describe more detailed. Because if the description is not detailed, if there are some loopholes in the description of the buyers do not meet their requirements, instead of wasting time and asked the owner, as substitution. So I always try to put each commodity are long winded, photo shoot N, with detailed description language, not long, sales up. logistics company to choose a good logistics, the last * * logistics, just put the bag the ten layer porcelain vase I smashed, nature is my compensation to the buyer, the loss told me, must find the responsible logistics company. At the same time remember to pack the goods themselves, but a few newspaper money, do not give up. done above, basically is a qualified owner of Taobao, work harder, do not rush late million! Also remember my station www.58task.com Oh, look at it, and make the flow of advertising alliance click, is to do a little advertising, don’t be a stranger.

Biography Google acquisition domain registrar GoDaddy

Google may be interested in acquiring a well-known domain name registered vendor GoDaddy, because the patent has recently been submitted to show some intention Google. According to Google observation reported that GoDaddy has a large number of patented technology, which is closely related to the search Google. if Google has these new technologies and provides domain based search results, it will greatly improve its search level. In this way, the user can get better search results, because the search query is limited to a domain name. previously, Google has been working with GoDaddy to cooperate in the domain name. Therefore, Google is likely to further, the acquisition of the well-known domain name registration agency. Obviously, if the acquisition is successful, GoDaddy will bring huge information data for Google, effectively improve its search technology, so that it becomes more powerful search. But so far, has not yet been two official proof or deny that the industry is only speculation that this possibility.

Penguin shock death, who can not escape the rule of survival of the fittest

Man proposes, God disposes. Sometimes, what has been done, but still failed. Tencent have invested with the electricity supplier who end up not too embarrassing but it is day, penguins in the fall defeat looks like a "decreed by fate" bitternessplay electricity supplier, but also hidden behind this drama essence: IM user is difficult to turn into interest resources.   Tencent electricity supplier does not learn to play with the user "I fall into this, you still do not like every bomb out from the bottom of the penguin, Enron did move invariably turn, Tencent just launched QQ online shopping, pat Network will fall that have also paid attention to, but the so-called" price "is clearly not a grocery store to the Taobao the attractive, and the introduction of various types of businesses (crazy Tencent in order to attract a large number of businesses in 2006, has launched the" seller advertising fee "policy, but because of the lack of operational experience, the electricity supplier business internal competition is not harmonious) internal ecological problem but also the future of the Tencent and processing, finally become into electric dolls another boy boy. was founded in 2005 2008 launched pat, QQ mall, Tencent is the electricity supplier can be described as a son for the father Penguin value. Tencent business resources are at the user resources and blossom everywhere, of course is also strong but it is self-evident, this is the middle of the bridge has been built up why not? if this one is out of the Tencent and its business circle, we can only see the Tencent hang electricity supplier to the free flow of large advertising, needless to say, but the IM community nature strong communication, is clearly on the nature of the electricity supplier is to rely on the interests of survival is not cold, not to mention the Internet would have been a advertising can be introduced into the flow of high time, users who have immunity to advertising can be said to have reached the top of the tree, it can keep the user or content". We look at the Tencent electricity supplier "content": the ratio of price than Taobao, than the genuine than Jingdong, is prone to website page links errors are also hard to promote good user experience with a Tencent, "has been imitated, never surpassed the hat still has become the domestic IM industry has the highest user the giant, but the interests of the electricity supplier directly copied but nowhere! One from abroad have no domestic imitation than in domestic imitation successfully and quickly, directly related to the interests of the product, the user wants to obtain the favor to fight is the" content ", there is no room for relaxation. empty there is a cavity enthusiasm, electricity providers can not help a friend on the busy Tencent has invested over electricity supplier: good music to buy, Gao Peng also didn’t get a good ending, however, the Tencent to cooperate or an advertising […]

Xu Dehong platform B2C and traditional brand B2C gameplay Raiders

on the Internet and friends exchange e-commerce talent topic yesterday, friends view is now the electricity supplier industry is the lack of strategic planning and brand of talent, not the basic operational aspects of talent". I very much agree with his point of view, my view is that the electricity supplier base operating personnel can develop quickly through the late business of high-end talent needs at least five years of experience is "to complete the transformation. As a concern and practice more than 8 years of business operations for the electricity supplier veteran, this one, have some of their own experience and insights to help business practitioners to better understand the business operation, to avoid detours, this platform to share something about B2C and the traditional brand B2C practical operation strategy and operation method of thought for everyone. in order to help you better understand the concept of various types of B2C, first of all, to introduce their respective definitions. The B2C platform includes vertical category B2C (for example, red child, good music to buy, wheat bags, I bought the network, Jingdong, etc.) and comprehensive B2C (such as Dangdang, excellence, Taobao mall, intime, all passengers), these B2C platforms tend to maximize the size of the final win, listed as the ultimate goal of traditional; brand B2C (such as Lining, Carolina textile, Giordano, UNIQLO, etc.) generally refers to the traditional line with some well-known brands, in order to develop new sales channels, in order to carry out the business behavior, this kind of B2C pay more attention to the sales and profit targets, to expand the brand online and offline for the target user group target; platform B2C practical gameplay Raiders: platform B2C operators need to pay attention to, all of the operations need to focus on the brand as the core, brand building. According to the different stages of operation, master the operation rhythm, follow the easy to difficult operation strategy, and pay attention to the details, quickly find the problem, rapid response and timely adjustment. first stage operation strategy strategy: on-line early survival (daily 100 single the following principles: (product) practicing internal strength of supply chain integration, user experience optimization, customer service and logistics running) brand prototype, the first stage operation strategy commonly used below ; second stage operation strategy strategy: initial development period (average 500-1000 single) principle: increase portal hard wide investment, good brand promotion efforts, to achieve the scale of operation, the second stage operation strategy below ; third stage operation strategy strategy: rapid development period (more than a single daily 5000) principle: brand maintenance, financial security, category and channel development, ERP logistics system and layout, third stage operation strategy below ; is more than some of the basic operation strategy of platform type B2C, should pay attention to focus and target each stage of operation is not the same, need to be adjusted according to the operation situation of refinement, the platform itself is doing ;

Korean media Lotte Tmall flagship store full closure or by Sade

Sina technology news Beijing time on February 9th evening news, according to Yonhap reported last month, on the 12 day of the Lotte Group taobao.com official flagship store full closure, this means that the online shopping market in fact from Chinese. reported that the Lotte Group decided to transfer to the Han Army Sade anti missile system of land after the ill fated business in China, which involved, lingering suspicions. Yesterday, Le Tian group sources disclosed that Chinese in November last year the government of Le Tian security and tax check store in Shenyang, on December to suspend the development plan of the company to build a theme park in Shenyang, the project is expected in March this year will be re construction. at the same time, the Ministry of foreign affairs at a regular press conference yesterday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said, as a rule, China welcomes foreign enterprises to invest in China, and the relevant business in China must be legal compliance. On the "Sade" problem, China is firmly opposed to South Korea in South Korea to deploy "Sade" anti missile system does not change the position of. (Li Nan)

The matchmaker website 7651.com

current, single people more and more choice of matchmaking, it has become a kind of fashion. In science and technology and the rapid economic development today, people of the time is urgent, so many single friends busy work and study, and attend to their marriage, more than busy feel lonely and lonely, that will emerge in search of craving and daydream partner set a warm home, 7651.com was born in a situation under this. 7651.com was created in February 14, 2005, it has a wide choice of options, high degree of selectivity to win the favor of singles. 7651.com through the advanced Internet technology and thoughtful customer service, help to find the ideal partner to find their own love, and in the community of 7651.com in the free exchange and communication. It is reported that , 7651.com search is a "home" service model, through a survey recently conducted by 7651.com showed that 86% of unmarried people don’t want their parents to participate in their own emotional world, in most cases, they do not want to own emotional experience with family and friends to share, and the network matchmaker role in such circumstances play a role. It is understood that 7651.com has a professional counseling service team, by virtue of the advantages of the network platform, there will be more people willing to reveal mind by telephone, QQ, and 7651.com this time the matchmaker’s patience and service has become an important link. reporter learned through observation, each user can easily browse the registered members of the query through the query information, including photos, personal circumstances and the introduction of the ideal object. Users can also through the latest addition to the advanced search function membership query, query, query, user area marriage case query and query and set different income conditions easily find their favorite object. in order to ensure the quality of Web services, safeguard the interests of the members, the 7651.com person said to reporters, "we added a member complaint area, if you find that other members are not true or cheating phenomenon, can this complaint, we will correspondingly reduce the member’s credit rating, until the final abolition of the membership the qualification." if you want to publish their information in the 7651.com, only need to apply for a registered member, you can publish the notices and declaration of love marriage to tens of thousands of members of the 7651.com staff to remind the user to upload my best favorite photo, and carefully fill out personal information, this kind of marriage will make the success rate is greatly improved. it is understood that due to the expansion of the online dating channel and improving, more and more excellent unmarried man and woman chose to find partners in the network, as the team continues to expand, how to let the vast sea of talent shows itself, someone found you as soon as possible, is to promote you to find a key factor of happiness marriage. "Then this >

Vice President Liu Kaiyu said in response to rumors that the arrears is caused by the backlog of wor

  [TechWeb] October 14th news reports, recently, there is news that where the long-term payment of arrears has reached 10 million yuan, let it fall into a crisis of confidence. Last night, the vice president Liu Kaiyu in response to the rumors on micro-blog, Eric CEO forwarded and commented that the protagonist played". Liu Kaiyu micro-blog pointed out that the receivables overdue is due to the process of the company, department and staff turnover moving integration caused by the backlog of work by next week for the completion of the settlement process payment and payment work. Naga Emihiro also pointed out that the sale of V+, and where the third party three departments have completed the integration and adjustment, all suppliers shops integrated into the V+ system in the background; October began to raise the system integration off for every guest sales category; front position appear still to maintain the existing V+ two platform, we get through the use of. is the following micro-blog 1 payment: this period of time because of the company’s move, Department integration and personnel changes and several other reasons, resulting in the backlog of work in the process, appeared receivable overdue status. Although responsible for docking colleagues also made the corresponding interpretation work, but it failed to timely and accurate information for each department informed the work schedule, led to the emergence of the present misunderstanding and rumors, once again on behalf of the company expressed deep regret. accurate plan is: the business department has been transferred to financial department last week to co develop a more effective and accurate work steps can be completed next week, has completed the process of reconciliation and payment work. At the same time, the business sector will coordinate docking you assigned, can complete the reconciliation of sales to verify the work as soon as possible, in order to facilitate the next step of payment. 2 integration: after a period of adjustment, we have completed the integration and adjustment of V+, where the third party sale and three departments. This is the purpose of integration, in order to better use the platform where you, to avoid the waste of resources and increased operating costs. from customer’s point of view, can also be more focused to help you achieve sales growth. At the same time, from the beginning of October, we raised the point deduction, hoping to integrate a group is not suitable for every guest platform sales category, to make more space for other brand resources. 3 system change: because of the above integration, we need to store all the suppliers to the V+’s back office system to facilitate unified management. V+ system operation for three years, where the customer is the most perfect most convenient support for third party system. This is also our hope that we can upgrade the service capacity of the decision. is just the migration to the workload caused by the increase in here apologize. I hope you can understand everything is to get […]

Black Friday shopping frenzy struck! Mobile sea Amoy shopping APP recommended

[Techweb] reported "cut the hand of the party who has just signed a" double eleven "prize, a blink of an eye, the other side of the United States cut the hand of the party who ushered in once a year" black Friday "promotion war. I believe in this winter of November a certain unextinguishable hand chop party shopping frenzy, so in the "black Friday" shopping frenzy in value for money to buy baby! The following Xiaobian recommended several sea Amoy applications for you.   "black Friday" Shopping Festival of American origin, because the first day is the Friday after Thanksgiving holiday, people at home have to Christmas shopping, so many businesses have launched discounted merchandise to attract crowds, "50%off" products meet the eye everywhere. And the entire discount season from this day until Christmas, will continue for a whole month. Compared with domestic Jingdong, such as 618 or Tmall double electricity supplier and other big promotion, has a long tradition of black Friday is the paradise of overseas shopping. In a large business platform double 11 Tmall and Jingdong and other fields after the protagonist, "black Friday" will be in the limelight this year in the cross-border electricity supplier best show time. honey Amoy global purchase "Honey Amoy global purchase" South Korea duty-free comprehensive attention to South Korean imports of goods duty-free sale. The main South Korean brand limited sale mode, through the South Korean brand manufacturers, regular agents, trusted domestic counter purchase channels of procurement, and set its inspectors in the purchasing department. At the same time will also with the domestic transport company, overseas warehouse, bonded areas and other in-depth cooperation, take the overseas direct mail, transport, customs clearance, bonded overseas domestic and imported straight pattern to facilitate the users to buy authentic overseas.   " " global purchase honey Amoy to support user autonomous search need the goods, at the same time, a portion of the goods were distinguished according to the type, especially suitable for small series of such "just looking" users might see the right will be rushed to the next single. In the "overseas direct mail" and "duty-free shop" two channels, users can search the goods by category, and "Honey Amoy" also provides a large number of global purchase of duty-free goods, there is much cheaper for you to know.   " " Honey Amoy global purchase is also dedicated to preparing for the "black Friday " a new shopping area, users only need to click directly into the" black Friday "bargains to choose their own love of Korean goods. Really can not go abroad to buy a selection of South Korean imports. Red Book overseas shopping artifact "Red Sea" outside the shopping artifact is a global Master millions of daily share hit out with real money overseas shopping software, tourism shopping industry knowledge. Little red book overseas shopping artifact computer version of the 20 countries will buy the list, so you do not spend a wrong money. >

To prepare for India’s Shopping Festival, Amazon ho throw $17 million to prepare

India holiday sales season began in October from a year to Diwali (Festival, India, October each year or 11 months) near the climax. For big purchases and gifts, furniture and jewelry investment in this period of time is considered to be an auspicious omen. Some analysts believe that during the holiday season, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal online market is expected to reach 40% of annual sales. India network and mobile phone association is expected in December, the country’s e-commerce market valuation will reach $31 billion 500 million.   with the festival, India’s three largest e-commerce giant Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal annual battle will be staged, eager for a fight, Amazon invested $17 million to seize the initiative. The money invested in the Amazon Wholesale (Amazon), which is a subsidiary of Amazon, was founded in 2013, plays the role of the upstream distributor of India merchants. Amazon’s promotional activities will begin in October 1st, one day earlier than two competitors. In addition to discount promotions, bundled sales, will provide the day of service, the next day to choose the service, members of the buyer have the right to advance 30 minutes into the shopping cart. sales season in 2015, the top three e-commerce giant total sales of $5~6 billion, of which Flipkart in its Bill Billion Days revenue of $300 million. However, the problem is in suspense this year, Internet users can get a huge discount from online shopping? According to analysts, this year’s holiday sales may be affected by the India administration of industry policy and promotion (DIPP) electronic commerce limited discount promotion Ordinance, the electric business platform trying to discount the burden placed on the seller’s body, but if the seller take the discount flashy without substance what money? Perhaps this also means that will usher in a relatively modest sales season this year, it will make long Tun good businesses suffered major losses, while those maozuliaojin grab discount buyers may return empty handed. Economic Times said that so far, Amazon wholesale investment reached 23 million u.s.. Amazon unrestricted strategy in India, India is a key market for global development. When Alibaba and Lotte business giants such as the India market also hold a wait and see state, Amazon’s investment has been in place. Bank of America Merrill Lynch pointed out in the report, Amazon is gradually shortened with the local industry leader in the gap between Flipkart and Flipkart currently occupy 43% market share, it is estimated that by 2019, this number will remain at around 44%, Amazon’s market share is expected to reach 37%, that is to say the next three years should not exceed the Amazon company in India. >

On the eve of the 618 Shop No. 1 is bought by the buyer is Jingdong or Ali.

Sina technology news June 18th morning news yesterday, the electricity supplier industry group claimed that Jingdong from WAL-MART bought the shop, and said the negotiations have entered the post acquisition, the overall amount of more than 40 billion yuan. However, the news was subsequently questioned the various small partners. Tencent Jingdong Strategy Analyst Li Chengdong in the circle of friends on the news for questioning, Li Chengdong said, the last message is the Alibaba to buy Shop No. 1, and that is what really can not think of Jingdong acquisition reason? Shop No. 1 has been relegated to Shanghai. Li Chengdong screenshot circle of friends later, Li Chengdong posted a photo of himself and other friends chat screenshots in the circle of friends, said the acquisition of the Jingdong store No. 1, no what value is completely homogeneous business, and so the 40 billion yuan of the purchase price, is a big opening.   Li Chengdong screenshot circle of friends at the same time, in the news, there are rumors that Hainan Airlines also have the intention to purchase shop No. 1, now is also in negotiations.   although it is difficult to get an official confirmation of the next buyer, but the number 1 store in the sale or fact. data show that in July last year, after the U.S. retailer WAL-MART wholly owned 1 stores, WAL-MART plans to accelerate the development of the electricity supplier business. However, contrary to expectations, after the acquisition of WAL-MART No. 1 store, branded a "WAL-MART online" shop No. 1 has experienced a series of business philosophy because of differences led to the departure tide, and market share decline etc. unfortunately, so that the outside of the shop 1, worries about the future. (Zhou Xuedie)

The United States sold coo8 rumors of the actual situation the dual brand integration advantages

adhere to the multi brand strategy Gome, in the field of e-commerce has shaken. October 15th, a person familiar with the matter said, due to slowing the pace of development, the loss rate is high, the United States senior decision regarding Kuba, discussed many times. In internal discussions, there is a saying that the sale of Gome Kuba to reduce losses. This is and the market rumors agree without prior without previous consultation. The rumors quoted sources as saying, in order to reduced losses, Gome or considering the sale of Kuba, at the same time, increase the investment in Gome online mall. The insider interview with this reporter, said, "the sale of Kuba is only a discussion, did not become the main direction of the discussion". according to the above statement, Gome vice president He Yangqing said, "the United States will not sell Kuba, the company also not discussed selling its argument. Business development on the part of the United States, the development direction of the United States is to do large-scale at the same time, to minimize the size of the loss level, in order to achieve profitability as soon as possible." dual brand strategy led to a double loss situation, to the actual controller is still in the United States in China Wong Kwong Yu brought great challenges. Informed sources said, is now the worst period in the history of the United States, known as the business wizards, Wong Kwong Yu’s decision-making ability, the decision of the United States in the future. Wong Kwong Yu recently obtained a court ruling commuted 10 months, while at the same time, Kuba would sell the news spread like wildfire. is the predecessor of the Kuba electrical network, November 2010, Gome announced to invest 48 million yuan holding 80% shares of kuba. At the end of May 2012, Wong Kwong Yu through its Gome sharp dynamic company HK $90 million 90 thousand (about 73 million 330 thousand yuan) with Kuba and new beauty (operation "Gome online mall entities) two home appliances sales website of the 40% stake, the two companies in 60% owned by GOME Electrical wholly owned company in Beijing Huihaitian Yun commerce the company holds consulting co.. when the announcement information shows that Gome online mall and Kuba is still at a loss. The announcement data show that in 2011, Kuba annual loss of 194 million yuan, Gome online mall loss of 197 million yuan, the cumulative loss of nearly 400 million. both loss of reality, Gome has become a brand strategy to try to integrate the reasons. Informed sources said that since 2012, increased Kuba losses, in September as an example, the scale of losses due to tens of millions. As of now, the Kuba loss at the same time, Gome online mall also did not achieve profitability. at the same time, the development speed of Kuba also continue to decline. Informed sources said that in September this year, the 8 data, the establishment of a year and a […]