May 2017

Huainan beef soup how much money to join small series to answer

in the snack industry, Huainan beef soup is very popular, especially in Anhui, as long as there is a place in Huainan beef soup, business is good. Many friends also want to open a Huainan beef soup shop. So, Huainan beef soup how much money? Let’s take a look.

Innovative shop selling custom furniture annual income of 5 million

is now out of the online shopping has become a trend, of course, the achievements of the home economy. Buy clothes online, electronic products to buy online, and now can also be customized furniture from the Internet to buy, such an innovative shop destined to hot business. No, 1 custom furniture last year accounted for 5 million from the buyer seller transformation "after 70" Chen Lei is the pioneer of the business into the custom furniture market. 2005, due to the decoration of his house, he went online to buy furniture Guangdong merchants. From the perspective of their own needs, he was disappointed to find that the market does not provide customized furniture businesses. At the same time, he was pleasantly surprised to realize that custom furniture will be a very promising direction of entrepreneurship. with "want to do not want other people to do or find it difficult to work" of the faith, Chen Lei home in Hubei, while continuing to work in state-owned enterprises, and began preparations for business. Bought a lot of books and software, self-learning Photoshop, CAD, furniture design software and other related software, and try to practice creative furniture. 2005 to 2006, Chen Lei began to work as a part-time shop seller, first in the Alibaba website to find the furniture semi-finished products, try to provide customers with design and sales of related components. In 2008, with the gradual improvement of the design level, he began to provide customers with the overall design services, that is, custom furniture throughout the house. In 2010, he turned full-time seller, and began to develop innovative products. March of this year, due to the development needs, he moved to work in Foshan, to solve the problem of the remote control of furniture raw materials, plant resources bottleneck.

Rural entrepreneurship inventory

there are many migrant workers who have chosen to return to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in rural areas also appeared a lot of new venture is to choose, then we have to look at what are the good entrepreneurial small projects in rural areas. rural entrepreneurial ideas: Green cleaners

Tea shop renovation to make more money

is one of the original decoration has been old, and secondly, the original style is no longer meet the needs of the current society, so many tea shops will choose to re decoration. It is not difficult to find, and now more and more tea shop decoration more and more style. In the sense that the tea shop decoration and sales also have this great relevance, many open tea shop and friends have also played the "decoration" idea, trying to change the appearance of the tea shop, with appropriate customer taste, increase the tea sales objective. recently, many tea shops in Fuzhou set off upgrade wind. In the bustling section of the image store or flagship store, the decoration is more and more high-grade. These tea shop stores, flagship stores are selected in the downtown section or important business district, Rudong street, Jin Yuan, Shangri-La, near the hotel there are nine peaks tea, Hua Xiangyuan, and other well-known enterprises in Fujian Widmanstaten tea tea shop opened, many shops rent expensive, tens of thousands of yuan. business area is more and more big, to hundreds of square meters now from the original dozen square meters; the decoration is also more and more grade, function more and more complete, from the original single – now extended to luxury goods VIP tea, tea and even book; the quality of the staff has improved significantly, as many artists have tea college degree or above. of course, these tea shop upgrade means capital investment increased. Near the corner of Rudong, a large number of square meters of high-grade tea flagship store, excluding rent, only decoration boss spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. The author found that, in addition to the well-known tea stores in the "upgrade", Rongcheng many small tea shops also increase capital investment, improve the tea packing grade, the store was renovated, according to reports, the current cost 4489 yuan to open a little scale tea shop is not what fresh thing, even open a small tea shop, some will spend fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan decoration. why Rongcheng tea shops have "upgrade"? A tea shop responsible person said, there are many reasons: first, Fuzhou tea market competition has become increasingly fierce, tea shop through the "upgrade", one can establish their own brand image in the industry, on the other hand, to raise the threshold, so that newcomers to stop; secondly the consumer demands are more diversified, process buy tea is not only the process of shopping, but also enjoy the process of tea culture, which requires the tea shop decoration has a certain level, the quality of sales staff should be higher; again, with QS in the implementation of the tea industry, small tea shops do not meet face close, well-known chain of tea enterprises hope that through the establishment of the flagship store, to enhance the image of the store store incorporated "chips". but many consumers worry, tea shop more and more high-grade, tea prices will rise? In this regard, […]

Ten ways to quickly seize the rural market

in the new period, whether the rural economy is the rural social development has embarked on a new level. At the same time, there are more and more investors will also look to the entire investment in the vast rural areas, so, in the method of rural entrepreneurs need to pay attention to what are the?

Nanjing network about the New Deal lower barriers to entry

with the increase in the amount of people travel, so the demand for cars in life is also increasing, so the market about the car gradually hot up. Following the deep North of Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other places to put the network about the car after the new deal, in October 14th, Nanjing net rules about car draft landing requirements within two years, more than 2700 mm, wheelbase car engine output power of 108 kw. The proposed trial will be a large part of the network about the car outside the door. day before the 33 Nanjing car rental enterprises jointly to the transportation department submission, proposed to amend the vehicle standards, reduce the access threshold, buffer period to the existing stock of net about car set two years. after the new deal, a large number of nets about the car will withdraw from the market at the end of last year, the original work in the south of master Chen joined Nanjing leasing companies, invested nearly 200 thousand yuan to buy a Nissan Teana car began to run. Although a little hard, but the monthly income can be, master Chen put great enthusiasm for this new job. Working for seven or eight months, he served up to 98~100 points, is a good driver. But , the car engine power master Chen is only 100 kilowatts, does not meet the intended for the network about the new car condition, if the draft did not change after November 1st, he can’t do network about the car driver. if the car left to do private cars, the home did not meet the conditions. If sold, the loss of at least sixty thousand dollars." Master Chen said, the car just to pay off the loan, if not done, he is very confused, "I was a pillar of the family, his wife monthly wage income of 2000 yuan, daughter still in school, if you can’t drive, really do not know what to do the work." Yue is a 80, driving a Honda Jade, more than a year ago began to use their own private car orders, is about the car in the car old driver". as a young man, he knows a lot about policy. "My car engine power is 104 kW, and there is no vehicle stabilizer, it is estimated that more than half a month can not do. Not only me, more than 80% of the drivers have to quit." Mr. Yue said that after the publication of the new deal, he’s going to find another way out. new deal may double operating costs Ms. Wang lived in Nanjing Yuhuatai District, usually go to work by bus, but with the child out, they often choose a taxi. In recent days, she opened the car on the phone about the car software, found almost no car near the home can play, even if occasionally hit the car, waiting time is more than 8 minutes. I heard about the new car network will […]

Unexpected small business ideas

does not require any cost, you can also achieve the entrepreneurial dream, here Xiaobian cited a few small entrepreneurial ideas, we go to see it!

Wei Meizhen’s business

someone set up shop failure, it is natural to open a shop success. The reason why the shop can be successful, often because of mastering a certain business skills. Wei Meizhen’s business can achieve such a great success, naturally associated with all kinds of business she has mastered. Wei Meizhen’s shop is located in Shilong Town, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region City, Guiping, shop for nearly 4 years, the business has been very prosperous. For the business secret, Wei Meizhen quite experience summed up as three colorful". one is operating ground gas". Wei Meizhen’s shop to sell food, daily necessities, such as bulk wine, sugar, beverage, daily necessaries, are in line with the town of consumer demand, the business scope of "down to earth". Operating hours from 6 in the morning to the evening of 11, with most of the activities of the time fit, service time, ground gas". two hospitality is very friendly". Wei Meizhen is easy-going and whether everyone to shop to be greeted, such as family and folks like, never Quejinshaoliang, preoccupied, often the mantissa erased, Rangli initiative, many customers have become her friend. three is a shop "popular". Wei Meizhen love show, the store often play drama, a lot of fans to listen, to solicit comments. There is a sofa, TV and tea, everyone likes to get together in the store, talk about the store is particularly popular. said "colorful", because the shop is decorated very bright. People into the store is the first to see the eye-catching orange smoke cabinet, display a different brand cigarette smoke riotous with colour in the cabinet; the whitewashed walls posted a yellow and blue cigarette billboards, shop looks, riotous with colour eyes. no one’s business will fail for no reason at all, similarly, in the current fierce competition in the society, no one’s business can be successful without reason. And Wei Meizhen’s business can get such a big success, naturally with the three "colorful" she has a great relationship.

Small husband and wife a hot shop

60 tastes good, spicy and delicious, you can not refuse the delicacy, a lot of people want to start but don’t know what industry is good, in fact, a flower shop is very good, can bring a great harvest, today we bring the story is a young couple opened 60 shop business is hot what.

Suitable for small businesses in the district to make money

in today’s society, entrepreneurship has become a choice for many people, especially some young people tend to do poineering work, what small entrepreneurial projects are compared in the living area of? Here are a few examples, a look.

The difference in the 5 million and the monthly income of 5000 yuan (Classic)

ordinary people tend to focus only on the poor and rich people in the world today, but did not pay attention to their history and past. Today’s rich may be yesterday’s poor; today’s poor, may be the rich yesterday. The poor and the rich, they once stood on the same starting line, but the result is why different? Let’s take a look at this story. The three man

How to operate a special snack bar to make money

The of our country many delicious snacks, let us have these chowhound I feel very happy, very quick development of food industry, special snack in the market nowadays, has attracted a lot of love, for many people, love to eat some local without special snack. Venture to open a specialty snack bar, there is still a market, but want to make money, not only need to join a specialty snack brands, business, but also pay attention to some problems. So, how to start operating a special snack bar to make money. specialty snack chain location is critical. Understand the location of the regional factors: the location of the various aspects of the comprehensive factors to be taken into account, the formation of a planning idea. In the site selection should take into account the level of economic development, cultural and educational impact, market competition, the location of the planning characteristics, the advantages of the hardware and software environment and other factors. To determine the service object. To implement the principle of proximity. In other words, to facilitate traffic, so that customers can easily say anything. specialty snack chain innovation can not. Characteristics and innovation ability is the core competitiveness, the characteristics of the snack chain must have their own specialty dishes, is to attract customers and improve the rate of return elements. To identify their own service objects and their own products. To combine the characteristics of the location of the snack chain, to determine the appropriate facilities and equipment, and then choose their own operating grades, and then determine the variety. to the environment in place. To make special snack chain store business scale effect while promoting their comprehensive facilities, external environment to form a climate, special snack chain stores and other catering to mixed operation, such as ", " food street; " Hot pot city " and other business combination; economies of scale. If is not what money, such a small business is very good, absolutely can quickly obtain benefits, when entrepreneurs open special snack shop, after the introduction of the above, I believe we all understand. How to start operating a special snack bar how to make money in detail, I hope to be able to bring help to the snack bar friends to help you earn more money. related recommendations

How much money is needed to join origus Buffet

China’s food and beverage market has been able to become bigger and stronger, which must be the integration of foreign catering enterprises. Chinese and Western cultural exchanges but also to promote the development of the domestic economy, as we see the rapid growth of China’s economy, which is the result of the strength of the parties gathered. Beijing origus catering Co. Ltd. (Group) is a wholly foreign-owned Western-style food chain enterprises, Chinese entered the market in 1998, launched the first pizza buffet business model, as China pizza self-help market pioneer and leader, after 10 years of unremitting efforts and the accumulation of brands, in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanning, Kunming in Zhengzhou, dozens of large and medium-sized city with more than 150 restaurants, with millions of loyal members. As the first brand in the domestic market with good pizza buffet, mature management mode and perfect management system. With products and services of high quality, unique business philosophy, the company has won recognition and praise of customers, brand value rising, and continue to include "China the most development potential of the chain brand" and "China catering industry hundred enterprises" and many other awards, is in 2008 successfully serving the Olympic Games International News center. At present, the group has been involved in the pizza dinner buffet, high-end multiple business areas, fast food delivery, and diversified basis, to establish a Hongjia Kang central factory as the core system of supply chain logistics and procurement center as a whole, is committed to create a good international chain of sustainable development brand. good buffet to need how many money? brand name: origus buffet investment amount: more than 1 million date of establishment: 1998-01-01 total number of stores: 300 business scope: Western for the crowd: free entrepreneurship join area: National Does have a regional license: brand birthplace: Beijing business conditions requirements: minimum 500 square meters of the actual use of the area of margin: 150 thousand yuan join Gold: 400 thousand yuan The above is the simple introduction of the good buffet franchise fee, you want to join the arrival of some help, if you ask what other aspects.

Highlights of the latest small entrepreneurial projects

spring is coming, the new year, a new start, so that more entrepreneurs want to find a good project, Xiao Bian here to provide you with more and better projects, we go to see it! There is not much money in hand, lack of experience in the industry, the first entrepreneurs how to start a business?

Investment in the textile industry to change his destiny

home textile industry in the market is very important, because the industry is closely related to people’s daily lives, so investors. The following small series for everyone to analyze a small entrepreneurs to invest in the rich story of the textile industry.

Xiaobian for you to sum up the top five gold venture

The choice of is very important, directly related to whether you succeed. Now environmental protection is becoming more and more important, engaged in environmental protection and related projects, business is bound to be prosperous, infinite wealth. The following Xiaobian for you advice, provides five ideas for you.

Hebei 700 enterprises overseas investment over $11 billion

Effect of on innovation and entrepreneurship policy, Hebei province has 700 enterprises overseas investment of over $11 billion, so dazzling achievements, has proved the status quo of the economic development of Hebei Province, there is such a good business environment, believe to be able to bring more people to entrepreneurship.

How to apply for a business loan for College Students

to a year of graduation season, when some students in the hard to vote resume, apply for the time, but there are some students began to start a business. The government to encourage students to entrepreneurship, provide business loans for college students. College students venture loans, banks and other financial institutions for college students (college students, undergraduate students, graduate students, doctoral students, etc.) issued unsecured unsecured credit loans to college students.

Dai Mei hot pot join fee

said Hot pot, like this small I don’t eat Hot pot people can casually several Hot pot brand called, what Dezhuang, Hot pot Daimei Hot pot. How do I know that of course is heard from other people’s mouth. As can be imagined Daimei Hot pot brand reputation is very good. Daimei Hot pot as it was called, had a special feeling of ethnic minorities has brought to people, taste more unique, as is a kind of magic, people after his time is always happy to recommend to people around the Hot pot, Daimei Hot pot not only in taste is very distinctive. And are quite rich, the price is not expensive, get more people of all ages. So some people also want to open a chain like this, then Dai Mei pot shop to join the cost is how much? Dai Mei pot join fee Daimei Hot pot using old chicken, duck, seafood, turtle one as Hot pot bottom material, then in more than 20 kinds of fungi, such as selection of Boletus, bamboo fungus, Hericium one or several, put the cooked soup in the pot, no MSG also delicious fragrance. Compared with traditional hot pot, Dai Mei hot pot with low fat, high protein, fat and not greasy. of mass consumption, high-end enjoyment, classic Hot pot from Dai, authentic Hot pot in Daimei! Super products, profit channels, into a shop, eat a potpourri pot, sell more and earn more, Daimei Hot pot contains 4 basic bottom: Yuanyang pot, spicy pot, spicy delicious the bottom of the pot, Peru, spicy spicy pot bottom and the bottom are all unique, meet the various levels of people. Daimei Hot pot is a cater to popular taste and demand Hot pot brand, so its development prospect is nothing to worry about, and this is a national chain brand, visibility is very high, consumers are more willing to choose to taste the delicious Daimei Hot pot. Because of the high popularity of the brand, so some investors will think the join cost will be very high, in fact is not the case, if there is no more money, ten thousand to fifty thousand of the cost of joining can achieve a popular Daimei Hot pot shop wish. choose Dai Mei hot pot to join the brand protection. Headquarters professional market investigation and selection team and system, scientific market location and evaluation system, effectively protect the interests of investors and reduce investment risk; pre opening, planning, training, strengthen market positioning, business support system, help the franchisee opened smoothly. Daimei Hot pot joined each copy shop to guarantee success, only a prefecture level city owned stores, joining with other city’s proprietary stores by the responsible, charge fees to join the proprietary stores all the company to provide support technology and management to ensure the full range of cities "

Children’s clothing market will reach 140 billion yuan to join the brand how to choose

according to authoritative statistics show that in 2013, Chinese has over 10000 clothing enterprises, mainly in Guangdong, Dongguan, Zhejiang Huzhou, Fujian Quanzhou, Henan Anyang, Sichuan, Chengdu and other places, children’s annual output of about 5 billion, of which domestic sales of about 2 billion, the total sales of about 100 billion yuan. Some experts predict that the next 10 years, children’s clothing market demand will show a steady upward trend. By 2015 China’s children’s wear market can reach 140 billion yuan. from this year’s major clothing brands in the earnings release can be found, children’s wear plate has become the biggest power clothing enterprise revenue recovery. The industry believes that the major clothing brands have bet on children’s clothing, big market, high profits, the competition pattern has not yet been finalized, is the main reason. With the advent of the next peak of children’s clothing market, consumer demand will continue to rise. Facing the problem of