August 2017

What is the search engine spiders crawl the quota

search engine spiders not to crawl more pages, give the web server down, it will set a crawl speed on a site of crawl rate limit, the upper limit, which is the upper limit server can bear, at this speed limit, crawling does not slow down the server, affect the user access. crawl speed limit page weight and weight is closely related to the site, improve the site weight, can make the search engine to crawl the page. crawl demand, grab the demand, refers to the search engine "to" capture a specific website how many pages. decided to grab the demand there are two main factors. Is a web page weight, how many pages to page weight, search engine to crawl the page number. Two is the index library page is too long not update. In the final analysis page weight, the weight of the high page will not be too long not update. demand so, the search engine can crawl the page number is the capture speed limit. today’s post summarize the Gary Illyes post and follow up many blogs, forum posts, main content, and some of my own case and understanding. share is considering the demand and grab grab grab speed. grab share English nobility baby is used in crawl budget, literal translation is crawling the budget, I don’t think that that is what meaning, so grab share the concept of expression. The server response fast enough, the speed limit increases a little, grab speed, server response rate of decline, the speed limit is lowered, slow down or even stop the crawl, crawl. grab share is determined by what? This involves grasping demand and grab the speed limit. in January, the new Shanghai dragon baby aristocracy spokesman Gary Illyes made a post on the official blog: What noble baby Crawl Budget Means for noble baby BOT, the search engine share related issues. For large and medium-sized sites, this is a very important problem in Shanghai Longfeng, sometimes become a bottleneck in the natural flow of the site. grab share is determined by what? emphasize that these concepts apply equally to love Shanghai. grab as the name suggests, is to grab share of the search engine spiders spent on a web site to crawl the page total time limit. For specific sites, the total time spent on the search engine spiders on this site is relatively fixed, all the pages are not unlimited crawling the web. The what is the search engine spiders crawl share?

The small and medium-sized enterprise station promotion personal views

1 OUT, the long tail theory, key word + precise words rise key word is the main keywords, if Shanghai Longfeng, can make up the best course. If the author is now a remote parking lock factory service, the core words even if the remote parking lock, every day through the word brings IP is fairly impressive. However, if the competition is too big, a short time is difficult to make up, then the extension staff will focus on precise words. 2, sometimes the Shanghai dragon is a joke Summary: small and medium-sized enterprise I do a few years of enterprise promotion, customer profitability bumps, mostly not muffled, the effect is not obvious, to renew often with some suspicious eyes. This paper will talk about this a few years experience in doing business station promotion when share, of course, this article is based on the customer profitability as the core, instead of dwelling on a few key words ranking. The initially do enterprise stand optimization, once the long tail theory were high, as is the layout of the long tail word plan in articles, products, channels in the page. For months, these so-called long tail words flow with very little. every industry has its precise word. Here the word is not accurate, said the site of the primary key. If the automatic parking lock factory, automatic parking lock is the main keywords, and the "Changsha remote parking lock" "area + product" or "area + service" is the precise words. The author through the statistical tools and data service found that the flow of high value brought by the precise words, such as the Changsha, Nanchang, Guiyang, Wuhan, Chongqing and Chengdu area accurate keywords optimization up, bring orders can be comparable with the main keyword order. If the promotion personnel every day in the tangle of several main keywords ranked fifth, or third, as well as the effort to find and optimize the precise words. the majority of small and medium enterprises, the general is dozens or hundreds of pages. These pages, it may be only ten or dozens of pages related words in the search engine rankings. The long tail word search quantity is small, even if you have dozens of hundreds of long tail word ranking, the click rate of the poor. Station bidding operations account had several enterprises the author, has proved this point of the author. the remote parking lock manufacturers this year before, " station has its particularity, the long tail theory is not very suitable. The industry is also slightly different, optimization of the key words and precise word differences, which requires a thorough understanding of the product promotion personnel, and then targeted promotion.   The keyword index less, some industries, promote competition, the most basic is the bidding flow interception. At this time, if you just rely on Shanghai dragon to get customers, the company is likely to be a loss. Typical is the wedding photography industry, service industry and so on and move […]

About love Shanghai super chain cheating algorithm upgrade arrives and webmaster love Shanghai

to talk in the end love Shanghai and webmaster to reflect! Hope can love Shanghai Fair for innovation services, provide the most awesome search for users. The webmaster website is to provide something of value to the users to browse, love Shanghai keywords ranking, as with the reputation of good. feeds: Global Alliance 贵族宝贝qqwzlm贵族宝贝 A5 Wangzhuan Adsense nets start, in order to stationmaster interest and support in the sea of new Shanghai Longfeng initiatives, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source webmaster do illegal websites and publish fraudulent information being punished deserve it! Everywhere recklessly irrelevant Shanghai Longfeng articles also deserve! Software chaos registered released outside the chain of love is to punish Shanghai, but Shanghai Longfeng rules deserve! You make love Shanghai! We are very welcome in new Shanghai dragon sea reform but, the responsibility to the grassroots webmaster innocent to take love Shanghai every year to death many sites are not statistics, so many think through grassroots Internet business complex in fetal death, was born in Shanghai to hang! Love you drag Chinese healthy and rapid development of Internet AI to ? is love Shanghai monopoly Chinese search industry! Love is Shanghai’s lack of early constraint Shanghai dragon mechanism can be said to be cheating! Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon rules the achievements of the 90% Internet garbage! Let millions of owners as a scapegoat. The original 2012 is a year the most sad love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon new action, many webmaster is around Shanghai every day to love, love in the end most or escape Shanghai Shanghai dragon clutches, the site is still being "dead to love Shanghai! Hard to lose jobs in a sense can say for sure healthy and rapid development of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love pass Internet Chinese resistance. How many websites fail because of love in Shanghai? How many websites because of love Shanghai Shanghai dragon rules and not waste innovation? Believe that many webmaster have encountered the following problems: because there is a new inspiration to modify the station name or title or a new column, will be a few days, or even months snapshot not update, or keyword ranking new sites are also more likely to decline, because innovation to love sea K away! This is not blocking AI healthy and rapid development of the Internet China? The reason is very simple, the site is the most important source of information dissemination of the Internet, the website owners do not have the power of innovation, only pay attention to the Shanghai dragon zombie lead to numerous websites and web junk chain this article. love Shanghai Webmaster Platform October 23rd issued notice "on the upgrade" super chain cheating algorithm, intent to combat manipulation in Shanghai web search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks cheating, causing many webmaster attention! Love Shanghai super chain cheating algorithm upgrade across the board to punish the website, it is unfair to hard webmaster, many of the formal legal standing is innocent. how long?

China Shanghai Longfeng not do frogs

most people can not stand the new Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon boring, Shanghai dragon is very bitter process actually very lonely, you are not dealing with people, data, website, is " call the wolf, Shanghai dragon is very bitter very lonely     limited outlook I use this idiom to describe, now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng people’s way of thinking, people are not outside the chain of Shanghai dragon machine, Shanghai dragon is not to write text writer, we are Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon may be our own level is limited, the reason is our own behind closed doors in the "well" in. Shanghai dragon needs development, search engines also need to open, do frogs will let you see a broader sky, Knowledge is infinite., someone outside the person. Shanghai dragon is certainly not the chain, write soft so simple, there are many things worth learning, we are as follows, the bird and frog dialogue. the truth is often in the hands of a few people, Shanghai dragon basic skills you may not fully grasp, including: analysis, soft keyword writing, data analysis, user experience design. Of course, these areas involves not only the future of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon talent needs comprehensive strength, more need to have their own strengths, what is your role in the Shanghai dragon team? Shanghai dragon need constant experiments and research, make reasonable adjustments, according to the search engine algorithm to change ourselves, what are you doing? Insight into the search engine this sensitivity, I think a lot of people are lack of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng Daniel had a few. Now the Shanghai dragon industry, you also want to become one of Shanghai dragon Daniel? Perhaps Shanghai Longfeng Daniel era has passed, we think more is the use of Shanghai dragon to create value, regardless of the site value or the value of their own, it is to make more money. Ask yourself, how should I go to optimize their future path, each Shanghai dragon people don’t want me back, but in fact we did little progress. Hello, I’m Liang Lei, screen name: stone. Shanghai dragon road for a newcomer, the future is full of thorns. Work is the Shanghai dragon dull as ditch water plus now, Shanghai dragon is very popular, many people do natural competition is intense. So many new factors lead us very tired of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon feel very useless future. Honestly, I think so, but you can not always entangled with this problem, because it is not what meaning, or give up, or stick. However, a goal is a must. As for how to accomplish this goal is not to say, in fact, many of our new Shanghai dragon people are all in the gutter, at least I am. May be caused by external factors, such as the environment, may also be the internal factors, such as: you don’t have to take the initiative to learn Shanghai dragon.

Increase the effective method of reverse link sharing site

4. W3C Link Checker The death of 6. URL Checker 2. Broken Link Checker 7. Linktiger 5. Site Link Analyzer Linktiger is a reliable Aler service chain website bad, a check found that the bad chain would be directly sent to the mailbox. , in short, is normal, then the link failure. The chain transmission request, the server will return to the 404 error page. As a webmaster or site administrator, there are wary of death, because it will directly affect the amount of authority of a web site, thus affecting the website ranking and optimization. Perfect enterprise website must start from the details. Website optimization, we should start out dead link Site Link Analyzer is a chain inspection tool, it will give a specific page analysis and return to the field that contains the data and relevant anchor text. ! 3. Dead Links W3C Link Checker is a link checking tools, it can find the anchor, reference objects in web pages, and to the entire site links problem. Step   the following summary of several websites several dead link detection query tool, help website chain inspection, improve the user experience and website promotion website weight. A reminder that some tools to be wall links as dead links, these walls can not access the link may be temporary may also have long-term, decide to retain or remove the ! URL Checker is a web page hyperlink check software, support HTTP and HTTPS request the hyperlink check, can also specify the fixed format of "super link check. Can a single page to specify the URL of the link check. method Broken Link Checker WordPress chain check ins. It can be bad if there are broken links, chain automatically check the blog, and found no longer effective links and the lost picture. / 1. Xenu Dead Links is a website to provide free testing services link, you can also check your blog all links, the test results are divided into internal links, external links and links not verified three. Xenu is a critically acclaimed, dead link detection tool and widely used. It occupies small space, the user interface is simple, simple operation.

Love attention Shanghai fight outside the chain to avoid the construction of the soft chain risk

Popular chain promotion of soft Wen is the site most as a marketing way to save money, but also because of money, so many sites in the content of the website promotion, construction often ignore the advertorial content, basically using the copy and paste mode, release to the relevant source of the news website, some also released to the classification of web pages. Copy and paste these crazy behavior has produced negative influence is huge to the Internet information quality, this love Shanghai on the one hand, stepping up to the promotion of soft outside the chain to blow, on the other hand is to improve the quality of love Shanghai grab information, so love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm began to appear, and in a very short period of time, it to complete the update, it is unprecedented. yellow soft outside the chain of garbage disaster was once very popular classifieds site outside the chain and the yellow pages of information on the site is, many webmaster only in the website to copy a paragraph to leave your web site and contact information in the classified information on the site, but due to the weight of the classification of information website is relatively high, so by weight import mode, can also give the optimized website to bring the chain weight, but good things of the past, now against the promotion of new soft outside the chain of love in Shanghai under the premise, if no classified information website through the nofollow property or prohibit the spiders crawl, so not to punish those website optimization, but also to the classified information website the impact, so now if you want to engage in this area of the soft outside the chain that you basically is to put your website on fire On the barbecue, accidentally burned. high quality of soft Wen will naturally get the majority of users, of course, can also cause the spider love Shanghai’s attention, but then why love Shanghai but also on the soft paper processing algorithm? This involves text acquisition of the original and false problem, generally high quality articles writing is expensive, even write their own webmaster also tend to spend a lot of time, so many owners in the soft writing played a lazy note, by copying the text, keywords and public. actually love Shanghai from optimization guide upgrade version, we can still find love or support Shanghai website optimization, but more hope that the site can from the user experience point of view, as far as possible to provide more high-quality content, which is in love with the sea by optimization, but the algorithm is not love Shanghai it all, then at a point in time can always give some optimization of Shanghai dragon master to find some loopholes, so as to realize the rapid optimization of the site and a higher ranking, but the love of Shanghai algorithm is constantly advancing with the times, now updates faster and faster, the best optimization method has […]

Crack love Shanghai intimate search in the mystery of related enterprises

first, show the company related enterprises have made love Shanghai encyclopedia. The authority of the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, there is no doubt that I love Shanghai to determine whether an enterprise is recommended, Wikipedia is the best basis. Students, pay close attention to the name of the Create Company at summary: entry classification of enterprises is the important standard related encyclopedia. To make a comprehensive judgment of semantic analysis, today launched the "love Shanghai intimate search" on the left side and increases its enterprises, software, website and other relevant information. In fact, in the very early days, love Shanghai in the right to add others also search the search results, only for network practitioners, is recommended in related industries, so the impact is not to. ? feeds, reproduced please specify the source of the original address of 贵族宝贝 since other company name can appear in the search results, the love of Shanghai related enterprises to judge what is the basis? After the continuous mining, I feel that the mystery. !This paper is composed of 360 second enterprise, described in the entry in to have correlation with the keywords, for example, the author found that the search for "360 extension" the word enterprise entry, will have, SEM, 360, advertising companies, such words. related enterprises in the above, there are four companies, one of which is SEM, this should be the Shanghai semantic analysis is still not perfect love. ! Thank you! The ! entry in the Wikipedia search again "360 extension" category, and then control the first picture, you can see what third, in the entry will be related to classification, (this is my key) a few pictures, perhaps you will understand now love Shanghai on-line "intimate search", but the information can be classified accurately not only recommended, recommended related industries, will recommend the competitors of the company, the author as usual, search the words "360 extension", found a rival company name related enterprises, this allows the author to sit sure, there are many of my friends feel anxious.

Buy links to improve website rankings have much effect

1. don’t choose to buy the black chain, buy black chain it is possible to make your website "forever". 2. to buy outbound links below 30. recently often received some novice webmaster friends: buy links can really improve website rankings? Buy links will make the site was K? How much buy links to our website ranking function, can improve the site ranking, where today who are from their own point of view to share the webmaster friends, if friends say the wrong or not suitable for the local welcome criticism exchange. what kind of statement is convinced, in fact, these two Fanfan seems to have some truth, if must let all who make a choice of words, who will be chosen to buy links. Everything will be especially pros and cons, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners believe that the possible effect on the website ranking refers to the webmaster to buy link quality, and the correlation between the number of links, as long as they can do the following, buy links to website promotion and will far outweigh the disadvantages: The number of 5. buy links as far as possible to choose your own website and relevant theme website or the government website, and PR is larger than your site with more than 2 PR, if your site PR value is 2, buy links to the best PR value is greater than or equal to 4. did not say, the chain website has a lot of ways to increase, such as post, soft, friends of the chain, buy links, mostly in front of several methods of time and energy to do, write soft fee, post fee time, chain exchange requirements, only the purchase link, pay ok. There are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners do not suggest to buy links, there are many reasons, such as search engines may be found to be cheating, affect the ranking is stable, even serious make a website "forever", which also scared greatly small adsense. While the other side is much benefit in selling links people buy propaganda links, can quickly improve website ranking, this let the webmaster swimming. 3. buy website content, update the health station link normal, although the price may be relatively high, but so that you can increase the chain is long, as long as the website update, increase the chain for you, the YAHOO chain is particularly effective, it is tantamount to very effective to enhance the site pr. know the site keywords ranking is very important to the site, only the site has good rankings, we can have a good flow, good flow, in order to have a good income, there is no good profit the final outcome is only one – death. So to improve website ranking also became the webmaster most concerned about the issue, and the website ranking is the most relevant content of the web site with the chain, with the content, there is the chain, it is really nothing. 4. purchase quantity control increased by […]

Don’t rely on site to build backlinks or forum on the soft Wen

recently due to busy work, not too much time, probably because of too lazy to write text, so I want to take some shortcuts, every night in the forum reprint posts, the posts included in the search engine is also very good, but for the role of the ranking not what help, instead of ranking also fell, I feel the love of Shanghai is now at the forum signature, the more you do, the more low he thinks of you, a few days ago at the forum, many people say, not a lot of posting in the forum, it is easy to be love Shanghai right down, to make the original, I said, no, as long as the reverse link is included and increased yes, it seems to love Shanghai original requirements more and more high, you should also note that I said the text contrast the benefits and disadvantages of promotion forum. I personally feel posted on the forums now is not too long, generally too long forum itself will think you are reproduced, love Shanghai is the same, so we must in no time not too long, what things are down, too long, many visitors will not see, now is the era of information, update very fast, no one can love so long things, he is not soft, itself is a forum article, more attention is paid to the exchange, there is is to the original. don’t reprint, reprint what love are tired, won’t give you the weight, of course, will not give you a link with a good impression, and hungry can not control the external links of the forum, he may one day up to hundreds, if the old domain name ok, new domain name will enter love Shanghai review period, then want to do rankings will be more difficult. use the forum to promote the accumulation of a large number of external links can in a very short time, but the forum search engine promotion way already know, is nothing more than a signature and take these links, search engine that is cheating, so now many forums are not allowed to pick up the chain. the contrary under the promotion of soft soft benefits, I feel is never out of the way, why the A5 weight is high, because of his originality, is right, his article is the artificial audit, each title and content are the basic word we play out, even if a lot of any solution in the Internet seen, but everyone is not the same, it can achieve the original, there is a A5 of this platform, let the search engine that is the original. " forum and unpredictability, we do not know what love Shanghai will adjust the weights of the BBS signature, now many forums are open signature, signature is that the effect is not great, another one, it is easy to let the forum posting reprint administrator is closed at the end of the world, I have been reproduced, […]

Beautiful said the highest level of Shanghai dragon is to create Er keywords

Few people do not know the teacher Cardiff Shanghai dragon why forum   Keywords: Shanghai dragon WHY       Key words: admin5 needless to say, the webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er is basically every day on the website, see the article on A5, writing articles for publication. Before Admin5 this keyword is certainly no one would search, but now the Shanghai index has > love domestic Shanghai dragon industry, Shanghai dragon why the words love index in Shanghai, although there is no "beautiful" so horrible, but love Shanghai index is based on the search volume every day to love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon teacher Cardiff ranked in the why forum the words "Shanghai dragon" love in Shanghai has been in the top, and can keep a few years. Shanghai dragon Er all know it is difficult to stabilize rankings, especially in the more competitive keywords. "Beauty" is so high the love Shanghai index, the author believes that it is related to the recent "speculation". Related news Shanghai news yisou love sky ah, but the words of love in Shanghai index should also fall down. love Shanghai index: 487919, close to a number of Web sites that do not have a few, I feel "beauty" is an offbeat "Taobao", now there are millions of Taobao off site, but really can earn a lot of money Taobao guest website are not much, most of the Taobao guest website survival is still very difficult. A friend of the author is also the Taobao customer, because a few months basically no income, eventually had to give up. Taobao guest friends are generally part-time, earn pocket money, but there are cattle B figures, Taobao monthly income of over a million passengers. Today I want to talk about is the highest state of Shanghai dragon is to create Er keywords, "beauty" is not only the Internet myth, before this keyword is certainly no one will search. The love of nature can be ignored for the zero index in Shanghai. The following two examples. believes Shanghai dragon friends every day the most worry is that site’s ranking is also trying to find out the long tail keywords better. In fact, these are all eligible Shanghai dragon Er essential skills, which is very bitter, but slowly also accumulated a lot of experience, for example, long tail keywords can be found from competitors in the same industry website. Of course, with the help of some software or online tools. The author thinks that the highest state of Shanghai dragon Er is to create keywords, of course this is just my feeling. Today saw a "beautiful", is indeed a magical site, can be said to be a beautiful legend website "". Look at the love Shanghai index will know: Keywords

Don’t just focus on Optimization forget the security of the website.

may for the many webmaster is deep. After Robots set up the site, the content of the site collection is very good, but after setting very easy to expose the admin address, leaving a lot of security risks. In fact, the Robots is set to have certain skills, better not to use the website background login.asp login.jsp common login name, to set the verification code. recently inadvertently reminded of a problem, almost all the webmaster to 90% on how to optimize the go above, almost behind the security of the website are thrown, in fact, just a few simple, let you make the security of the site, so Lin Jianhui today to tell you how to improve site security. Don’t wait until the data is stolen or lost in too late for regrets. in Shanghai Longfeng, many website administrators to easily remember the password, use some of the more simple password. If too simple and easy to be black, so the administrator to set a password to prevent some complicated background, the website was hacked. 3: background password because the site is virtual and virus, so the safety of the site will be threatened. In the website of Shanghai Longfeng, once the site has been hacked, virus attack, the phenomenon will bring huge negative impact on the optimization, so each stationmaster must do well site safety issues, to avoid damage. So how do the site safety? security settings 2:Robots 1: website source code security 4: regular inspection of export link every site has its own database, the database is currently more popular access, use access database administrator to conduct a security setting, to avoid being criminals download passwords and data relating to the background. although we regard the security work, but also can appear all the site was left behind, we must regularly check the export link, avoid hanging some black chain, some hackers on your website and you know, now love Shanghai for black chain hit very serious, so even if you don’t know the case will also be punished, love Shanghai, so the inauguration of Baba Shanghai dragon Lin Jianhui must regularly check out the link. in Shanghai Longfeng many webmasters use some online websites are open free templates, open source security is low, it is easy to find the source of the other vulnerabilities, and thus to control, so that our website has become someone else money making tools. 3: spatial database security introduction: in Shanghai Longfeng work, in order to avoid site loss, must do.

Analysis of Shanghai dragon Er future direction and whether they need to change

With the development of ?With the Er then as Shanghai Longfeng whether we consider the direction of change? Zhang Shoujin believes that if it is alone in Shanghai dragon, so like 08 people still speculation! Why? Because we have lost the initiative, especially in today this fast changing information age, if not to be able to follow the footsteps of the society, it will only make Shanghai dragon. ! industry in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon Er such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as they stand! From an unknown industry gradually rise is always popular! The new supersedes the old. eternal rule, since it has been rising, then that is not far away from the metabolism. This is an era of information changes very fast, we haven’t even fix Shanghai dragon is what things, followed by the arrival of the mobile Internet, big data era is not far behind to catch up quickly. As Shanghai dragon Er we consider whether to so whether Shanghai dragon has come to a dead end? Whether the future direction of the development of Shanghai dragon personnel need to re plan? According to the author found most of the Shanghai dragon has begun to have a career change! Some even give up the industry farm home, and others to a more extensive development to. The rest of the Shanghai dragon is mostly the God level figures still exist! Because they don’t worry about not making money. Their knowledge is not just limited to the scope of Shanghai dragon so simple, but with a skill in the Shanghai dragon. As some programmers, artists, network marketing, network marketing! Very many, but the scope of network marketing is base Shanghai Longfeng. ! search engine algorithm update and improvement, the majority of Shanghai dragon er for their website ranking feel very difficult, in addition to their competitors is not lack of God level Shanghai dragon in operation. This makes for our own technology began to doubt the Shanghai dragon. 10 years ago, Shanghai dragon is very simple, just under the Title Design and superposition of several key words can get good rankings, but the change of today’s search engines start to consider the user experience is the user behavior and other aspects of technology incorporation, eventually making search engine technology more perfect, but most of us the Shanghai dragon Er is still the old way of operator. Secondly, adding some cheating and black hat techniques and software driven! Makes Shanghai Longfeng industry is more chaotic, even if there is no barrier, facing the commercial nature of love Shanghai, love Shanghai will not make your site has been ranked in the front of the if I remember correctly, in the network marketing in Shanghai dragon is the initial one of the basic basis. Before 2010 most rely on Shanghai dragon to do station profit, but that some people earn money. In 2010 after the beginning of the popular micro-blog marketing! These people can seize the opportunity to earn money. […]

Fast to solve problem two analysis of the site to drop right down the right site reason

site will be punished, I found a lot of the time is the cause of the site itself, and the content of the website quality directly determines the possibility of the site right down. For example, we can see some sites there are a large number of duplicate content or spam worthless, or between relatively low content of these sites, if not down words in cheating, is generally not a good ranking, even within a period of time the ranking is pretty good, but once the search engines found the contents of this website are low quality, will certainly put this website down right. 2, The chain site outside the chain of unstable Hello, I and everyone in front of a simple analysis of some phenomena after a site is down right, that is very shallow, because their research in this area is still not deep enough to analyze seriously is still quite difficult, in front of May for some phenomenon has not talked about and if you find missing I can add my QQ exchange with me. Today I want to write this topic, then, is a simple analysis for the website drop right phenomenon, some reasons to help you find the website right down. 3, the web server instability site the most taboo is not actually the quality of the chain is too low, the stability is the most taboo site outside the chain. This stability is a good explanation, I think this is the chain of stability: the stability of the chain do not need long deleted possibility. The site of the chain is not stability but actually many factors. For example we love love Shanghai or Sina blog the chain in the process of optimization, but because the chain do too much, too obvious, this blog is management personnel K out, the article inside links all deleted, then over time we will be deleted from the website links, so caused a chain of stability. In addition, we do BBS signature links too much, links are posted to the top of the top, write the sentence is very short of the real meaning of no nonsense, this post although the start will be included, but over time will be deleted. There are many such examples here, we need to pay attention to the cultivation of stable link resources, and optimize their operating practices, as much as possible to achieve high stability. The site down the right, we are most worried about is not able to recover quickly in a short time. Encountered such a problem we must first understand clearly what the site is down right, the article "here we can see in front of the site right down a quick fix: clear down the right site" phenomenon, the second is to find the cause of the site is down right here, I will talk to you is one of the problems, finally we can take the corresponding solution to the right down the site, I will […]

Analysis how to distinguish the level of Shanghai Longfeng optimization skills

5, work attitude difference exchange chain Shanghai dragon skill level optimization often reflect on these issues, if you feel what is the lack of. user experience master exchange chain is often very cautious, they need to consider many conditions, very cheap outbound links, so the website Links more professional, more attractive to other sites to exchange and exchange for careful maintenance and inspection, after relatively convenient. While most novice value only included, PR value or br value. 4, the difference between content construction 2, the difference of Shanghai is usually based on the dragon master search engine Shanghai Longfeng data analysis, including data and website included snapshot updates, such as a change from the recent operation analysis of what is the reason, so as to improve, restore normal, let the optimization effect is the best. The new site is looking for a template, stack keywords, random chain increased, although the ranking can make up, but still not a permanent solution. master, and every time quantitative complete its task, while the novice is most of the time according to their own mood to decide how much of the workload, unable to achieve long-term stable keywords ranking. Master work planThere are plans to do master will mostly write original articles, the original article is fine and not in quantity! Even collected will modify a large part, and every day the update time will be relatively fixed, and beginners will only continue to copy and paste, not only will not even write the original basic skills acquisition will not use. 3, Shanghai dragon learning difference Shanghai dragon in this industry is not standardized, Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the high and low points is also very obvious, also known as the Shanghai dragon, is a rich handsome, is a poor and short, why is there such a big gap? The biggest difference lies in the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization skills and methods the different. If you are not satisfied with their Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, we have to take a look at the following places you do ? 1, the difference of 6, the difference of generally have a good mentality, for the sudden drop right, the decline in ranking problems such as heart problems in not too long, think of a way to solve it is the best thing to do, but for the novice industry often enough attention, no clear understanding of their own, most of the time to see what other people say good by others to do what. master not aimless learning, Shanghai dragon seems simple but also very complex, want to learn Shanghai Longfeng not read some books is not enough, while the novice but always think Yibudengtian, do some cheating or even black hat Shanghai dragon, now that this can only achieve a certain effect in the short term.

From HTTP to HTTPS to search the largest in the history of migration

so, HTTPS is what kind of world? Then to popularize the knowledge of. It can be simulated through Internet access sites or services of the scene, each access is a network connection chain "game", the traditional HTTP mode, search or access request by the "message", pass through the middle of the "proxy server, router, WiFi hot point, service providers and other" middle man "the what kind of world? today, the Internet, mobile phone has become the people’s lives depend on a very high degree of tools, but like a double-edged sword, the Internet is also a "black and white" exists in the world. In recent years, user data leakage, traffic hijacking, page tampering and other security incidents last night, exposure of 3.15 party security free WiFi is a typical scene. In this regard, many ordinary people may not understand why access behavior and their private data will suddenly be "stolen" domain name, not the wrong, the result went to a phishing site on HTTPS is a look at this, love Shanghai do what work. The technical term is HTTPS total security encryption service, which based on the traditional HTTP channel with SSL SSL, will all love Shanghai search request into the encrypted state, in order to solve the "middle" of user privacy sniffing and hijacking, for users to provide safe and reliable network environment and search. answer the question, you have to mention HTTPS, many people feel strange, because the Internet 20 years of development, used the input HTTP format in the browser address in the web site. Not long ago, love Shanghai search engine also launched the largest ever in the history of the "migration", the target is switched from HTTP to HTTPS, the popular terms, is the user search keywords and page access request data, adds a data encryption technology, some "transmission" process is encrypted and the third party certification, can not access, so as to easily resolve the data hijacking, tampering with the hidden danger. think about the past, the Internet is a virtual space for a pure entertainment, games, social networking, but with the rise of mobile Internet, especially in restaurants, movies, shopping, financial, or even buy a car, rent, taxi and other living services, tightly bound in the mobile phone and the network, people are not only single access to information, trading closed loop products and services also gradually mature. But it also further enlarge the risk of data security, hijacked or leaked. In recent years, fraud and data leakage occur frequently will often cause large economic loss, also is the truth. ? will now have to be HTTPS of the time. Abstract: many ordinary people may not understand why access behavior and their private data will suddenly be "stolen" domain name, not the wrong, the result went to a phishing site on ?

Enterprise how to make good use of Shanghai dragon and bidding for transformation doubled

Through the optimization of site search ranking website in the first page of search results, regardless of the daily traffic in many times, do not pay any fees on website is not independent of the engine maximum benefits of optimization, even if you only ask for love Shanghai is optimized, but the result is Google, YAHOO or other search engine rankings will increase, will bring more effective access to you in the invisible person. ! 60% users search ranking high awareness of nature, virtually can improve corporate image. The search engine users will give priority to Keywords 4, too, the search engine C: bid to promote the definition and characteristics of Shanghai PPC: love is the enterprise products and services through the form of keywords for the promotion of love in Shanghai search engine platform, it is a pay per click advertising. The with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises have embarked on a network marketing route, some do Shanghai dragon, some do, some can do and do the bidding of Shanghai dragon, then for the enterprise whether successful network marketing for Shanghai dragon and how to do the bidding? At present the enterprise website to out, bring traffic and customers, there are two ways: Shanghai dragon and bidding. Bidding and not opposed to the Shanghai dragon. In fact, enterprises in the promotion of the best model is Shanghai dragon and the auction are done, and the operation is not independent, but let the two to achieve complementary, mutually compensate for defects. Will promote the transformation to maximize. We must first understand the Shanghai dragon and bidding promotion features: 3, the investment cost is lower, effectively prevent malicious clicks, reduce invalid expenses. 1, top speed, immediate: enterprises can be key to love Shanghai qualifying home on the left side of the top three or first by bid. 2, Shanghai dragon can build brands, natural ranking can obtain stable peers and customers trust. according to the survey, 87% of Internet users will use search engines to find the required information service, which has nearly 70% of the first page of search will search directly in the search results of the information they need. 2, the 1, user acceptance is high, is easy to search users trust: : the definition and characteristics of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon is Chinese search engine optimization, keyword optimization is mainly to the target by means of qualifying for free. Traffic exposure rate increase the specific keywords and web site, thereby increasing sales opportunities. The main station is divided into Shanghai and Shanghai station two dragon dragon. keyword targeted, relevant web page guide better. The need for accurate positioning of keywords, products of the enterprises are really interested in. more than 95% of the conventional search engine results are given.

How do enterprise site outside the chain of four kinds of ingenious ways to let you handy

although everyone said the chain not what to use, but in the enterprise website optimization, the chain is essential, insist on the chain of high quality can help quickly get keywords ranking. If is the release of the main chain of what a good way? Zhirui Feng Ji below by the website optimization experts give you share. 3, SkyDrive, Sina, Shanghai Love asked to share library share and our counterparts similar to the old station have good ranking, they rely on the previous long-term accumulation. The new station and certainly can not rely on a large number of short-term chain accumulation, and improve the quality of the chain has become an inevitable choice. To industry portals contribute is very high quality outside the chain, can make the high quality of the site to our enterprise station transfer weight. For example: if we do is enterprise website construction or site optimization, then we can contribute to A5, attract people to read and reproduced. 2, looking for B2B shops or classified information platform release link 1, the industry portal In addition to business site is a product or service site, so we can find some good information platform, we have the products inside the column are related, more shops to bring us the flow more useful. At the same time, we do not necessarily have to use keywords, you can choose to do some long tail keywords ranking, so that the competition is small, making it more convenient, we posted on these sites are one-way links, this information platform will not delete the information we have, so long will bring us flow, is of great value for the website ranking. also contribute also to gather for the needs of the users, the introduction of traffic to the new line of enterprise website. So, your article must have it the only way dry cargo, the communication will be more and more widely. Of course, don’t forget to contribute in their own original articles in enterprise website links, the high quality of the articles submitted by the amount of the transfer will form a more high quality of the chain, the ranking of the site keywords boost. submissionA lot of submission, organizing industry activities or release of soft promotion is a good way, the content of quality requirements are not so high, the main purpose is to attract popularity. We can find some popular forums, blog publishing chain, will indirectly guide visitors to our website. Can also carry out publicity through QQ group members, others to click into a indirect user, if useful to share with others, so users will be more and more indirect. < > 4, to the popular industry forum soft or organization Most of the we can go and collect some good information, the best is we need to solve the problem of user search. Then compiled into more valuable content uploaded to SkyDrive library or public share. At the same time, adding some thinking in the marketing share, to […]

Discussion on ideas to promote love Shanghai bidding data analysis.

fourth, the consumption and transformation analysis. If there is high consumption and high consulting problems. > first, to clarify the keyword analysis. On the one hand to improve the tracking statistics of words, this is the key to better track accurate keywords, bidding by tracking keywords, but also to further develop the next bidding strategy, which can provide the background in Shanghai love set. Is the keyword statistics corresponding to the URL path on the other hand, optimization through statistical analysis to keyword bidding. third, show the consumer analysis. If there is high show high consumption, so that your account to bid higher, because the keywords ranking is higher, at this time should analyze the consumption situation, and then optimized according to the specific reasons, if consumption is higher and the keywords ranking position is relatively stable, it can be appropriate to reduce the bid to solve the problem. If there is high but low consumption show. This shows that a good optimization needs to continue, and the consumption and show to track. If it is low also show high consumption, this is the most difficult to accept is the need to optimize the place. There are a lot of difficulties and solve this problem, because many factors, such as setting the account, use personnel and show the ranking, so on the one hand to increase the number of keywords, on the other hand to enhance the quality of key words. second, show the node analysis. For the love of Shanghai bidding keywords will exist three kinds of phenomena, one of which is high to show high click. This nature is the ideal, you set the pattern is relatively new, but the user sees more opportunity, so the keyword click rate will rise. When this advertising effect, this time must pay attention to the related service and the relevant pages of the user experience, users can click on other natural keywords to your website, if you have no sense of service configuration high customer service and good landing page optimization, it is difficult to increase website traffic conversion rate. Second, when there is high but low on the show, now that your creative advertising is not enough, not to be able to attract users to click, so need through the graphics or other ideas to attract hits. Of course, also show the security of key words. Third, when the low and high click Show problems, it shows your creative advertising is good, but the show is not enough, the need to increase the account unit estimates and keywords to improve the delivery ratio show. love Shanghai bidding is an important way for many enterprises to conduct marketing, a promotion but love Shanghai auction is a kind of investment is relatively large, and the improper use, the actual marketing effect is very poor, because the essence of love Shanghai bidding lies in the rational use of keywords, the keywords Click to obtain the corresponding flow, and some key words price is […]

Love Shanghai not updated snapshot has effect on Web pages

recently, I search on the love of Shanghai "love Shanghai snapshot not update", found the so-called "coping strategies" a lot of articles, and these so-called "solution" is a rookie level soft, for the website optimization, but it is really meaningless; light said, these are not understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization fabrications of the soft, said the focus was on the many webmaster for a large misleading; resulting in trouble many webmaster all day around these snapshots to get scorched does not say, and in the time spent on the site does not provide a substantial the help, or even to do some damage to the user experience of things such as: "in order to update and update" and so do the ignorance of the change are in fact because many owners think that love Shanghai snapshot and web content And the weight of a great relationship result; but it is completely mistaken. ? first, we understand what is the meaning of love Shanghai. On this point, in fact, love Shanghai official already has a clear explanation: it is merely a cache backup file, and the value of its existence is to avoid failure because search engines love Shanghai temporary lead users can browse the web, the normal love at this time, Shanghai can provide a snapshot of the text page as a reference. You must understand: when the content can also be found in other pages, the snapshot presence will not have any sense at all; in other words, love Shanghai snapshot value is fully reflected in the content was the one and only, and the user is often need it, in this time it can only play effect. so, we see a snapshot of what and the value of its existence, we come to understand a person are one of the most frequently. why do you say that? First of all, we should understand a concept, namely the accurate definition of snapshots, a lot of people on the meaning of its existence is very vague; the most common in some people because released a new article with the title to love Shanghai search, and found the following a date I thought this is the snapshot date, this is not real, it is a comprehensive display date related content index. However, there are large part but also thought is. But there are many causes, the reason why people so wrong regardless of the consequences, but also many, the most common is to update the article that most people love Shanghai will have a dynamic, so love Shanghai has their own dynamic website, on behalf of your web site will not be "indifferent" to it? The people wrongly displayed below the date into "love Shanghai snapshot" date; in fact, these are a series of butterfly effect, so there is no mistake after people see the truth, the truth is that of course not, here we just want to reject this view, for the love of Shanghai snapshot update time, in order to […]

How to treat love Shanghai August 25th adjustment algorithm

3, "with accumulation of keywords or articles are not related to the topic, in an attempt to deceive the search engine, there is no real help to search relevant keywords users. After the 2, although the content readable, but most of the article is collected, copied from other websites, no original content itself. from the August 22nd love Shanghai introduced the algorithm to adjust the forecast, August 25th love Shanghai big update, adjustment has been for some time, although this adjustment is not perfect, is not the final result, but the update from this love Shanghai, as a webmaster must cause us some thinking. Early in 22, Shanghai official declarations of love, love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, will usher in a larger update, the ranking is larger. as early as the last love Shanghai update, there are many large sites on the arrival of the influence of the chain to bring awareness. There are many sites of conscious control over many of the chain, a lot of classified information website does not allow the release of the chain, so is the forum. We can see from the many clues, at least from the side of a problem, which is the focus of the loved object hit Shanghai, can be said to be one of the important factors. I carefully observed, some domain name without www but the rankings, with WWW ranking disappear disappeared. The other is the main influence ranking fluctuations, the home key, page keywords. All disappear, this should be the most effective love Shanghai new algorithm. 5, a large number of illegal websites or fraud, may cause the user property loss. but throughout this love Shanghai puppet think this update, although algorithm is to reflect the user experience. There are a lot of garbage collection site, cheating site, the site is K, is right down. But after the adjustment of the rankings, it did not reach the ideal. The top of the site there are still some poor user experience of the site, only can probably determine, this is K, is right down the site especially to cheat site. It should be with the hair a lot of garbage about the chain. , wait a few days indeed, it should be since 2012, an adjustment of the worst. Compared to before the June 28th love Shanghai adjustment, the more rapidly, not only led to a large number of the site is K, this also contains a large number of the old station, even a few years old domain name was not spared. The ranking fluctuation is very large, especially in the medical, Shanghai Longfeng class site. Stable on the first page of keywords ranking, ranking plummeted to two or three, or even 100 away. 1, random collection content, statement is unreasonable, the reader cannot obtain needed information from. 4, posing as official website to trick users in the title and meta tags in the statement is not true. In fact, first look at the announcement is as follows: in […]