July 2017

Teach you to increase the weight of GG

in the current Chinese Web site, most of the traffic is from Baidu, but once you lose Baidu, many websites have lost the confidence to do the station. Here I can explain to you that the point is that Baidu comes with more people, and there are fewer people coming to GG. The main point is the weight of your site keywords. GG is also a Chinese Web site in second. How to say it is also an international web site?. Although in China, it can be less traffic than Baidu. But as long as your weight increases, it will give you more or less traffic. All I have to say is a few simple ways to improve your weight 1. website should have privacy policy, do not find my blog privacy policy, I have not added, because the entire site has not done well. 2. provides complete contact methods, including phone and real address. 3. has at least forty or fifty pages or more of before it has lots of good content 4. links to several authoritative websites within the industry, above, these four points from two months ago Google Adwords whole bidding system of a very small change. Before Adwords ads are ranked according to the price and click rate, in July, Google notifies Adwords customers, quality of the site itself will be credited to the bidding system, low quality sites have to pay the cost to be high. has a lot of stationmaster to reflect, this change makes they need to pay two to three times above the price, maintain same advertisement rank. Some webmaster contact Google later, Google answer is to improve the above four. Although this is for Adwords advertisers, why can’t you use the same standard in the rankings? 5. domain names registered in a few more years, instead of yearly renewals domain Whois data and website contact with the two in a patent application has been mentioned in Google. 6. uses an independent IP address, most sites share an IP address on a virtual host. However, some people suggest that independent IP addresses are a sign of high quality websites, which is also very logical. But Matt Cutts once said, "don’t worry about that.". Choose which side of the letter you want to make up your own mind. 7. has no or few dead links, 404 errors, etc. on 8. server downtime reduced fast response. This should not directly affect the ranking, unless you swing machine for a week, otherwise search engine spiders will come a few days to grab your web pages. But also a logical reasoning is that if your website is down most of the time, you on this website is not serious, may not be of high quality. 9. pages, HTML code, W3C validation, at least reduce serious code >

What should we see in network consolidation

The network has a great influence on the consolidation of China Internet, no matter is the size of the site, as well as the server, space business, it is a severe test, but also to the webmaster reminder, let everyone know how to do their own website, on the occasion of the new year, we we also should think about how to make your own website, in the right way, a long walk, what we should do now. , here are some of the things I’ve been thinking about in this adjustment, and I’d like to discuss it with you. legitimate operation, do not opportunistic In fact, website and company is a reason, all need the national certification, some people may feel that it is not so important, for the record was so much trouble, so slow, I just opened YOU Hui house, some people say there is no record of no matter, it would not close your website. I didn’t listen to him, or go to the record, it was very lucky that, after the network system will gradually improve, we must work in accordance with the regulations, or the victim is yourself, not others. every webmaster want to site is booming, but how to make it prosperous, I have seen many methods on the Internet, many of them are brave, what they are on the site of getting some illegal content and edge, to attract everyone’s attention, there may be some popularity in a short time, but not a permanent solution. Often in the river walk, which can not wet shoes. There will be times to be rectified. Experience site not only want to temporarily prosperous, but also want to smooth development, that is the key. allows the site to grow naturally, don’t spoil things by excessive enthusiasm network with the increasingly powerful, more and more people join the Internet, also has its own website or shop, I can scarcely wait to make money, is also one of them, to do for a long time to know, to manage a website, it is not easy, there are a lot of website promotion online, website optimization tutorial, you must you know, SEO is not the site all, it is just one of the many forms of promotion, but now more heat, we should optimize the website, but don’t optimization excessive, or to the content of the website, make a web site optimization as the natural growth, never as a result you spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, can think and. today because of the time, first here, then the other network, rectification is not terrible, we believe that its prospects are good, then we’ll work together to give you a healthy network. My website is YOU Hui clothing Court (www.huiyige.cn), contact QQ:565081852, reprinted please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation! !

New information opportunities, website profit model

now there are more and more garbage websites on the Internet, and there are all kinds of garbage stations everywhere. As a garbage dump, of course, advertising is the profit model, so just go in one spot and it’s overwhelming advertising. In this way, users are more and more disgusted, build a garbage station, competition is also great. At this point, you have to find ways to change the type of site. I have a friend, he built a website, after a number of SEO optimization, more than a month later, his website ranked second in Baidu. His website does not have advertisement, so what profit does he rely on? Tell everybody first what kind of website type is he?. His website is a business information website, similar to 3158 of those. There are several advantages to building such a website. 1. does not require too much input, the early find a template program, release some of their information, slowly seduce spider program. 2. doesn’t need to be updated every day. My friend’s Web site is free to sign up for a certain amount of information. this way, after the flow, the rate of updates is very frequent, because advertisers are advertising information, but also free of charge, so that you can attract a lot of people to advertise above. Search engines will also be more frequent. However, attention should be maintained every day to delete some false, illegal information. so how can my classmates make a profit?. He first check the website advertising information amount is relatively large, then he would contact those publishers, tell them to give them to my site to bring a lot of traffic, if you want to keep your information on my site you must pay a certain cost of advertising. To put it plainly, ask them for money. If the advertiser thinks it’s worth it, it’ll cost you. My friend has made a lot of money online. How much specific, I can not disclose. such profit model, interested owners can try. If you are free, you can download some small games on my small websites to relax your mind and body. Www.17wwyx.com and www.37ttdd.com.

Reveal the price inside the website construction

some unknown customer market, some of the construction site from thousands of thousands of high, very do not understand, they were more interested in some of the site workers low price more than 1000 pieces, so that hundreds of pieces, this low price nature is very attractive, but they know that behind the unspoken rule? Such a disparity in price, high to where, where is the low, nature is a statement. high quality, high price, low quality, low price, there is no free lunch. 1, there is no site planning steps, the content is derived from. Professional website design is based on the survey planning, only to understand the customer’s industry, customers, competitors, it can be targeted planning website, to reflect the characteristics of the industry, to meet customer requirements, different from competitors. You can’t expect such a process to be cheap. There is no specific design, different companies in different industries website publicity will be different, need to solve some problems with the website customer daily are not the same, for example, if you are a sales agent of a machinery enterprise, so in the network to provide convenient "maintenance query" function is very useful for customers. And cheap website is commonly "home page, brief introduction, product, connection" four big module. 2, cheap in the absence of good after-sales service. Cheap sites, for more cost savings, he will not have a good after-sales service, and even did not consider it at all. They also don’t provide track service to your website marketing, and fix bugs in time. They are afraid of the next cheap user’s cheap request. Professional and dedicated web builders, such as Y3 studio (www.y3web.com), often provide professional technical guidance to clients to help them improve their technology and correct their mistakes. 3, in the use of general template xinshounianlai, plagiarism website ready-made templates. You want cheap, good website builder the website to find some of the same industry template, as long as the change of some framework, change some pictures, what is more, only a change of name or address change is made, you 500, you must feel cheap, value for money, the site builders indebted forever you know on the cheap. Where one day you find on the site there are very similar to your web site and another site. 4, cheap website is not going to give you a set of search keywords, and you will find your website keyword is actually someone else’s name (with the other company website template, the keyword substitution results) of the picture, it is a province, this website is not expected to be free search engine income. 5, first use the cheap domain name space, if you hear the domain name space is free, certainly seemed value, and is not to say that the domain name space stability and speed will not cause interference to your customers browse confused and impatient. You are second years of service providers to notify you when to renew the domain name space […]

Push it is it necessary for network editors to train

yesterday saw the news that Shanghai information service industry association to carry out research and development, provide technical support to Shanghai Zhuo Cheng Information Technology Co. Ltd., assistant network editor and network editor of Shanghai Baojing technical training schools to provide training. The training school, now the college entrance examination after the college graduates are busy looking for work and charging, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity, but for the current state of the Internet, whether it is necessary to do network editor training? training price comparison Shanghai web editor of the monthly salary is mainly concentrated in the 2500-3500, 2250 is the training fee of the editor and assistant editor of 1670 network, network is the training fee, but if the regular web site to work, basically new monthly salary of about 1500-2000, although the salary is not high, but at least be able to maintain a normal life therefore, the training fee is almost 0. training content comparison, in the training school, the content of the training list looks complicated, but does not actually speak deeply, because the network involves a wide range of editing functions, and senior network editor impossible to training school to do a teacher, so only the fur learned in the training school. we all know that most of the website upgrade, the frequency of product development is very fast, I see a training document that mentions the use of background release system, I smiled at that time, each website background is not the same, training school could teach the website backstage use? So I very much doubt network editor training teachers. however, the recruitment of network editors now does not depend on what certificate you have for network editors, because the age of certificates is long gone, and the ability is the most important in the big family of the internet. If you have time to train school training, it is better to learn some more practical things from the Internet company. After all, practice is a good way to learn. Comparison of training environment in the training school, I dare not say that there is no experience training people to charge, but at least 90% is no experience, think about it, most of the students have no experience, training teachers do not have knowledge of the senior, what can be learned in there? That good environment come from? Not the training school, or the company ! training opportunities contrast in the training school, basically can not meet some of the more cattle Internet users, but the company is not the same, we are experienced, and are Internet insiders in the company, the integration of resources, the accumulation of contacts can be obtained, if the good business development, will the company became the object of training, but only in the training school is limited outlook and feed on illusions. Comparison of training results the training time is three months, and maybe some people think so

What goes up must come down Catfan founder talk of lean enterprise

  editor’s note: This article was written by blogger Li Yanzhuo, founder of Catfan, whose business is a person in combat. His current identity includes programmers, artists, designers, translators, administrators. Catfan has been running for almost two years now, but the total cost is less than $5000. So he summed up some of his own cost control experience and shared it with our start-up friends. below is the text: Although business people very much, but I believe the product line and product is not on-line can get a lot of money is absolutely rare, so most business people are in the capital and human resources under the condition of limited step by step with the pace of business. How to manage these limited resources to maintain the development of the entire site, is a decision can continue to maintain the business of a major problem. Otherwise, even if the idea is better, it will eventually fail or disband because of the disruption of the capital chain. Here are some examples of cost savings and resources that may provide useful references for many start-ups and teams at start-up. server a good server can provide a powerful support for a web site. But personally or to buy a separate server architecture and high cost, many start-ups started that their products will get millions of hits explosive in a short period of time, to select the configuration of high independent server, this is in fact limited fund startups is absolutely great pressure. However, in recent years, VPS (Virtual, Private, Server virtual private server) technology has matured, and only a small amount of funds to pay, you can provide independent servers and high flexibility, high quality service. As long as the technology is not bad, an ordinary VPS server is enough to deal with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of traffic. Even when the real need to upgrade configuration, most VPS can not need the server’s memory, CPU, hard disk, bandwidth allocation and upgrading any data transfer case, some even do not need to restart. in addition, there are some free CDN (Content distribution network content distribution network) service can be selected for more pictures website, can greatly reduce the server traffic, reduce the cost of bandwidth. domain name you may have had a very good name as a brand, but found the name of the.COM domain name has been registered by others, or even to speculation. Now basically you can think of the.COM domain name has long been registered by others. In this case, in fact, you can consider some other niche domains (such as.Ly, prevailing in recent years.

How do you build blogs with comments over 50 in a week

recently, when the blog was on fire, someone asked me how you promoted it. Tell us about it. I’ll say yes, let me see. Send out an article. reviews, 1. Regularly updated articles, to let people know the law, so that readers can have a clear expectation. Know when to visit your blog. The article is not good, it does not matter, the original line. 2. Always visit other people’s blogs to meet the right spirit of exchange, if you can’t find a blog. You can step through all of my friends back in. This focuses on persistence. When a return visit becomes a habit, you really get used to it. 3. Remove everything that drags your message. If your blog doesn’t have Spam harassment, it’s recommended to remove the verification code, especially the newbie blog. It’s impossible to have Spam harassment so soon. The monkey listened to my suggestion and changed to 5. 6, the number of comments increased obviously. 4. Remember, visitor information is the key. I see a lot of blogs that don’t remember visitor information. That’s not good. Everyone is busy, the comment can take one second, one second. A quick second means more than one comment. 5. Discuss other blogs. In subscribing to other blogs, there are bound to be some posts that resonate or promote feelings. If the feeling is relatively short, you may wish to leave a message on the other party’s blog as before, and if you are grateful enough to write a new post, you may as well send a post in your blog. Discuss topics on other blogs and sometimes even disagree. Also important is to leave a link to the post you discussed on your blog in your own post. In this respect, I’ve seen the most loosely written blog. 6. Expert interview. There are few interviews with industry experts on blogs. The most I have ever visited is the loose one. Being famous through interviews is also a good idea. 7. QQ and other chat tools. After updating the article, send a link directly to a friend. As long as you have enough skin, you can still get high marks. The main or Gabor QQ group, the link in the group, the less I feel pretty. Of course, you can send it individually in the group. But now the Tencent is disgusting. If you send it too fast, it will fall. Re login, but also engage in verification code for you. friend chain article 1. Qinzeixianqinwang. It means you get the famous blogger first. Still worry can not find links? As to how to fix, see your own, hey hey. Seven blog links in ouango blog. You can go to see the last paragraph of this article: this time, first clean up these friends chain, the above friends, I will inform you one by one, thank you for understanding. In addition, this time only clean not recruit friends chain, we also see, although their blog is not how, […]

Discussion on the management and profit mode of the Forum

as a BBS webmaster, I saw a lot of other BBS webmaster exclamation, BBS SEO how to do, BBS IP how bad up, BBS how how bad. Let’s go to the portal. In fact, a forum can do, can I do good turnover, although the public forum, not to make money, but I would like to say, for those who want to profit from the forum by the webmaster, it is also not difficult. 1. The foundation of a forum is the concept of content. Once a man asked me, "what about a large forum for medical treatment?" I said at the time that it was impossible. Why? You a personal webmaster, want to play the whole medical class, do not have the energy, the station if you do, the result is certainly so forum positioning, give up halfway, to fine, at the same time, the contents of the site, the operation of your webmaster want to know enough, this is the premise. For example, "Studio Classroom forum", you can Baidu search, which is a forum for me, you might not even know what is English, you may think that this forum every day can have a few people visit? I can tell you that this forum can be over a thousand IP every day. So I say, do not do a certain range of the forum is too big, do fine is king. Moreover, when you do a detailed forum in a certain area, your customer’s goal is very strong, and accumulate target customers, e-commerce is very easy to do in the later stage. 2. After the establishment of the website is to do a good idea, for the establishment of the website, the server is the best quality, if you want to take a stand, to buy a good point, don’t buy a eighty, the traffic is not enough for a few days. Change server more or less affect the weight of the website. The establishment of the forum, the initial task is to construct the content, enrich the content only to retain customers, so early not to consider the traffic, as long as the content can be added, but note that when adding content to be considered in the SEO problem, the SEO forum is very special, and the Forum for the optimization, Google is very good optimization, there are many secrets, I will give you some separate SEO with direction, if you want to discuss the depth, you can add my QQ:651121588, I am absolutely enthusiasts SEO, focus on technology optimization. For the construction and enrichment of the content of the forum, it is the second step. 3. The third step, Forum promotion, this stage is very long, you may need to accumulate a few months to have hundreds of traffic, but if you persist, behind the road is very good, a lot of promotion methods, QQ, mass, traffic from search engines, forum and portal flow is not the same, the forum source of traffic and […]

Baidu spider summer crawl, everybody webmaster ready herbal tea

         ;     the first thing to come to work today is to open Baidu site:www.zgzlwc.com examination included the situation, search for "Beijing car" keywords to view the web site keywords ranking, don’t know, a look at the next hop, several keywords I do, home is reduced to third pages, originally Beijing car of this Baidu keyword bidding will be more, a few days ago I was in the Liang Wan Chuan car is still Baidu second pages, (the first page is all promotion), today I heard a big update, do not know what the reason is behind to go! angry! a morning query chain, the chain increased imperceptibly is the past, the afternoon suddenly flashes, a good interpretation of self comfort so I am pleased many, here to share for everyone to hear. the weather is getting hot, Baidu is also afraid of hot ah, Baidu spider more afraid of the heat, so we had better be prepared for herbal tea brewed summer tool, Baidu spider visit, you put him wait a good you will be better ~ ~ wait is not good this summer you have Baidu spider by ~~

Baidu push commodity search meaning, enclosure standard, standard threshold, anti Taobao

23, there is news that Baidu is low-key testing commodity search service, users and e-commerce and commodity distance was pulled again. It is reported that the current commodity search only accept the invitation site data. At present, 17 sites have joined the Baidu commodity search, the service has been included in the commodity index page of nearly 3000, including 108361 commodity pages. Have joined in the site, including Jingdong mall, excellence, Dangdang, fun play network and many other Internet users familiar with e-commerce sites. according to the relevant data show that 09 years online shopping transaction scale of 248 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 93.7%. It can be foreseen that in the next five years, the proportion of online shopping transactions will account for 5% of the total retail sales of consumer goods, and the contribution of online shopping to the traditional retail market will be increasing. At present, China’s Internet users has reached 4..25 billion, online shopping transaction growth with the development of the Internet and the synchronous acceleration, it should be said that the 425 million users each is the online shopping customers or potential customers, this is a huge market, as China market share most of the search engine, Baidu as China users the Internet entrance, so many domestic users will basically use Baidu to search the information they need, the entrance effect makes most of the traffic shopping sites are obtained through the entrance of Baidu. Merchants dare not despise Baidu, and Baidu is not afraid to ignore this e-commerce market. two years ago, Taobao will shield Baidu search, Taobao insiders said many sellers due to lack of import of search engine, interest is very big damage, have asked Baidu to directly record their shop pages, and repeatedly datan Baidu C2C platform when the line, hopes to achieve from the Taobao move. While Baidu has ah on the line, as the same as Taobao properties, even suspected of plagiarism Baidu has ah, certainly not what the essence of innovation and change, also did not let Baidu in the electronic commerce this one grab much of the market. However, there is one thing we can not ignore, Baidu has ah entrance rely on Baidu’s powerful role, although he did not break success, but Taobao successfully inhibited the growth, not allow Taobao to become stronger, more is to make much of a hidden heart of ma. now the launch of Baidu product search, will undoubtedly is a great move of the impact of e-commerce market, it can be understood as Baidu into a comprehensive e-commerce start, more can be understood as the vanguard of the cavalry fight against Taobao Baidu. Recently, Taobao has a lot of problems, and its own small and medium-sized sellers and small and medium-sized owners started Taobao, but now because of the adjustment of search rules, sellers have been strongly protested. Taobao this move can understand, strengthen management, promote the competition between sellers. But it ignores the blocking as sparse that Microsoft […]

Deep feeling the webmaster wants to be a rich man

webmaster must be a rich man, the reason is that the stationmaster doesn’t want to be poor. I want to enjoy what I want. wants to be a rich man, the reason is that the stationmaster wants to help his children, understand the rules of money games, be invincible in society, and expand their industries, from generation to generation. wants to be a rich man, is the webmaster to take his family happily around the world, each country’s understanding of customs, feelings of the world’s great beauty. wants to be rich, is the webmaster, not just mediocre people. Stationmaster is a common person from childhood. He has no special skills and has learned many things, but he is not an expert in that field. The stationmaster is tired of this feeling. do you have any of these reasons, ?

Four factors influencing website user experience (UEO)

needless to say, the user experience (UEO) for a website is very important, but some webmaster in the site SEO, often ignore the user experience, leading to the final SEO effect came out, the flow also increases, but is not stick flow, once the website ranking drop, flow will follow down, we all have this experience. The website that I manage now also ever is such, every day the flow is one-time. Later analysis of their website, found that many places need to be corrected in order to improve the user experience, so that the site’s life is very long. Here I will share with you what needs attention, in fact, is also very simple, the key is that you do not use your heart. Friends who do garbage stations do not have to watch. one, website speed don’t add a lot of big stuff to your web pages, such as FLASH, JS, etc.. This way, when you load a web page, it becomes very slow. If you need, you’d better call them as external files. Like the current mainstream CMS website, the program is better. You can use this to do a website. Developers basically take this factor into account, so we don’t have to worry about it. A site opens more than 5 seconds, traffic will lose 10%, in about 3 seconds is ideal. You can use some tools to test your website speed to improve it. two, article layout, This when we learn WORD, you should know, but there are still many people do not reprint an article or write your own original content hastily published, did not check his statement is fluent, there is no wrong word, the piece of content is reasonable and so on. A website, especially for those sites that attract users by content, if there are a lot of articles that are poorly constructed, then your content is of higher quality and it is difficult for users to visit your website frequently. Here, you can learn about every article in CHINAZ. three, website link This not only affects the effect of UEO SEO, more like my Wangzhuan station, classic article, in the middle of the contents of a large revision, there are a large number of links in the search engine, Baidu down the right, analysis of traffic statistics background (I use CNZZ) user retention rates are basically a visit. Losses, search engine and user were discarded, trimmed, now users back rate increased, but also need to work, you can use the GOOGLE administrator tool checks your site whether there is a lot of dead link. four, content updates and maintenance a dead station, users certainly do not like, search engines are the same, we all understand this point, so often updated website content is the least friendly to users. When the content is rich enough, you can rearrange some content according to the needs of the current user to make them a topic for a more humane service to you

Analysis of the difference between graphic design and web design

has been working on the design of print pies such as photos, books, desk calendars and so on. From product design to "I often think, graphic design and web design are, but the difference is so large, that is with the nature of the tiger and the cat as well, they all belong to the animal of the cat family, but not the same species, there is great difference. now let’s analyze the differences between them as well as visual communication designs. 1. visual element the use of graphic design and web design in color color mode is completely different, graphic design because the latter depends on the achievement of printing, so the use of CMYK color model, and "according to the imaging way to use RGB color mode. The plane design of the use of color visual impact and visual flow guide (similar to BANNER design at this point and in web design, and Web Design) (products) pay more attention to the information structure of the relationship between, if the use of color is too strong, it is easy to cause visual fatigue sense. we are usually in the design process, the font of graphic design is more free, don’t worry about the late implementation issues, all of the text will be the last output for graphics printing and web design, we need to consider more comprehensive, and in the font selecting range is also very small, in order to make the finished product size no server output pressure, based on the characteristics of HTML, all fonts are based on user operating system within the default font and, of course, in recent years with the evolution and development of technology, the gap is gradually narrowing, can use current personalized font by HTML5 API which do not need to be personalized font for the final output graphics, without increasing the back pressure at the same time, greatly enhance the user experience, very good. From the use of graphics, graphic design and web design than the rich, diverse forms, especially for web design products, modular design is more obvious, so it is in the visual performance, the plane is not need to implement period after taking into account for the performance of graphics, on one thing the obvious to people. In terms of the unit of size used in our design, graphic design uses dimensioning concepts such as inches, centimeters, millimeters, etc., while the page uses pixels. 2. rendering   3. information carrier   4. browse mode graphic design belongs to the progressive way of browsing, not on the whole process of diversification series browsing, web design, with the scroll bar drop-down button link jump and a variety of browsing information in a way, have the same.

Four methods of doing local professional life service website

with Google maps and Baidu map accuracy is more and more high, and if we can get some information on these services on the map that is not clear, but also convenient for people to find, although it is very simple, but if you want to put this idea into reality is not easy, because the more simple operation things often requires more careful, make every detail to consider, so that it can do and others do not, get out of the ordinary, so as to obtain the favor of users, if the simple service moved to the map, this website is not to be successful, let the author with you this paper introduces four methods of how to run a professional local life service website ! 1: accurate positioning, for the website construction, identify the location is very important, in other words, as in the vast sea to the top navigation system you installed the most accurate positioning system, is a lot of energy when I do local service sites such as graphic, to analyze the market, and then find the blank the market, combined with the user’s operating habits, constantly optimize the website operation version, let you more easily find yourself in need of service, during the course, the pain is as can be imagined, so the first step is to identify the location, which is an important standard website can be profitable ! two: merging with mainstream services 12580 now go out help telephone service has gained, although we know that the phone is very convenient, but there are still a lot of people want to know some local services through the Internet, so the Internet service is the most effective supplement 12580, so we should be positive and 12580 integration, so it can the 12580 strong local database, combined with the characteristics of itself, which can give users various service experience, while the 12580 can also use the network platform for the rapid occupation of the user, to obtain win-win! So the integration service system actively and mainstream is very important! three: indispensable field survey said that although Baidu maps or Google map is very accurate, but with the continuous development of the local map, the system may not be able to get instant updates, so it is necessary for us to do the field survey, so that we can accurately grasp the first-hand accurate data, generally hold position system tools through the hands of the staff, and then run a street, a road, and then every useful store information by latitude and longitude accurately recorded, then input computer statistics into a local map, so that it can guarantee the user to use the most accurate map of the ! four: promoting website through careful preparation, finally made, of course, this is only the first step, the next step is to do site promotion work, combined with the characteristics of their own website, "

Brief analysis summary of community operation in one year

from today on, I won’t be in the management of the Mori community. Here, just to sum up the next year’s operating income, when the experience shared. first: the operation of the forum must have the core theme, theme. , I have been looking at "website operation 108" recently. There are many articles written in it which are very classic, and blogger is also a good website operator. I agree with a lot of ideas about community operations, especially the two classics. Forum operation is same as website operation, you must make sure your client group, demand direction first. Identify your customer base and know who your product will sell to. Forum operations, you have to identify your product groups, so you can do the following work. this is what we often talk about the core, ideas, doing everything is the same. I have said before, we met many webmaster, today think to do picture stand good, I’ll do picture station, tomorrow think movie stand good, I’ll do movie station. Follow the trend phenomenon is prevalent in the industry. Therefore, we must remove these, seize the core idea. Do the movie station, why do the movie station, movie station operation thinking where is you? Are you going to the site how to engage in profitable future, through what way, products sold to all who need to find out who is your consumer groups, to understand the whole. has done a good job of core ideas, the theme of the forum, what you want to do, and how the future of this forum is going to be profitable, I want to make sure that "time is the most valuable", I think everyone has heard of it. second: Forum operations important content and membership interaction. this point, and I have the same idea as the teacher above. Forum operations must grasp the content and members of two, and other can be put. Do anything, seize the core, seize the main contradiction. For example, we operate the "Sen" movement, has always been the cause of not outstanding. The forum is the core of the tutorial, we will seize the tutorial, all in tutorial, but we have not written tutorial, so it has been abandoned in, get on well, download something a little, no other. Engaged in more than a year, with the previous did not engage in time to say the same thing, white thoughts. These , I think the membership launched, inspire them to do the original tutorial, tutorial this one did not do well, always said that many have some reward, reward the host, some people may not need the host, can change something else. We must remember, you must also be diversified when you do awards, and now many old webmaster are inactive, how to mobilize these old webmaster up, send the classic tutorial is a very worthwhile thing to think about. third: Forum operations, more discussions, more summary, remember a word. I can’t bear that most people refer to […]

Google withdrew from mainland China, Baidu set off a storm in the search market

Chinese mainland Google exit event, far Huashangjuhao China, the search engine market is set off the tempestuous waves. Although Google is just out of the mainland, it still has a great impact on Google search. Many users reflect the use of google.com.hk often can not search, if not search sensitive words, Google search will appear stuck. Google out of the mainland market, Baidu suddenly less direct competitors, there is a "big one" suspects, Baidu algorithm has also made a major adjustment in the near future. March 31st Baidu large number of K stations, many personal Adsense called "early delivery of April Fool’s Day gift", Baidu included results plummeted. In the A5 forum bbs.admin5.com full page Baidu large-scale K station is about the topic, many web site collected from tens of thousands to tens of thousands, from thousands to tens, included some well-known large also dropped. A poll statistics how many sites are Baidu big dial hair "results show that the 161 ballot number, 148 people reflect a significant reduction in the number of sites included, there are many web sites even left home page. Baidu included in the adjustment of the action is very large, many rely on Baidu to flow site is hit. Google has no exit, fair can rely on Google’s personal website search results appear in the search by location, now Google exit, Baidu censor search results, search results on top is to do some Baidu promotion of enterprise station, personal webmaster efforts to optimize website search engine did not get due recognition. The last day of March, Baidu large-scale reduction of personal website information collected, not for individual sites, but the vast majority of sites included reduced, so that many webmasters can not keep their heads. For the adjustment of Baidu, some say, is Google exit China, Baidu algorithm of large adjustment; some people think that is the relevant state departments issued a new policy for the record, forcing the search engine to make adjustments to the personal website; others think is Baidu database problem, can quickly restore…… Public opinions are divergent。 Chinese as the largest search engine, Baidu should be of great ingenuity. Technically, it should be perfect; in the service, we should pay attention to the user experience; in search function, we should provide fair and impartial results as much as possible. In these respects, Baidu did not do as well as Google, so that Google’s exit makes many Internet users feel sorry. Many people have analyzed Baidu’s market share today, mainly because of the "local" role, and a lot of advertising has been put in place, so that ordinary users remember Baidu. In some more rich network knowledge of Internet users view, Baidu is not the best choice, because it can not provide users need, as Google easy to use. The number of Internet users in China is becoming more and more intelligent. If Baidu does not change its service concept and provide users with more direct, more effective and more targeted search […]

Analysis of the five stages of grassroots Internet

this paper is based on a speech of graph king of finishing, the graph king is not talking about how to make money, but at the grassroots point of view to talk about the Internet to talk about the site, from the grassroots to the future, a very thorough analysis, the site is divided into five periods. Personal feelings, and now sorted out for everyone to appreciate. the first period, that is, the so-called site test period, 97 to 98 years, the two or three years, personal website is very small, if at this time to do a web site, do tens of thousands of IP is very easy thing. But at that time the webmaster is too little, the webmaster this industry is not too mature. Also hindered the rapid pace of development of the industry. Gao Chunhui of the world network is the representative of this period. There are Chinese army, download station, navigation and so on. It’s all time for me to stand up. second times, personal website began, this time, the Internet or local information port, the government also has some well-known big company website, Baidu has not appeared. At this time, Li Xingping’s hao123 was a delegate, when hao123 was a simple one, not on a simple single page, and then Li Xingping was only eighteen, nine. In the Internet bar completed this initial good 123., at the same time, such as 163, such as some free space open, but also led to a part of the individual webmaster, but this period of the webmaster is still in a trial period. Not yet formally. third periods, that is, from 2003 to 2004 these years. Is the beginning of Internet personal Wangzhuan, is also the most profitable period of grassroots webmaster. During this period, many millions of station owners had already arrived. But this time because this Wangzhuan industry has just started, mode is not mature, the most popular is the SMS alliance, as long as the input of a mobile phone, 10 – 15 to your hand. Imagine, if one day IP in more than 10000 of the light station by SMS alliance, have you earn, at this time also spawned a popular SP industry development, such as the air network, this is the personal website of the trial period. fourth periods, is the personal website of the hot development period, all kinds of websites, all kinds of modes are operating and life, as long as you can think of the web site will be someone do it again. Money is no longer so good, the competition is obvious, such as a casual place, the light portal is not a few, not to mention what recruitment, matchmaking, and so on. The fifth periods of , is the site of the business period, and personal website development and the nature of ultimate ownership, the future and the essence of grassroots website on the Internet should be for an industry service platform, the site will eventually be […]

Authority management design and structure design of website advertisement system summary

  free advertising systems are diverse. What do they have in common? What system design is reasonable, ? after the summary of advertising system design "advertising oriented technology", the author continued in-depth research on advertising system design rights management design and structure design, and the end of two from the end and advertising website in detail. Privilege management design of advertising system advertising system design, in addition to the use of advertising directional technology, as well as advertising process design, the most complex is the design of rights management. Different from other industries, the daily business of advertising or media companies is more complex, from the functions, including sales, customer service, customer implementation, creative design, strategy planning, media planning and media execution, contract management, financial audit etc.. In terms of position, it also includes the management of subordinate relations and the relationship between being managed. In addition, consider from the sales staff’s personal interests, customer information in the sales personnel should be cut off, but the company’s interests, customer information and sales staff must be flowing in between, can be assigned to the appropriate sales staff. therefore, the design of the privileges of advertising systems is very complicated and very difficult to do. If you don’t think about it, it will be a nightmare after the delivery of the advertising system. Here is a simple but can adapt to changing needs of rights management design. 1, classification of permissions classifies and classifies the rights of advertisement system. We divide permissions into two kinds: resource, authority and operation authority. Resource rights refer to customer information, that is, customer resources. Operation authority, that is, the additions and deletions in the advertising system (see the basic functions that do not need to be selected), the permissions of the three functional operations. 2, allocation of permissions For the resource limit, namely the customer resources, we assigned for each customer level, the object of resource assigning permissions for the system in the sales account (as sales staff, can also be a sales manager or sales director), then to allocation of team resources or department resources through subordinate relationship management. For the operation authority management, we pass the design of the permission group to complete, and the permission group includes the additions and deletions of each element. 3, the realization of authority management in a system, permissions are assigned to three modules or operations through accounts, permissions groups, and clients. Each account created by the system is associated with a permission group so that the account can be operated in the system. At the same time, when you create an account, you need to specify its superior (the higher level is a certain account, the necessary option), and you need to select its subordinate permissions group (not necessary), which determines the relationship between the upper and lower levels. Then in client resources >

Cumbersome and bloated is a common problem in China’s SNS website

SNS is like an outbreak of flood, flooding everywhere, flooding on the flood, but at least to slim, go out to look good, if everyone is bloated, fat, then the spread of the results can only make you sick. The beginning of the 05 year to some of the so-called network, now called SNS website, as of now, Chu Linkist, if the neighbor, sky, you and me, the Philippines, caused by the name card, then later in school and at home, as well as the latest ant network, network, network, and happy together I show my building, etc.. Stroll around a big circle, give me a feeling is that SNS cumbersome, fat and bloated. It’s not good at all. SNS is bloated, unattractive, and more reluctant to use. I dare say that there are so many SNS websites that have been used, the real function of which is estimated to be less than 20%. The other 80% features are virtual, but they don’t rule out the use of other members. recently a friend asked me to help him analyze their company’s Web site SNS, is the second version, I registered after use, give me a feeling like a tedious, bloated, natural action is not convenient, if can reduce weight, the site will be faster development speed estimation. Everyone can also go to see, the website name is "my family www.5j5x.com"". cumbersome, bloated, is China’s SNS site common problems, network predecessors are educating us, the development of the site is the first subtraction, and then add. We Chinese plagiarism FACEBOOK really home, even the function of each process and page design style are copied as a decent touch. While FACEBOOK is not one or two days developed, but one or two years of accumulated experience developed, now look like FACEBOOK, very perfect, all aspects of the function, such as circle, photo album, MINI blog, but the original FACEBOOK function must not so perfect, if one has launched FACEBOOK now the perfect function, estimation of FACEBOOK until now has not developed. why China SNS website is not the first weight loss, but the first bloated promotion? As obese people, obese people movement is very simple, not flexible, bloated SNS website actually and obese people, if now launched a handy SNS website, maybe I love, just like the mini blog as the hot, simple is good. My friend asked me to return to analysis, I show the SNS website, registered after use, function framework is very powerful, natural to write a program to error prone, and column planning is also great, including "family tree, notebook, album, experience, consultation, community, each column can separate out do a website. At the same time, "experience and consultation" has some repetition. In the early stage, when there were not many teams, it would cost a lot of money to maintain such a huge website. And it’s not always good to maintain, so it’s easy to ignore other channels when you take a channel

How to improve website access

remember the first two days we were discussing how to improve website traffic in the group. I sort it out and hope to have some inspiration for friends who are looking for ways to improve their website traffic. one, search engine login, landing each big search engine and classification directory. two, the site for proper SEO optimization, but also to take into account the user experience. SEO tools are available everywhere. Just call them directly. three, the site updated every day, the best original, and valuable to the user. In this way, search engines like, users also high rate of return. four, advertising exchange company, advertising company is also a way to increase the flow. Advertising online, a lot of five, do some good friendship connection. Paste it, BBS post. six, Baidu know their own questions, change their name to answer. This is the use of search engine hot search, and Baidu for Baidu space and Baidu know the preferences to make traffic. seven: spend money on advertising! That’s not to say, money is easy, but you have to consider the economy, !Eight, blog: there are a lot of free blog application, you don’t go for a few, send some good articles on it (the best popular, attractive), don’t do pure advertising, do his own site connection can be ! nine, CSDN forum has a friend mentioned fanchon effect! Do not discuss the fanchon is new, but, you of the articles submitted to summaries of profiles, the effect is very good! ten, all star blog, subscribe, a message is then set to instant that is as long as these stars have a blog is updated, we know it immediately notice, and then we’ll go to the back, is certainly the first name. This is a way of thinking, and some sites may not be suitable, you can draw inferences from others. More than articles from http://www.94237.cn reprint, please keep