June 2017

Wang Chaoyong optimistic about the opportunity to start Zhengzhou air port

The rise of entrepreneurial boom, to China’s economic transformation and upgrading into a new force, creating a huge job opportunities. In Beijing ChinaEquity Capital Group founder and chairman Wang Chaoyong’s eyes, China has become a hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship. 11 at 11:32 on the morning of 28, Beijing bound for Zhengzhou east station G83 train, delayed by 2 minutes into the station. On the platform, the reporter to recognize a crowd wangchaochong: black coat a black-and-white striped scarf, elegant and stylish range of children. Wang Chaoyong, the famous investor, Beijing ChinaEquity Capital Group founder and chairman. As a senior investor and successful entrepreneurs, he will be the entrepreneurs of Henan what kind of proposal? We listened to him. "China has become a hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship." Wang Chaoyong said that 15 years ago, he invested in venture capital enterprises are concentrated in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen tier cities, and now to look around the country, each one is a hot spot for entrepreneurial innovation. "The upsurge of entrepreneurial innovation has played a huge role in promoting China’s economic transformation and upgrading." Wang Chaoyong said, entrepreneurial innovation boom, the success of the BAT, millet, music and the rise of private enterprises, the emergence of new industries, but also creates huge employment opportunities, promote the progress of science and technology and product innovation, stimulating the contribution of new products GDP. "At present, double influence has direct international, many countries in the management of enterprises is recognized Chinese." double boom detonated national entrepreneurship. What kind of people can change the business big coffee?

How to choose the items of baby goods store

baby supplies franchise business prospects, has received a lot of attention to franchisees. If you want to invest in the industry, then how should choose to join the brand? For franchisees, the choice of partners is a more cautious thing, need to take seriously. Xiao Bian to provide relevant recommendations, hoping to help you worry about business. carefully choose baby supplies stores. In the choice to join the brand, do not just look at the price of business and he had promised to join the key support, choice of products and technology, the best person after a period of time before making a decision; the best is through the Internet and ask the industry to understand, finally, must be signed with the franchise contract, with particular attention. The conditions and other details. investment in the presence of baby goods stores technical errors, fire problems, health conditions and other risks, must be prepared before investing, and ready to deal with methods and related to the capital. not to store small and cheap, clean and disinfection work of baby supplies, baby supplies and sanitation supplies must be done in place, the quality of the products and technology must be protected, not to low price competition as a means to put your baby products stores do better, must improve the details from the technical to. baby supplies store just opened will face the problem of how to attract new customers, so in determining the investment must determine the marketing strategy during the opening. The development of their own marketing methods, reasonable and reliable publicity of your baby supplies stores, so that your shop was quickly known, so that there will be more tourists! The selection of the project of baby goods store is the need to go through a careful investigation and learn. Franchisees need analysis of all aspects of the details, do well in the management work, carried out more smoothly to create wealth business. I hope the above analysis can help you find the right investment direction. related recommendations

How to operate environmentally friendly latex paint shop

environmentally friendly products are now selling very hot, a variety of different brands in our lives. Green latex paint stores a full range of business experience, today people’s life has changed turn the world upside down, as people pay more attention to the living environment, building materials industry is very hot, green latex paint become a hot item in the eyes of investors, the relevant project management experience, Xiaobian to introduce you to the website immediately. an environmentally friendly latex paint shop advertising means and methods are very important. Environmental protection latex paint how to operate? On the occasion of the holiday season, you can launch a series of promotional activities for different holidays. Promote your product while entertaining. Such as in the event, to participate in the activities of the audience to give the product or the organization of the lottery, etc.. Through the organization of such activities, businesses not only to bring consumers a relaxed festive atmosphere, but also to bring benefits to consumers. And in the attract eyeball, but also a good brand publicity. environmentally friendly latex paint store is the key to its rich products. Holidays as a peak sales period, only to ensure adequate supply of goods, the quality of goods in order to achieve steady growth in turnover. Environmental protection latex paint how to operate? A variety of sales strategy is only an auxiliary means, diverse styles, dazzling commodity is the key to attract people’s attention. Promotion means to ensure. In the holidays to environmental latex paint store consumption is the majority of ordinary consumers, in the care of jewelry quality and style at the same time, consumers also want to buy goods can get more benefits. now, green latex paint various brands on the market stores is more and more, all kinds of promotional activities dizzying. Environmental protection latex paint how to operate? No matter what kind of method, the purpose of promotion is only one, that is, the environmental protection latex paint product sales, get more profits. Some green latex paint stores daily traffic is large, but the actual turnover is not high, if there is such a problem, we need environmental protection latex paint stores operators are summarized and accumulated in the continuous promotion. The above is about the introduction of environmental protection latex paint how to operate, the brand project is very environmentally friendly, it can provide better service for more consumers, it is worth attention to good project, want to wear every shop, to consult to join!

Wang Xiaoping two sales to do sourcing work

days in the past, from the very important two sections of the year is getting closer and closer to the major stores, it is showing a fierce competition before the state of preparation. New year’s day, the Spring Festival is a traditional festival in China, Wang Xiaoping believes that in order to achieve strong sales performance during the two periods, we must put the purchase of goods as the most critical element in the purchase of goods on the foot of the article. Supply into the purchase is the first step in the sale of business can achieve good results. Supply into the purchase, both concerned about its quality, but also pay attention to its price, but also concerned about the public acceptance of such goods. Must not blindly into the purchase, follow suit purchase. to purchase goods into the decision, must be more in-depth market investigation, all kinds of information as much as possible to fully grasp the true want into the purchase of goods, and then the quality and price, make a reasonable choice of purchase. Select the purchase should pay attention to the following aspects. first, we should try to find suitable for two sales of new products. New year’s day, Spring Festival is the Chinese reunion together the traditional festival, this festival is two people Zouqinfangyou, mutual gifts season, relative purchasing power is the strongest season, we would like to purchase some new goods to attract customers, for customers to choose from, not only increase the traffic, but also improve the sales. second, to be an ample supply of public goods supply. The most popular demand during the Spring Festival, the best sales of basic public goods. In this regard, we are very concerned about the amount of goods added to the public goods, no matter what kind of goods, there has never been a customer into the store, because the lack of supply, and the phenomenon of regret leaving. again, to ensure the quality of supply. As the saying goes, take a turn back. Check the quality of supply is the most important part of our successful sales. If we do not pass the quality of the supply of goods, on the surface is to deceive the customer, in fact, eventually deceive themselves. In order to improve the quality of the goods, I insist on strengthening the understanding of the quality certification of various commodities and the quality of reference data. at the same time, we must adhere to the purchase of the regular channels of purchase, not because of petty gain to a number of counterfeit market purchase. In addition, when the purchase, adhere to pay attention to enter into the purchase contract with the supplier, the purchase of a formal invoice, to prevent the supply of false, according to the law for recovery. Two are extraordinary for a store any Chinese, only do the preparatory work, can let the store make money at this special moment, create more wealth. So, if you are […]

Put 20 small tricks trick super practical

is now a street vendor has become a starting point, a lot of people in the business at the same time, the whole society a lot of young people have a stall idea, then, in the street would have what skills? 1, stall goods: the product to be novel, the difference between the product and put the stall; 2, supply: as far as possible from the manufacturer to take goods in large quantities, quality assurance, the price is still low, cheap and fine is the key to attract eyeballs; 3, stock, and manufacturers will bargain purchase, accumulation of experience, much to the wholesale market around, natural style influenced by ; 4, a wholesale fashion products: take a shelf, to the pedestrian street, the night market to sell, the profit of at least 1 times, the premise is to choose clothes, exquisitely carved will sell; 5, small adorn article: must fashion novel, the bag must be beautiful fashion, even if it is not too high-end jewelry, your small package will make people feel value for money; 6, choose some new gadgets, clothing, shoes, hats, jewelry and toys; 7, good at observation: the observation of those people? Young people, old people, lovers, friends, children, and so on, are interested in something; 8, a street vendor selling shoes: shoes sell, or sell authentic guaranteed shoes, the price is not expensive, absolutely attract customers; or to sell that canvas shoes, 20 – 25 yuan a pair, where to put, throw off the arm open voice, shout, will attract a beautiful girl in droves over them; 9, summer selling 2 yuan small ornaments or cosmetics very hot; 10, sales: to spread the goods more than the fight is the actual cost of sales is the added value, let the customer feel buy value, earn big all-match: a dress, a dress four mix, stall owner of course need a little clothing collocation; 11, a set of good sales methods: or call "clearance sale" signs, or is the main season sales of the products, or to play "store demolition gimmick, or" refused to profits, the lowest price "eye-catching signs, or their own homegrown clothes in a word, idea, with your big voice, with your enthusiasm, give full play to your clever mind, sell; 12, put stall selling skills: small profits and quick turnover, commodities and shopping malls than, but the quality of goods must not be too much lower than the mall; 13, a street vendor selling: sell a product line; 14, sales skills: to feel happiness within, like singing, in which nature can attract people, not too, not too much force, to attract passersby over bargain with you, a good recommendation

Want to become the world’s best entrepreneurs have the conditions

entrepreneurial success and failure, want to become the best entrepreneurs need to do? Let’s go and have a look! James, general manager of Asset Management Co Formula Capital – (James Altucher) in TC, the author discusses some entrepreneurial experience.

Snack shop process steps

do you want to open a snack bar? You are not open to the snack bar process is not very understanding? If you want to open a snack bar, we must first grasp the process of opening a snack bar. Only in accordance with certain procedures to operate in order to be more comfortable shop, below, to a simple introduction to the snack bar process.

Schwarzenegger sleeping on the streets when young sculpture standing behind

famous Hollywood movie star and former governor of California, Schwarzenegger, recently slept in a sleeping bag on the street, behind the image of his youth was created sculpture. Schwarzenegger will share this photo in social software to get praise.

How to protect the masses of the problem of Puyang strong move

in a legal society, many of our rights and interests should be protected very well, in the face of government personnel illegal demolitions behavior, some people picked up the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests! However, due to improper handling methods, was detained by the court, we have a detailed understanding of the following.

Shandong SME Service Providers conference held in Ji’nan

now the social development process, there is a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, survival and development of small and medium-sized enterprises that are always concerned by people, now the country are encouraged the development of some small and medium-sized enterprises. 7 28, 2009, China (Shandong) SME Service Providers conference held in Ji’nan, from all over the province to participate in the relevant units and small and medium enterprises to participate in the meeting of the people’s Republic of China ().

Novice open clothing store necessary methods

now the people’s consumption level continues to increase, the female consumption ability is more and more improved, so around the female consumer items are very profitable, as one of the hottest projects, the development speed of clothing to join the project soon. Driven by good market demand. Clothing project investment market is very hot. Different brands of clothing stores are open more. How to run a clothing store to get the ideal development. For this problem, some investors are still not clear, China joined the network Xiaobian to come to the clothing store to explain the operation of the novice investment. Let’s take a look at it.

Zhang Xinyu was named the police often black four reasons

mixed stars in the entertainment, in the sun when you have to pay attention to, before William Feng, the recent police were named Zhang Xinyu. And Zhang Xinyu is also often friends black, do not know that she is not accustomed to, the following list of the four major reasons why Zhang Xinyu is often black.   William Feng earlier because micro-blog drying out unlicensed motorcycle police warning, did not think Zhang Xinyu made the same mistake, star sun shine is good, but also pay attention to detail, giving fans a lead role model model.  

Today, the most characteristic of a good project to think about the volume of sushi sushi

with the country after the reform and opening up and rapid development, more and more foreign various features of the delicacy also gradually entered people’s life, such as sushi, pizza and so on a series of delicacy, which belongs to the sushi is particularly popular in the market. Sushi sushi to join, as a stylish and innovative brand, much of the students, office workers and beauty lady’s favor. Would like to choose sushi sushi roll to join, rich products, nutrition and health, is a very popular entrepreneurial projects. now think sushi sushi joined the store has spread all over the country. And think of the sushi sushi sushi shop to join the headquarters of the powerful, you can think of the sushi rolls of each franchisee to provide a full range of services, as long as investors join, you can easily earn big money. Select the simi sushi roll that join the project, renovation procurement and management without franchisees worry, even if there is no catering industry experience, but also can do, after joining the headquarters, will personally teach technology. through a simple description of the above, it is not difficult to see, think sushi joined meters development prospects are good, it is not difficult to see the headquarters of the awesome support is good, for now, many investors, to which good this problem does not open sushi because, Simi sushi alliance is a very reliable strength, good brand, business more easy and simple.

How to earn $44 million a year

how to earn $44 million a year, this is a lot of people can not imagine the problem. However, a young boy in Finland has realized this dream, has obtained the rich wealth. So, with a small series together to see the magic of the Finland juvenile bar!

Several big money to do poineering work inventory

in such a national entrepreneurial venture period, seems to have become a social trend, at the same time in the whole business on the road, some entrepreneurs choice is particularly important, let’s look at what good business items can be selected.

Zhengzhou how to get out of the deadlock of taxi reform

traditional taxi way, has been unable to adapt to the development needs of the market. A lot of local taxi in the face of the current market environment, are faced with the problem of survival. So, how to get out of Zhengzhou taxi reform impasse? The following and Xiaobian together to understand. Zhengzhou to become a city of the forty-ninth step in Chinese, "derived Internet plus" drops, China, easy to, excellent step four network about the car company in Greentown, and the traditional taxi industry and the formation of tear open the deadlock, a strong impact on the existing taxi management mode and operation mode. The country’s taxi reform program has been "just listen to the stairs, not to see people down". in this case, in May 25th, Zhengzhou’s first individual taxi wing established. The emergence of a new taxi form. Taxi group has changed from the bottom of the reform, the reform of the taxi impasse can be broken? [test] the four major car companies to grab the cake set up a taxi in Zhengzhou United by the "Internet plus" derived drops, China, easy to, excellent step four network about the car company in Greentown, torn with the traditional taxi industry. Taxi drivers in Zhengzhou have come up with a strategy for survival. 5 25, Zhengzhou taxi spontaneously set up Zhengzhou’s first individual taxi wing, founded the phone about the car, WeChat paid a new model of operation. "United are currently seven thousand or eight thousand taxi passengers just dial 55255515, United drivers can receive information through the taxi vehicle station, in the" unified dispatching station ", from the latest driver orders, and inform the passengers how long can arrive at its location." United driver Li Baojie told reporters. "for taxi passengers, the driver asked, no place, there will not be a rejection of the case, the customer can call about 24 hours by car." Li Baojie said. In terms of costs, is playing table billing by taxi, there will be no cheating, passengers can use the cash payment, can also pay for WeChat. 5 25, the first day of the event on the line, the United States received more than more than about the car phone, and now every day from 50 to 60 single business. Recently, the United States is also a passenger Shandong provides inter provincial about car service. Li Baojie said that the United States also launched a conference car, city express, vehicle rescue, driving on behalf of a variety of services. talked about the development of the taxi driver Zhao Jianguo wing wing, said, "we are through the WeChat forwarded circle of friends, and other ways to expand the visibility of custom customized ringing tone, attract more customers at the same time also called for more drivers to join United, the business bigger and stronger". [dispute] about the car competition on the Internet to the traditional recommendation

Innovation and development of Zhengzhou high tech Zone breakthrough

the wave of innovation and entrepreneurship in full swing, many places have implemented a series of innovation and entrepreneurship policy. This time, Zhengzhou high tech Zone Innovation and development plan to achieve a breakthrough in the country’s ranking rose significantly, and below the specific understanding of the small series.

The development of nursing homes have prospects

now no matter what kind of business to start a business, we naturally need to take into account the future development prospects. After all, no one wants to do business in their own short-term business, if you can have a better future development, such a business is more worthy of our business. So, the development of nursing homes have prospects? not long ago, Peking University professor Qian Liqun expressed willingness to stay in nursing homes. Coincidentally, Jiang Ping’s life in the nursing home also attracted the attention of the media. Institutional pension, once again become the focus of attention. At present, China is still home to the community based pension, what is the role of nursing home, shouldering multiple responsibilities? Pension beds, supply or demand? Private capital into the pension business, there is no money way? Dialogue now a number of experts, analysis of the above issues. asked nursing home in the end how much reporter: Qian Liqun to stay in nursing homes and caused social concern. Now, there has been a tendency to have children into the nursing home. The development of the cause of China’s aging in 12th Five-Year, the plan, but also based on home based family pension and social pension combined expression. So, the responsibility of nursing home in the end how much? Is it very limited? China aging research center director Wu Yushao: pension institutions, refers to the concentration of living, life care, rehabilitation care, spiritual comfort, entertainment and other services for the elderly service organizations to provide for the elderly, should be the main service object for the disabled, semi disabled elderly. the elderly rely on old-age pension institutions proportion, according to estimates only 3% – 4%, but these old people are disabled, semi disabled and elderly, in the pension institutions is a rigid demand for them. At the same time, it should be noted that, according to China’s national conditions and the development trend of the world’s pension, for health, young people, home care is the best choice. The study of population and development of Nankai University School of economics professor : the original new family pension is China inheritance pension model for thousands of years, the Confucian culture is the basis of family ethics, is based on the population of high fertility and low life expectancy, family structure as the "triangle", the offspring do not lack of care for elders family human resources. In modern society, with the low birth rate and the extension of life expectancy, the family intergenerational structure becomes "inverted triangle"". A young man raises a few old men, both economically and mentally. 2010 national urban and rural elderly survey data show that only 11% – 13% of urban and rural elderly people are willing to stay in the pension institutions, willing to live with their children to the ratio of 47%. However, with the only child’s parents into the aging, professional machine

Nanjing housing prices

Nanjing as the capital city of Jiangsu, but also a historical city, the economic development is more advanced, in the ranking of the country’s cities are also relatively, the price is also the topic of concern to the masses. November hundred cities nationwide housing price index released yesterday, the data show that the country’s 100 major cities in November prices continued to decline in the chain rose from 2.83% in September to $0.88% in November. Jiangsu included in the statistics of the 17 cities house prices rose for the 13, a decrease of 2 last month, Nanjing November house prices continued to fall by 0.01 percentage points. buyers and sellers into the bitcoin According to the Chinese Index Academy, November National City residential average price of 12938 yuan / square meters, an increase of 0.88%, compared with 1.65% in October fell 0.77 percentage points, compared with September rose 2.83% in November, the national city house prices rose space is further compressed, showing market regulation, market the heat was cool, both entered the wait-and-see stage. in addition, the 100 cities in the city’s housing prices rose more than in, more than in October, and so on the whole, the rise of the city is still more than the decline of the city more than 2. In the secondary market, prices rose to more than ten national main city of second-hand housing also showed an overall decline of the situation, from live off, the chain of home network, 58 city website data show that house price generally fell, hot plate and even a "price city" market pattern. from the city perspective, Nantong, Nanning, Foshan and other two or three city occupy the domestic real estate prices rose in November 100 city Beijing, Shanghai, the forefront of Nanjing had a second tier city is rising abruptly, prices rose most down. Nantong city in November prices rose 2.71%, ranked first in the country, or more than 2% are Nanning (2.56%) and Foshan (2.54%), followed by the city and Ji’nan (1.87%), Changzhou (1.81%), Xi’an (1.73%), Jiaxing (1.72%), Changsha (1.71%). hot cities rose more than Yangzi Evening News reporter noted that in November the price of new homes in Nanjing rose by 0.43%, compared with an increase of 0.44% percentage points in October fell by 0.01 percentage points. In the country’s 16 hot cities, the chain rose all showed a downward trend, the smallest decline in Nanjing and Tianjin (both of the 0.01 percentage points), the largest decline in Suzhou, up to 2.66 percentage points. included in the statistics of 17 cities in Jiangsu, there are 13 cities rose, fell in the city of 2, as well as the recommendation of the 2

Sweet taste delicious food to join the project introduction

do you think young people like cooking now? Go to work eight hours every day, too busy, sometimes even overtime, go home do not want to eat a meal directly, the simpler the better, who still have what mind to change the pattern of cooking it? It is in this context that the food and beverage industry to find new business opportunities, so if you want to enter the catering sector this might be a good choice. Zhengzhou Yue Wei Xiang Enterprise Management Consulting Co. Ltd. is a food technology research and development, a comprehensive food catering management, technology development, consulting, training, promotion, service to join three-dimensional space for development of one of the modern comprehensive enterprise giant, owns a number of mature food brands, "" Gulixiang "." "food" and other thirty series of eight, can make hundreds of varieties, unique flavor, fresh color, rich nutrition, good for both young and old, sweet but not greasy, lead a person to endless aftertastes, do not add any preservatives, by the vast number of franchisees and people love and recognition. sweet taste delicious food to join the project introduction Yue Yue flavor flavor company Gulixiang Wyatt series, fragrant flavor, a series of Wyatt eight series of products. These products seem to be very common, but in essence, product mix seasoning, diversification, each kind of seasoning is a top chef modulation, after testing thousands of times, very consistent with the public taste, unified package material, to ensure that every branch is consistent praise in taste. company since the people-oriented, practical and realistic attitude, to join the core interests of each business, pragmatic innovation, excellence, mutual benefit and win-win, with a hundred percent effort, offering a full range of personalized service for laid-off workers, rural folks and small and medium-sized enterprises, so you can join without worries. if you are satisfied with the taste of cooked food brand, and have joined the idea, then act quickly, remember to leave a message on our website.