July 2017

Teach you to increase the weight of GG

in the current Chinese Web site, most of the traffic is from Baidu, but once you lose Baidu, many websites have lost the confidence to do the station. Here I can explain to you that the point is that Baidu comes with more people, and there are fewer people coming to GG. The main point […]

What should we see in network consolidation

The network has a great influence on the consolidation of China Internet, no matter is the size of the site, as well as the server, space business, it is a severe test, but also to the webmaster reminder, let everyone know how to do their own website, on the occasion of the new year, we […]

New information opportunities, website profit model

now there are more and more garbage websites on the Internet, and there are all kinds of garbage stations everywhere. As a garbage dump, of course, advertising is the profit model, so just go in one spot and it’s overwhelming advertising. In this way, users are more and more disgusted, build a garbage station, competition […]

Reveal the price inside the website construction

some unknown customer market, some of the construction site from thousands of thousands of high, very do not understand, they were more interested in some of the site workers low price more than 1000 pieces, so that hundreds of pieces, this low price nature is very attractive, but they know that behind the unspoken rule? […]

Push it is it necessary for network editors to train

yesterday saw the news that Shanghai information service industry association to carry out research and development, provide technical support to Shanghai Zhuo Cheng Information Technology Co. Ltd., assistant network editor and network editor of Shanghai Baojing technical training schools to provide training. The training school, now the college entrance examination after the college graduates are […]

What goes up must come down Catfan founder talk of lean enterprise

  editor’s note: This article was written by blogger Li Yanzhuo, founder of Catfan, whose business is a person in combat. His current identity includes programmers, artists, designers, translators, administrators. Catfan has been running for almost two years now, but the total cost is less than $5000. So he summed up some of his own […]

How do you build blogs with comments over 50 in a week

recently, when the blog was on fire, someone asked me how you promoted it. Tell us about it. I’ll say yes, let me see. Send out an article. reviews, 1. Regularly updated articles, to let people know the law, so that readers can have a clear expectation. Know when to visit your blog. The article […]

Discussion on the management and profit mode of the Forum

as a BBS webmaster, I saw a lot of other BBS webmaster exclamation, BBS SEO how to do, BBS IP how bad up, BBS how how bad. Let’s go to the portal. In fact, a forum can do, can I do good turnover, although the public forum, not to make money, but I would like […]

Baidu spider summer crawl, everybody webmaster ready herbal tea

         ;     the first thing to come to work today is to open Baidu site:www.zgzlwc.com examination included the situation, search for "Beijing car" keywords to view the web site keywords ranking, don’t know, a look at the next hop, several keywords I do, home is reduced to third pages, originally […]

Baidu push commodity search meaning, enclosure standard, standard threshold, anti Taobao

23, there is news that Baidu is low-key testing commodity search service, users and e-commerce and commodity distance was pulled again. It is reported that the current commodity search only accept the invitation site data. At present, 17 sites have joined the Baidu commodity search, the service has been included in the commodity index page […]