April 2017

What are the barbecue Kim Hanson joined in support of whole

This barbecue recommend a US empire for everyone catering brand – Kim Hanson catering management company. To want to join in the form of a buddy can choose this brand of barbecue Kim hanson. Kim Hanson Catering Management Limited Chinese headquarters is located in the capital Beijing, is mainly of large barbecue buffet restaurant chain […]

14 intimate advice to entrepreneurs

business to do business must have a number of prerequisites and should pay attention to the operation process of many large and small problems, careful operation to make money. 1, a clear intention of opening, not losing business to determine their direction of management, which is to determine what kind of business, and then determine […]

90 million profit in the entrepreneurial venture into the business

in the current entrepreneurship upsurge, 90 business is no longer a new thing, but there is still a lot of people will feel young and frivolous, 90 entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs may face more failure. But if there are 90 million profit in the school venture, the current valuation of the Company billion, you will not be […]


Ten – mattress brand ranking

no matter how good the bed, if the mattress is not appropriate, will affect the use of consumers. After all, a good mattress for their own, can not only ensure good sleep quality and can feel very comfortable to sleep in the process, a lot of mattress ten big brands are research and production in […]


Chengdu will set up 20 billion venture fund to support entrepreneurship

for entrepreneurs, the ability to attract venture capital investment is a matter of life and death. To extend the life of entrepreneurial projects, the ability to play entrepreneurs, Chengdu will establish a special fund of more than 20 billion yuan.

Fujian 35 maternal and child enterprises Baotuan development

in the process of economic development, we can often see the development strategy. This time, in order to adapt to the continuous development of the market economy, the mother and baby industry in Fujian province has taken the development of Baotuan approach, we look at the following. recently, the inaugural meeting of the first Fujian […]

Migrant workers returning home cattle harvest success hot fortune

now, there are still a lot of rural people choose to go out to work, because in the home to do farm work is certainly not earn much money. Li Chengmin is one of those who has been working for many years. But in 2009, he chose to give up the hard work for a […]

Why is it so hot

small investment, a simple way to become a hot investment in the current business. Throughout the online network, online business is relatively easy. Especially in China today, prices, prices are very high in the background, the cost of the line has been very high, non ordinary people can afford. Therefore, the online business has become […]

Zhanhe District helping more than 90 college students entrepreneurship career

what is the hottest social topic now? There must be someone who is going to start a business". It is true that in the past two years in the central call from the town to the countryside, from college students to migrant workers, are all concerned about the entrepreneurial hot spots. Hope to change the […]

Preferential policies for college graduates in Yubei

now, more and more college graduates tend to after graduation, the use of science to create a career, rather than just enter a business with the working class life, and the country in order to alleviate the employment pressure, but also very supportive of college graduates entrepreneurship, Yubei area is to develop a favorablepoineering policy, […]