March 2017

Wuhan rural commercial banks to become the province’s first dual record bank

mentioned "double book", many readers and small series, a start into a confused state. In fact, the double record refers to the bank’s financial products for sale throughout the recording video. Let’s look at the specific reports. how to prevent financial products flying single, certificates of deposit change policy? China Banking Regulatory Commission requires commercial banks at the end of this year, the full liberalization of financial products double recorded". Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Wuhan rural commercial bank, the bank has achieved financial products sales of the entire audio and video recording, becoming the province’s first to achieve double record bank. Wuhan rural commercial bank, customers buy financial products, the camera automatically pops up, synchronous acquisition of the sales staff, audio and video, to ensure that the sales staff or stakeholders can not be changed, apply interception related information, strict prevention of audio and video information leakage. in addition, implement centralized management of audio and video storage, audio and video data retention time is 6 months of product maturity payment after the dispute until disputes ultimately resolved, no period of maturity to sell products kept for 5 years. this time, for the bank to take the double record measures, has great significance. Not only can put an end to the phenomenon of random changes in the past, the staff and the majority of customers in the service of the time to get better quality service, we can no longer look at the face! related recommendations

Promote the three services level of new improvement

Recently, the Municipal Office held a meeting to mobilize all Party members and cadres to carry out the "three real" special education. The meeting pointed out, to carry out the three strict three special education, is a major political task of the central deployment of a global and strategic significance. Is a political rule, must be closely linked to the five adhere to conscientiously abide by; is the spirit of lead, must be carried out around the transformation of the development of practice; is to follow the action, we must focus on improving the level of full implementation of the three service.

When the four kinds of future business new promising entrepreneurial ideas

  good ability of operators to have good entrepreneurs look far ahead from a high plane, but also have the ability to predict the future. Who would have thought in the next few years to join the chain industry is quite developed? The following is from the small as four major industries of the list you have money very good ideas, for your reference! Urbanites are

West District 5 million remediation three noes building

reporter from the West District Construction Bureau, in order to improve the area of "building three" school environment, this year invested 5 million yuan on the regulation of the west area, south area meteorological Lane 10, former Qinghai radio factory two jiazhuyuan 36 "three noes" family hospital building environment. in the past, because the original unit causes bankruptcy unmanned maintenance, our city some areas become worthy of the name "building three" Institute, the district no property, no charge, no security, no area of road maintenance; water supply and drainage pipe has long been lost, repair often water overflow No one shows any interest in residents living here. Indeed, for their normal life inconvenience. In order to help these poor people to improve the living environment, improve the quality of life, in recent years in the west area of small urban construction projects with Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, to expand the scale, improve function, optimize the environment, improve the quality as the focal point, in accordance with "meticulous planning, meticulous construction, meticulous management requirements, the investment of 5 million yuan area 36" three "families courtyard within the roads, drainage, hospital environment comprehensive renovation, the" old three "families courtyard has been completely changed. Currently, after more than 2 months of intense construction, renovation of a total of 17 square meters of the roof of the building, road maintenance and renovation of 8567 square meters, drainage pipe network 8 meters 2770. (author: a)

Two sessions report read all roads lead to Xining

report Abstract to Xining, Golmud as the hub of the modern three-dimensional traffic network initially formed, the overall speed of the southern green transport channel. The new Hainan, Haibei Haixi, 3 and Golmud city expressway, formed with Xining as the center, connecting the 5 states, the radiation surrounding the county and eastern Qaidam circular economy pilot area of Expressway network. [people story] go to Xining to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival!" January 24th, Huangyuan Dahua County town of villagers Zhao Zuzhen driving a private car, with his family, just from the provincial capital to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival back. Zhao Zuzhen and family while unloading special purchases for the Spring Festival side said: "the road, well, go out easily, go to Xining is not far away. We now also do special purchases for the Spring Festival bought from Xining." road is not important to the villagers, from the words can be heard. The villagers Su Zhanhai Dan Ma Xiang Yang Po Er Cun, Huangzhong county more than and 60 year old said: "the village is far away from the county, for good road also hope for several years. A few years ago, starting from Dan Ma Township, the road is not like the look of the road, after the opening of the rural bus, the bus is not open inside. We ride from the countryside, a secondary 10 yuan. Now this road repaired, the bus was only 2 yuan a ride. The road is not good, to marry a wife who Nai child’s." talking about his wife, Wang Guijun, the village will be married after the spring festival. Wang Guijun in the village belongs to the older youth, can not marry a daughter-in-law, the main reason is the difficulty in the home. Since after the road, he borrowed some money from relatives and friends began to run transport, and now not only the original money borrowed, but also built a new house, there will be a matchmaker to introduce the object. "Now the girls are rushing into our village!" Su Zhanhai said proudly. will celebrate the new year, people are busy making special purchases for the Spring Festival, this road leading to the village of the car to car to. A man driving a private car to the county, to the provincial capital to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival, a man riding a motorcycle to take a bus into the city, and people travel together. [digital traffic] over the past 5 years, the new highway mileage of 13 thousand km, of which the highway is 1225 km, is the last five years of the 5.7 times. Cumulative total investment in fixed assets of 58 billion 400 million yuan, is the former one of the five years of 2.3 times. Has built a series of high speed and first class highway to the west, Xining and other places. By the end of 2012, the province’s total mileage of 65988 kilometers, than at the end […]

Xining Local Taxation Bureau annual tax revenue 5 billion 450 million yuan

days ago, from the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau held a work conference upload news, 2010, the city’s land tax system has made new progress in science and technology, organization income tax, personnel training, cultural creation, organizations throughout the tax revenue of 5 billion 450 million yuan, an increase of the total income, and increase the amount of a historic leap. over the past year, the city’s local tax system has always been to adhere to the organization’s revenue as the center, and constantly improve the style of work, and effectively optimize the tax service, increasing the social image, the role of tax revenue to effectively play.  

The province’s comprehensive cultural service center construction pilot work officially started

8 5, the Provincial Cultural Press and Publication office officially launched the province’s grassroots comprehensive cultural service center construction pilot work, and strive to build a comprehensive demonstration center for cultural services. This is the reporter in the province’s cultural Secretary of the forum and the construction of a comprehensive cultural service center was informed. in July this year, the general office of the provincial government issued the opinions on promoting the construction of Qinghai provincial comprehensive cultural service center. In order to promote the implementation of the "opinions", this year the provincial press and publication department in 139 villages of Xining City Haidong, six states, 12 Tibetan villages, a total of 151 villages to carry out the pilot construction of grassroots comprehensive cultural service center, 2017 to the fully open play a leading role in the demonstration. To equal the construction of public cultural service standardization, as the main content, investment of 27 million yuan, the implementation of the propaganda and cultural Demonstration County Construction in 9 counties of mutual Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and Tu Autonomous County, Xunhua Salar Autonomous County, Guide County, Gangcha County, Wulan County, Tongren County, banma County, Chengduo county. For the county cultural center, library facilities and equipment, to enhance the level of public cultural services; in the 9 counties, each county towns two better basic conditions as a function of resource demonstration towns, focusing on the integration of culture and propaganda work, equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities, comprehensive cultural stations of township to build a set of cultural and propaganda radio and television, science and technology popularization, skill training as a whole, to improve the service ability; 12 shows in Guide, Gangcha, Ulan, Tongren, banma and 6 demonstration counties in Chengduo Fan Xiang Town, each township 1 better basic conditions as village model village construction in education, cultural activities, reading books, sports, science and technology popularization as one of the village comprehensive cultural service center. A total investment of 54 million 210 thousand yuan, 139 villages selected in our province 9 concentrated poverty-stricken areas of the county and state key counties for poverty alleviation and development, the implementation of demonstration projects in poor areas of comprehensive cultural service center, the construction of cultural activity room, a small stage, rural style Plaza, equipped with radio and TV sports equipment, to achieve a "ten standard". The implementation of Tibetan cultural and cultural facilities in towns and villages of the project, for the 236 villages and towns in the Tibetan integrated cultural stations are equipped with 1 sets of sound, the office of the computer and a set of 1 sets of digital film flow screening equipment.  

Xining special working group on the prevention of juvenile delinquency

To conscientiously implement the provincial and municipal comprehensive management work conference, to further strengthen the city’s prevention of juvenile delinquency, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of young people, the morning of March 8th, the prevention of juvenile delinquency special group work conference held in Xining City to conscientiously implement the provincial and municipal comprehensive management work conference, to further strengthen the city’s prevention of juvenile delinquency, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of young people, the morning of March 8th, the prevention of juvenile delinquency special group work conference held in Xining city. The meeting chaired by Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee, special group office director Comrade Li Wei, responsible comrades from the education, public security, law, culture, industry and commerce, Department of women’s federations and other 14 special group members of the unit attended the meeting. The meeting discussed by the "Xining City Commission for the prevention of juvenile delinquency responsibilities", "special group of Xining City Commission for the prevention of juvenile delinquency special group of the member units of work responsibilities" and "Xining City Commission for the prevention of juvenile delinquency system" (special working group meeting system, reporting system, evaluation system, supervision the information submitted to the system, liaison system), defined the duties of the member units, the construction work of the linkage mechanism, strengthen the prevention of a special group of the member units between information communication and exchange. after the meeting, some members of the unit to work put forward opinions and suggestions, the special group with their respective duties and responsibilities, for the prevention of juvenile delinquency this year conducted a comprehensive arrangement and key deployment, and issued the "2012 Xining City Commission for the prevention of juvenile delinquency special group work points", the overall arrangement of ideas and the main content of the city this year the prevention of juvenile delinquency, emphasize the special group in the City Commission under the leadership and continue to strengthen coordination with the members of the unit, supervision and inspection, the establishment of centralized mechanism of co management, to strengthen the youth social management innovation oriented, to further promote the protection of minors and prevention of juvenile delinquency, create a good environment for the healthy growth of young people, promoting the leapfrog development of our city youth rights work.    

Xining rushed forward – reform and strive to walk in the forefront of the province

Xining reform to move forward, Xining reform and strive to walk in the forefront of the province. July 10th, the Xining evening news launched a wave of reform tide of "front page" one man, attracted wide attention from all walks of life in the province. Readers have to the evening news search to ask about the progress of the reform of Xining? provincial Party Secretary, party secretary Wang Jianjun pointed out: Xining reform and strive to walk in the forefront of the province. For the requirements of the provincial Party committee, the Central People’s expectations and lay the foundation for sustainable development, should be thoroughly studied, divided into difficulty, importance, urgency and orderly. To motivate the cadres to the director general, the director general can do nothing. Cadres should be entrepreneurial passion, passion to protect, support, and comprehensively promote the deepening of reform."

The city issued regulations for the black car problem

day before the municipal government in the form of government that issued the "Xining measures investigate illegal passenger vehicle" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), and will be formally implemented in February 10, 2015. and the "black car" of an important basis for the

State department assessment team to assess the 2015 annual green fire

May 12th, deputy director of the State Bureau of cultural relics Song Xinchao as the head of the State Council eighth assessment team to Qinghai, the province’s fire prevention and inspection work in the year 2015. Han Jianhua, deputy governor of the provincial government on behalf of the 2015 annual report on the work of the province’s fire. on the meeting, Song Xinchao introduced the examination arrangements and requirements, and highlight the role of task fire work well under the current situation, the significance of the examination of the relevant industry sectors hope to fully understand the assessment, to further strengthen the industry departments take the lead and guide the whole society to carry out fire safety responsibility, vigorously promote the province’s fire control work from the construction of multi-level and multi angle continued to maintain a rapid development momentum is good. Han Jianhua pointed out that the Qinghai provincial government has always been the core of the fire protection work as the core of economic construction, increasing investment and policy tilt efforts to promote the effective implementation of fire safety responsibility system. In recent years, the province has not occurred more than a large number of fire accidents, especially in 2015, the number of fires decreased year by year, maintaining a sustained and stable fire situation in the province. Next, the provincial government will continue in accordance with the requirements of the State Council on the work of fire, unremittingly to catch the responsibility to implement, grasping, grasping the hazard remediation work innovation, promote the continued development of the cause of the fire, the Qinghai social stability and improving people’s livelihood and economic development and make greater contribution. were randomly selected, the assessment team will go to the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, to carry out on-site inspection and evaluation on social units, key sites, military construction and other work.  

Qinghai, the first meeting of teaching achievements

12 12, the provincial government held the first meeting of the recognition of teaching achievements. According to the "measures for the implementation of" Qinghai provincial teaching achievement award, the provincial government decided, awarded the first prize for teaching achievements in Qinghai province Qinghai area national middle school biology curriculum localization teaching theory and Practice Research on "8 results," two Qinghai teaching achievement award four teaching mode of primary school Chinese practice of "14" results. Third-prize teaching achievements in Qinghai province children’s Park Corner construction and practice of "26 achievements. to implement the State Council "Teaching Achievement Award", and comprehensively improve the quality of teaching and the level of education in our province, based on the teaching practice, to promote the reform of education and teaching, play the teaching achievement award in our province, teaching reform, research guidance and incentive effect, in August 2014, the office of the provincial government issued the "implementation measures" teaching the results of Qinghai Province Award, decided to carry out the provincial teaching achievement award in the province. provincial teaching achievement award by the provincial people’s government set up for the province at all levels of schools, academic organizations and other social organizations, teachers and individuals, every 4 years review. Provincial Teaching Achievement Award of various awards of not more than 50, of which the first prize of the 8, the other two prizes, such as the award of the three prize of 26. Reward standard 50 thousand yuan, the first prize of $30 thousand, the three prize, such as $10 thousand two. Incentive funds paid by the provincial government award fund. the results of this award reflects the basic education, vocational education, higher education in the field of teaching reform and practical exploration of the status quo and the main achievements. The award-winning achievements aiming at the outstanding problem and practice in the reform of education and teaching, and puts forward some effective solutions, including curriculum, teaching, evaluation, resources construction and other aspects, especially to promote the curriculum reform, improving teaching methods, professional construction, informatization teaching, innovative and applied value to enhance students’ Employment and entrepreneurial ability, part of the results to achieve a major breakthrough in the reform of education and teaching, has achieved obvious benefit of the training of talents.  

Xining development zone held a meeting of the Party committee

– Wang Xiao presided over the meeting and speech – to achieve "leading Party building development, promoting the development of the party" – to do development in Xining and the trailbreaker model December 22nd, the Provincial Committee and party secretary of Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Party committee secretary Wang Xiao chaired the Development Zone Party committee meeting, municipal committee, Xining economic and Technological Development Zone Party committee deputy secretary, deputy director of the CMC Yao Lin to attend the meeting. The meeting again conveyed the important speech of Luo Huining, Secretary of the CPC Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee on the study of the Chinese Communist Party’s code of self-discipline and discipline, and the disciplinary action of the Communist Party of china. Wang Xiao pointed out that the important speech of Huining secretary, reflects the strong sense of historical mission and political responsibility, embodies the provincial sober judgment of the situation honest and accurate grasp, shows that the provincial Party Committee on anti-corruption issues of strong will and determination, provides an important follow and action guide for us to do a good job. Wang Xiao requirements, one should realistically in the training, learning style and learning effect organically, so into the brain and heart. Two in the rectification and improvement on realistically, in accordance with the "to the wire, stick to the bottom line" standard, to ensure the rectification is not as a mere formality, excellent quality. Three to realistically in the mechanism construction, and constantly consolidate and expand the results of the work. Party members and cadres as the key minority, to lead the demonstration, the above rate. meeting listened to the report of the party building in the development zone. Wang Xiao pointed out that the development of the party building work ideas, there is discipline, there are ways to achieve remarkable results. The next step, we must solve the problem of ideological understanding, two to solve the problem of ways and means, to solve the problem of long-term mechanism, to effectively lead the development of the party building, promote the development of Party building in the three". meeting listened to the development zone to implement clean government two responsibility report. Wang Xiao requirements, one must unify their thinking, not the political responsibility as a business responsibility, their responsibilities as additional responsibilities, take full responsibility for the individual responsibility, the responsibility for direct indirect responsibility. Two to highlight the establishment of the system, the establishment of a regular interview mechanism, a variety of oversight mechanisms and rigid restraint mechanism. Three to improve the chain of responsibility, the main responsibility should be hard, oversight responsibility to implement, to strictly accountable accountability. meeting also listened to the work of the development zone this year and the next focus of the work of the report. Wang Xiao fully affirmed the achievements and contributions of the Development Zone, Development Zone requirements should continue to carry forward the fine tradition and style of the formation of long-term accumulation, efforts […]

The rhyme ieguchi dust pollution is an emergency stop

October 16th, the newspaper of "large" theme rhyme ieguchi let dust gray dust pollution problem rhyme ieguchi unity bridge sections of the report, due east district attaches great importance to the area immediately take action, take measures to carry out rectification of dust. on the same day, the district environmental protection, urban management, construction, traffic police and other relevant units of the central joint regulation of the rhyme ieguchi road dust pollution. The scene seized 2 serious dust site, seized 7 excavators, construction requirements of Party rectification; ordered the relevant sections of the site dust not regular watering; law enforcement, seized two vehicles polluting vehicles pull soil. On this basis, the establishment of air pollution check in the rhyme ieguchi area, sent 24 hours on duty, to ensure that the ambient air is not polluted again, and the establishment of long-term monitoring mechanism. (author: Dezhou)

Province to carry out special road traffic prevention special rectification actions

reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps was informed that since the beginning of the August to the end of September, the province’s police departments deployed in the province to prevent serious road traffic accidents special rectification actions. Put forward a number of outages resolutely hidden safety problems in a number of operating vehicles, improve road safety protection measures, basic problem solving a number of traffic safety, release one or more safety warning, to ensure that the province’s road traffic safety situation for the better development. During the remediation, the province’s public security traffic police department will focus on two off a crisis, tourist vehicles, rural roads, the top three risk points, and resolutely implement the traffic safety source control measures to exclude the source vulnerability. With the national and provincial highway and the long downhill accident prone road as the focus, to carry out highway traffic regulation order, drunk driving, drunk driving and rectification unified action passenger car, travel car, truck, bus, van in rural areas and other five categories of major car traffic violations remediation. Strengthen the focus on the road to clean up the risks, national and provincial highway as the focus, a comprehensive investigation of landslides destroyed Yishui road safety risk, strengthen the construction of road hazard investigation and remediation, strengthen early warning. The results of the first half of the road traffic risk investigation and the times of the local people’s government, a serious threat to the safety of traffic safety, safety supervision departments should be included in the supervision of the handling of hidden sections. To strengthen the tourism passenger safety supervision, severely punished according to law without legal signs, chartered chartered bus super scope, thorough investigation of illegal tour bus overcrowding, speeding, fatigue driving, illegal overtaking traffic, to prevent unauthorized tourist bus into the forbidden area. Strengthen the analysis of the security situation judged, the establishment of vehicles, drivers, transport enterprise classification management mechanism, the implementation of dynamic risk management. Strengthen the work of responsibility in place, strengthen supervision and inspection, good interview with the system, with the depth of the accident investigation to ensure that the measures implemented, to achieve tangible results.  

From their landscape residential property market in Xining reborn

"Rui Ning village", "beautiful Jiangnan", "riverside king", "Metro international"…… From the name of these elegant Qingli, the Xining property market has changed obviously, living quality improved significantly.With the accelerated construction of city landscape plateau, from black to their beautiful environment of the garden style residential area, the Xining property market changes twenty years turn the world upside down. From the families of the so and so to the full flavor of the name of the property market, the Xining property market is not only included in the quality of overweight, but also inject fresh elements into the living environment. Residential environment based on the needs of the residents gradually beautify, tend to improve. As is located at the foot of the Western Hills of Shangri-La city garden, the European garden style residential buildings, unique appearance, small step king, rockery, fountain, green, fruit trees, pool well-proportioned, lingqibiren people, such as in Wonderland, to the general public to bring different domain flavor; Ning Zhang Lu of the Sun King multilayer in the residential area, convenient facilities under the foot work, small supermarket, elderly activity room, automatic teller machines, ATM gym, health everything. Twenty years ago the living environment dirty and low comfort and convenience of poor building efforts almost have been replaced by the row upon row of residential districts, as well as the humanistic design concept of supporting infrastructure, unique cultural and artistic atmosphere. "today’s life, compared with the past is no way", the well-being of the City District of the North District 64 year old resident Lee said his residential changes, his face filled with a happy smile. They used the whole family living in forty or fifty square meters Tongzilou, dark corridor, the damp, cold winter and hot summer hot and intolerable. After living in the New District of fashion, out of the house is the "Park", improve the quality of life, the mood is better day by day. At the same time, the security of the district also has a certain degree of improvement, people live on the floor, to achieve a real peace and contentment.  

50 performances of elegant art, five into activities will enter Xining

from August 21st onwards, by the provincial cultural center and the West District of Xining City District Committee, district government and other units jointly organized by the elegant art five into the West district. 50 mass cultural performances will walk into the barracks, campus, community, and rural sites, different ages, different nationalities, different cultural level of the masses to provide elegant cultural services, promoting grassroots cultural prosperity and development, strengthen the construction of public cultural service system in the West area. This is the reporter learned from the provincial cultural center in August 19th. is reported that these 50 special performances including folk music, chorus, shadow play, quyi, etc., to the end of September 30th. Activity "into the grass, serving the masses, the classical tradition, edify sentiment" as the theme, through the provincial, district linkage mechanism, to explore a new way for the construction of public cultural service system, and strive to achieve the maximum value of cultural huimin. The show invited the Qinghai the Yellow River National Orchestra, Qinghai Philharmonic Chorus, Qinghai Hehuang love troupe, art troupe, bright red for a long time the group, Xining City Performing Arts Troupe, its art troupe, Great Music Choir, to act as the carrier, strengthening the education of traditional culture, popularize the knowledge of folk music, let the public perception of the excellent folk the cultural heritage of classical art and artistic charm, to create a harmonious campus, the barracks, community, and rural cultural site. (author: Li Xin)

A new strategy to reduce the cost of enterprises in Xiamen to reduce corporate social insurance prem

the development of an enterprise in the market, can not do without their own management and financial strength, but also inseparable from the strong support of the local government. To actively promote the supply side structural reform, effectively help enterprises to reduce costs, enhance the vitality and support the sustainable development of the real economy, this year, the municipal government has issued the three batch of implementation to reduce the corporate social insurance burden of the new deal. Reporters yesterday from the Inland Revenue Department was informed that this year 1 to October, the Local Taxation Bureau has a total of 108 thousand households in the city enterprises to implement social security 5 burden 2 billion 505 million 590 thousand yuan. new ways to cut costs, reduce the Xiamen enterprise social insurance, to reduce the burden of enterprises in the circumstances, many enterprises hope the Xiamen can get further development in the future. 2 billion 500 million yuan of social insurance businesses to benefit from the policy burden underpaid, including pension insurance 1 billion 62 million 330 thousand yuan, 760 million 310 thousand yuan of medical insurance, unemployment insurance, 497 million 690 thousand yuan, 111 million 660 thousand yuan of industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance 73 million 600 thousand yuan. In addition, in October the city before the company also paid less than 215 million 580 thousand yuan of labor union funds, the disabled employment security fund of $186 million 130 thousand. related recommendations

North District Bureau of Education held the twelve session of the provincial Party committee Seminar

in May this year, the twelfth provincial Party Congress held a victory, the twelve Congress of the province is speeding up in the province an important meeting held a critical period of building rich civilized and harmonious Qinghai, striding forward for the comprehensive construction of a well-off society. In order to fully understand the significance of study and implement the spirit of the twelfth Party Congress of the province, and enhance the implementation of party spirit consciousness, July 12th, head of provincial Party committee of education invited lecturer, Professor Guo Yunfu guest researcher at the Qinghai Institute of economic research, the twelve provincial Party Congress seminars for the school belonged to the Secretary and the president.

County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau, a strengthening, two strengtheni

2012 is the implementation of the 12th Five-Year plan an important year for the connecting link, but also the full completion of the task of punishing and preventing system 2008-2012 years of critical year. To further promote clean government and anti-corruption work is of great significance for the full completion of the task of determining the fourteenth Party Congress, the County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau in the province, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection plenary meeting spirit as a guide, with a strengthened, two strengthening, three to ensure that the "overall progress of discipline inspection and supervision work. "a strengthening" namely: strengthen internal management. Through the daily learning of fine, fine personnel management, daily management system work fine, fine, investigators do believe work fine, revise and improve the job responsibilities 29, refine the 45 study work system, the 21 Party branch to organize life system. To inform the innovation brand, only to inform and image are integrated, the staff names, duties, responsibilities, the image of the office phone number, mobile phone number, to inform the content label in this card, to solve the cadres and the masses do not know who to come to work, do not know do not know the staff office. Go, waiting for the problem, for the first time for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of all cadres of the public service is the mobile phone number, at a glance. The log records everyone has a copy of each staff, daily work, in order to achieve fine service extends to the normalization of management. "two strengthening" is: first, strengthen the overall quality of Party members and cadres. Discipline inspection and supervision of cadres bear the trust of the party and the people, we must establish lifelong learning and lifelong education concept, will learn as self-cultivation of the career, be willing to learn, eager to learn, good at learning. Through a week of regular work, learning, "a monthly forum" out of training activities, improve the theoretical knowledge, improve the ideological level, enhance their awareness of performing functions and maintain party discipline, build a learning organization and discipline inspection and supervision of cadres. Two is to strengthen the work objectives and tasks. County Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision of the various departments to refine the objectives of the responsibility, and the signing of the responsibility of the various departments of the book, by the end of the implementation of rewards and punishments. Adhere to the monthly work report system, held monthly work report meeting, the completion of the various departments and the situation is not completed to urge arrangements. At present, to carry out supervision and inspection of law enforcement 15 times, accepted the petition report 46 (Times), gone through 39 (Times), completion rate of 85%; prokaryotic clues 10 (Times), gone through 8 (Times); case 2 (Times), filing 1 3 people, party and government discipline 3 people, 2 people double punishment. Found the amount involved 15 million 266 thousand yuan, the amount of violation […]