September 2017

Noble baby rich web page summary tutorial

we need to modify the code for the following code: for the blog, there are two main rich web page summary function, a directory is the classification function, is a function of the author.               noble baby rich snippets can help users quickly determine the nobility baby search a website contains the information they are interested in more. Launched a rich web page summary before the nobility baby for shopping, recipes, reviews, videos, music and activities. Today I will introduce the use of "rich in common website on the optimization of Shanghai dragon. for WordPress, modify the single.php file, add the following code at the appropriate location: < $separator? Php =’& rsaquo; ‘; $category = get_the_category ( > < div itemscope itemtype=" 贵族宝贝" style=" display:inline" > < a href=" < #article/category/url#> " itemprop=" url" > < span itemprop=" title" > < #article/category/name#> < /span> < /a> < /div> and then save the reconstruction of articles, so that the next time the noble baby included page, the page will be included in the rich. station is also very simple, as long as the modified article page, add the directory category links the original a few lines of code. , for example, for the Z-blog article page template file, b_article-single.html original classification code: < #article/category/name#> Using the method of The catalog functions, allows users to search interface in the noble baby can visually see the specific classification information in the article, to understand the structure of the site, to guide the user to further access to more content.

How to keep the high weight forum signature analysis

is not a forum signature all effective? We must first understand why choose BBS signature, to tell the truth because the forum signature is the anchor text, if you can’t send this community in the anchor text, then your signature is not much significance, than to love Shanghai Post Bar develop text to reality, because the anchor text is the best effect on the rankings, suggest you look at the A5 forum can leave the anchor text and the weight is very high in the community, while others may not allow the webmaster community members to use low level anchor text, the effect will be greatly reduced. four, it’s important to show , a post to the high quality of to control the number ofThe number of how many webmaster have noticed, there is a part of the community began posting. wide Since five, but not the most terrible forum signature is issued to the contents of the decision, some owners will use mass tools to send, can send a lot of disposable, feel the effect is very good, indeed, was made up of content will soon be included, but do not know how many of these stationmaster is done statistics, the contents of the finally, how to keep more than two months, so that the mass content of reply must be "top" "the landlord said" good "learning" the content, such as content I think the engine is not retained for long, there is no weight, time-consuming and laborious. forum signature is one of the main source of the chain many webmaster, whether you believe it or not, I believe, after all, this link can also calculate the anchor text, but also as part of the weights of the engine has a long history, it is also very easy to leave, but since the simple nature can fix is this link daluhuo, what to do? And I slowly come to be. is certainly left a link, number of main or reply than ZhuTie high frequency, that is not what posts back? No, there are a lot of illegal posts many forums, or advertising posts, the posts are collected, and the value is not high, but also at any time by the moderator remove the ban seal risk, many of our webmaster think as long as I stay far and wide, the effect will be good, in fact, is not the case, the original and new articles, and to be the engine of long-term preservation of opportunities will be much larger, so try to go to the top with your website related articles, and as far as possible found that those who write long and fine articles. three, time webmaster system a lot of time, many webmaster have the time on a one-time send a sanwubo, sometimes no time a day is not issued, so the growth of the chain is not the law, bring the opposite result is found links deleted a lot, it is very difficult to save, so […]

In the new algorithm, love Shanghai under the station there is a way that swarm optimization

love Shanghai algorithm is high, the majority of workers want to optimize Shanghai Longfeng opportunistic way to site optimization is also more and more high, this is the station group optimization in recent years by the Shanghai Longfeng workers as a wide optimization model optimization, especially the Shanghai dragon optimization team, due to years of accumulation Web site resources, the use of a large number of sites to build into the weight of the station group, is an easy thing again, on the basis of the website optimization effect will be able to a higher ranking in a very short period of time, thus establishing itself in Shanghai Longfeng optimization circle inside the dominant position and core competitiveness. If the station group new connection needs not only the type of site has certain correlation, but also have some randomness in Links, not be able to carry out simple interconnection, and the site space choice also is random, this is the Shanghai dragon optimization team is generally not a problem, but for some Shanghai Longfeng individual optimization personnel, want to engage in station optimization. now love Shanghai algorithm pay more attention to the link, which need to stand swarm optimization in the selection, according to the content of the web site to conduct, the usual method is the use of an industry chain upstream and downstream of the JianShe Railway Station group, such as IT industry, it can be a computer keyboard software sales, sales, sales and other web sites the station group, the appropriate link in the relevant content, this link is random, not every channel, every content should be made so that the regularity of the sprocket mode, station group is obviously not suitable for the new algorithm under the station group link. ! but in the two generation algorithm and the algorithm of pomegranate green under the impact of the station group but also the optimization model of sprocket can work, can not be optimized Jones is widely used? The author think that we must keep a low profile, to know the stations is their years of accumulated resources, has been in the industry have a certain reputation and profitability, if the optimization mode of station group, one not careful it is easy to be search engine caught cheating, resulting in their failure to optimize. Intelligent and The correlation between is not standing group has successfully optimize the use of resources, to achieve common prosperity through its establishment of a number of sites, if the station group chain wheel optimization in this process, the author thinks that still have to be careful, after all, investment cost of the website is not very cheap, if the two level domain name the construction site, looks relatively cheap, but in fact the optimization effect is very small, especially in the new love Shanghai algorithm, especially fell in love with the sea since the new algorithms have so many difficulties, it is not that stand swarm optimization will be eliminated no way […]

How to write the article to meet the needs of users in the website optimization

second, this paper uses the best pictures of the way. When we introduce a product, even if you are using a very gorgeous statement to describe, but as a layman, but they need to know the text of the product itself. Besides, some pictures together will let users feel more profound impression, especially for many B2C products website, pictures and the text combine is to add a very good means of persuasion, if you are a careful friend, do you often go shopping would surely find many sales website and Taobao guest website the website content writing, often for different types, different categories, different graphic display based on this, the purpose is very clear, is undoubtedly hope " Operation and optimization of process information of small business website love Shanghai drop-down list often associated with the Lantian jade drop tail Related words, we can see the Lantian jade bracelets, jade Lantian Lantian jade bracelet price, price is relatively high degree of attention to the user, when writing the article, these content is our extension of long tail traffic, writing a powerful weapon for the relatively strong station in this paper, we will not only provide for the title of the original content, the key is how to make the article highlights the value, the author will introduce the general in the original process as the basis, to provide reference for many small skills based on different, in order to meet the needs of different users for search. For example, customers are in search of Lantian jade bracelet, the price, the client itself has a very clear demand They search, demand is jade bracelet, but we think, search the jade bracelet friends have different age friends, such as age between 18-23, between 23 to 30, with over 30 years of age, of course, different age is not a cause for jade color, young friends with love pink or green color, over the age of 35, they love like milky white or dark green products, we introduce different price best detailed products of different colors and different degree of agreement for different classes, according to the recommendation, allowing users to feel your heart in one, but also from the side reflects the key of professional website. the author has been engaged in the Shanghai, especially with love algorithm upgrades, feel more and more importance to quality in the station of the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon as a er I think the article is certain and user needs and experience linked to the content you can get how many customers attention, can promote the website big viscosity, both is proportional to, an information website, how to make the quality more valuable and more convincing, the author thinks that the following aspects should we think of any a webmaster, well below the author in his own website for detailed analysis. first, before writing how to effectively tap the user needs. I love statistics work very much, let’s look at pictures, The content of the […]

How to use the search function to improve the site included the amount of

, a deliberate search site keywords   in the search engine’s eyes, which the TAGS tag is equivalent to an additional product search function, we can see many website TAGS tags are included, will be displayed in the form of search, especially Google, to each TAGS tag as a separate page included, and for love Shanghai is not so obvious effect, in the love of Shanghai in the process of optimization, the use of TAGS tags can actually increase the website included quantity, but not good, very easy to appear in the page is not included, will eventually lead to the site only included the home page. Therefore, the rational use of TAGS tags can indeed increase the website included quantity, but also can make the inside pages with fire will not be included, and here I remind you, use the TAGS tag, do not deliberately put keyword stuffing into it, it will affect the search engine TAGS to determine the label related, and TAGS the label itself is.   search engine algorithm based on the more profound, I do not know how to calculate, but the author tested some examples, as shown in figure webmasters to turn on the computer every day is how to query the site included, rose will be happy, and worry will also drop. So the webmaster and completely see search engine face every day, keep their website included quantity rise or drop, why not go looking for effective methods included the amount of low? Recently I found a search engine to search the function of special interest, and the author of the website a lot of pages are from the search page so, we can use the search function to improve the web site is included. Today the author explain how through the search function to improve the website included quantity. Through the picture is not the search keyword optimization of the site itself, but as long as the search for the word, then the love of Shanghai will be included in the relevant page, the word so that we can get through the site to deliberate the search keywords you want to optimize or some has not been included in the page is. Fully indexed through the search function to make the website, natural to improve the website included quantity is very helpful, if you do not believe you can try to ensure effective. effect, we can see that the file is the arrow marked the search page file, and this is what love Shanghai on the search page special love, based on what principle do not know, as long as the site has a search page of the website, the search engine will search the contents of the page included the assorted now, the search page has such function, so how do we use? There are three main methods: Keywords The first thing two, the rational use of TAGS tag use the search function to raise the amount of included examples of […]

The secret can make new optimization for three months on the home page

first, do not understand the true optimization. Some owners only know nothing more than to do optimization ranking, in the optimization of the system understanding is not comprehensive, leading to lack of optimization knowledge and think content with the chain that is universal, repeating the same work every day, in order to update and update the contents of the station outside the station, in order to increase the chain and the chain, and heard the friendship the link is valid, and then followed for Links, day in and day out, three months later, the site still no change. usually is not difficult in the optimization of the site keywords period on the home page is normal, but can not get it to the website also is even longer, do optimization, search engine will not change to favor, then Shanghai dragon Er will be so hard to do optimization question, but there is no effect, why? In fact, Shanghai dragon Er sites took up a good chance to challenge the previous optimization, do a good job, to enhance the commercial value of late site is new sites do not optimize with extreme ease, is nothing more than a few reasons: website. The new station received after the first of the site were analyzed to change to optimize website structure, such as the code is too long, the same module code is inconsistent and so on, to pave the way for later work well in the station optimization routine optimization. Then optimize the location, select all the established keywords in relatively easy to achieve ranking as a key word optimization, to optimize the keywords to drive the overall site keywords ranking. second, the optimization method is not correct. In addition to the work mentioned above the mechanical optimization, there is no comprehensive examination on the website, the website layout and site code optimization is obviously not in conformity with the optimization rules does not make any change, not only affects the content of the website, and began to search engine brought bad impression. Did they get to work in order to optimize, after optimizing the cycle of three months to enter the sandbox, to achieve the ranking probably three months to may not be. I believe there have been > Shanghai Longfeng experience know that the first effect cycle optimization of the railway station is about three months, the optimization work whether the role will be in this period slightly, in addition to the keyword difficulty, more important is related with the optimization method, the odd million Internet business for many years engaged in website optimization professional, following shared secret can let new optimization for three months on the home page and you. After analyzing the reason after website optimization do not exist on the front page, is the new combat, to three months on the home page, you can try a small series of methods. third, no effective way of optimization. Although the webmaster know roughly what the website optimization approach, […]

Love Shanghai integrated search marketing system launched PC mobile one Sunday

Related reading: in the keywords on the bid, enterprise customers can operate through the change of the two terminal bid proportion, according to their custom on the weight. Love at the same time, Shanghai also launched a total solution of mobile marketing, including mobile station mobile business tools, online consulting, direct dial telephone, APP and other mobile terminal promotion presentation, can help deal. May 16th, love Shanghai integrated promotion system will be on May 18th (Sunday) officially launched, promote corporate customers in PC and mobile terminal will be integrated into a unified management platform. A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference it is understood that love Shanghai integrated search marketing system PC search promotion and mobile search marketing promotion plan set two be made one, as a solution to simplify the customer management and optimization of enterprise account operation, can realize a set of materials, multi screen delivery. love Shanghai says, from the point of view of the user time distribution, PC side search focused on work hours, and mobile search traffic will show a sharp rise in the weekend, this complementary trend highlights the advantages of mobile search promotion.  

On the way of thinking about Shanghai Longfeng work flow

In fact, according to the positive thinking: in fact, the above analysis is basically positive thinking. That is, when the domain name space and code completion, will be able to complete the construction site, on the site within the chain link to the website, the content and the chain link is to enrich the content of the website and the construction of the high quality of the chain. And thus improve the number of websites and content page crawler quality. This website will have included, included more web site weight is high, then the ranking will be higher, the click rate will rise, then can produce the corresponding flow, through the analysis of traffic can get loyal users and potential users of the website. first talk about the specific work flow of Shanghai Longfeng Optimization: for a new website, the first is to optimize the order of space, domain name, website open speed is second, third is the content and the chain, the fourth is the analysis of the quantity and quality of the page crawler, fifth, see collection, sixth is the seventh ranking, click eighth is the flow rate, analysis. In third, fourth and fifth of the three part is the optimization of the core, if the collection is not high, then turn to optimize the content and the chain, and then analyze the quantity and quality of web crawler, until the number included increasing. website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization work process, we actually can make positive and inverse optimizing two forms, namely positive thinking and reverse thinking optimization optimization, these two kinds of optimization based on the model, we can make the optimization work and become orderly, clear, and can effectively improve the optimization effect. The following two kinds of thinking mode analysis. : reverse thinking for website optimization, > other relevant content about Shanghai Longfeng optimization many current studies are some details such as how to optimize the content should be optimized, the chain code framework how to build, from which aspects should be how to optimize the template optimization. Although these optimization details can produce a good help to the webmaster, but the research about Shanghai Longfeng optimization work process of thinking is relatively small, so it is in this paper is Shanghai dragon optimization work process analysis based on. from the Shanghai dragon optimization process, and not how complex, but most of the time, the webmaster and not in accordance with this process to work, often directly is the analysis of flow and ranking, and then analyzed the space and domain name and website architecture. Different ways that often let the owners feel everywhere, finally found the website optimization so hard, and give up. many novice webmaster in optimizing a website, I feel there is a lot of work to do, and each job is the key, and in every work both spend a lot of time, but finally found their own mess do optimization work. Because when each job becomes the focus, and finally […]

In those years we talked about the Shanghai dragon training

2, , Shanghai dragon Beauty Week Jane decided not to take part in the training is not necessarily a bad school Shanghai dragon, after all this is to look at the person to judge. I think there are two main types: two, do not participate in the training school is not good Shanghai dragon in the Internet industry, networking is very important for us. In fact, the teacher gave us is some basic knowledge and thinking of things, but the key is through the training of this platform, we can make the Internet industry friends, we come together to exchange and learning, in order to expand their network. After all, the strength of the team is better than individual. said that success is going to copy others’ experience and lessons. Although the experience is accumulated by slowly, but if there is a teacher with rich experience with your own to explore, the effect will be better? As we send the chain! The teacher will tell us what to high quality website and forum to send, and to collect and find yourself. Maybe you collect well, others have long hair, may also apply for the column is not fixed. But you have wasted a lot of time. For the Internet, the time for us is really important, we can’t afford to waste it. , thank you! 3, networking and friends chat after I Xiangleyixia, in fact, for the Shanghai dragon training, each one according to his lights. Some people think that useless, even said that many organizations are under the banner of training to get money, of course, this does not rule out; but some people say the training still has a great advantage, can give us direction, goal to learn. Then the beauty of Shanghai dragon Zhou Zhen came to publish their a little idea, welcome to the crowd and. for the novice in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon training can guide us to quickly enter the industry, learn the knowledge of Shanghai dragon through the system, so as to clarify the thinking and direction of their own. I believe a lot of just entering the Shanghai dragon industry, start listening to others said Shanghai dragon is the content + the chain, nothing is simple. Every day as long as you send the chain. I don’t know if you have this kind of situation, at least the first week of Shanghai dragon beauty Jane had this experience. Then we every day bubble in the forum, as long as the Shanghai dragon forum issued. Every day is very blind to the hair of the chain, just for the chain chain. 1, self-learning ability, people can not be appropriate training > 1, experience ?In fact, Guide beauty today Shanghai dragon Jane in time to update the station for the week, a friend gave me a Q Shanghai dragon. I asked in some related training channels, in order to keep his privacy, here I will not name. Directly below the above: , a Shanghai […]

Your website has gone up It is for this reason!

construction site in Webmaster, will be exposed to a variety of elements, all aspects of the site where the site structure is a very important link on website structure does not deny that some people will ignore, but the structure of the website can involve many aspects of the site in Zhengzhou, website optimization, optimization on the structure of the site is also essential, even some webmaster will structure into a separate optimization focus on website structure shows the importance that we do not have to talk about, including web site later the user experience is good will largely depend on the structure of the site, if the site according to the user’s operating habits, joint search engine grab the state, so the website will naturally by users, so the site should have a clear structure and simple navigation, so The user can find the corresponding content in the shortest period of time, but also can promote the search engines on the site and collected information. Said so much, then how should we deploy on website structure in order to achieve a win-win? Don’t worry, look down. said the next one all the more common, it is the site of the breadcrumb navigation, I believe we are in contact with this type of navigation, a breadcrumb navigation can be said harmless, the website structure is simple and clear is to users in the shortest time to find the required information, then the breadcrumb navigation it can be very good to guide users on the website browsing convenient, inform the current location of the user information, the user will not get lost in the station, through the breadcrumb deployment, users can clearly know the specific location of their pages throughout the site, but also convenient for users on a return. On the other hand, also.   we talked about the page loading speed, there are many factors leading to this phenomenon, which is a very important factor is in the web page in the deployment of a large number of pictures of flash documents, although to a certain extent to enhance the visual effects of the website, but also because the file is too large. Affect the page loading time, including sites such as JS, suggest that as much as possible to reduce the number of such files by div+css, to better meet the search engines crawl, including the site of the 404 page and so on, can enhance the user experience degree to a certain extent. is the first to say the layout problem in the construction site before, have their own ideas for the site layout of each station, but some for personalized website and contrary to the out of the ordinary outstanding operation habit of the user to stand on the internal department, such behavior is counterproductive, we must first ensure that resentment in the user to open the page the first impression is not, this website will have the opportunity to retain users, including the page load […]

Submit SITEMAP.XML to each big search engine

4, Sitemap MSN to submit a site map, direct submission by URL: to Yahoo! Sitemap 贵族宝贝 noble baby贵族宝贝/webmasters/tools/ 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/mysites use the noble baby account after landing, verify your site, then you can re submit the "sitemap" page submit site map, submit through the following web site management submit site map Sitemap to Yahoo China, submitted to 2, Yahoo 6, Sitemap to submit a site map, love Shanghai Baidu no way, now love Shanghai does not support Sitemap. 1, noble baby 贵族宝贝 But sitemap address is 贵族宝贝submissions.ask贵族宝贝/ping sitemap=http%3A// a. Sitemap to submit a site map directly to the noble baby, URL: 贵族宝贝api.moreover贵族宝贝/ping u=http%3A// B. by the noble baby Adsense management tools to submit; You need to submit the website through 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/search/url_submit.html to submit your url. ? 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝 love Shanghai will search through robots.txt crawling your sitemap, updated quickly. 5, Sitemap ASK to submit a site map, directly to the by the following web site management 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/webmasters/sitemaps/ping noble baby? 3, Yahoo China ?

Several symptoms of love Shanghai update and recovery situation

  Figure 1: analysis: the love of Shanghai update to high quality content better ranking, but now this is only temporary, will not last long, the 80% station will soon be restored! So webmaster friends do not have to worry too much about a ranking of your site, a lot of keywords ranking off, it is only temporary, maybe a few minutes after your keywords returned to that position yesterday, and significantly enhance the webmaster friends for keywords ranking, also do not. from the beginning of the afternoon, has been changing constantly in the query keywords, find a lot of words are picked up, your site key has an obvious rebound. Those who love Shanghai know, love Shanghai Wikipedia, ask soso, Sina blog and classification of information have been cleaned the home page. However, keyword ranking has been out of an unstable phenomenon, from the words "business", half an hour ranking and had the obvious change, to see if we cut a figure, perhaps it will have a different ranking, do not believe you to check. today is the same as before, the morning to open the computer to query some website, mainly to see the website snapshot, included, reverse link, ranking, but to everyone’s surprise is the keyword ranking, webmaster reaction most of its own web site keywords are out, logically speaking, we can not say the words are back off, there should be some friends down some keywords, keyword ranking up, but found that the row up love of Shanghai’s own products and some other authoritative web pages, and for the weight of relatively high site hasn’t affected, if the weight is relatively low for some enterprises station. Some phenomena of love Shanghai update today are the following: recovery: 2: home almost all of Shanghai love their products and some weight high website pages, such as: love, love Shanghai Shanghai know Wikipedia, Soso Ask, Sina blog and some classified information etc.. Figure two: 3 phenomenon: many did not take the WWW domain have good rankings. Query by Changsha wedding photography, electric district, Xiamen logistics network and some key words, found that many sites are not www row on the home page, believe that many webmaster promotion with WWW domain, but the domain name without the WWW row up, let many webmaster hard to imagine. Keywords: 1 phenomenon has declined. This is the most obvious, many webmaster friends complain in the group, love Shanghai aunt again. 4: rank did not stand out basically is the old name, not pay attention to the quality of the chain number! Keyword ranking out of all some of the weight of small business station, weight high website did not affected.  

Shanghai dragon service with their clients should be taken into account

said before, Shanghai dragon industry did not end, but some of the list did not do well, but for those who appear to be "hard-earned" list we have to be careful, maybe the money you earn is heartburn. Because some things are not from their own unilateral consideration, we should also be aware of the user’s thoughts. even though there are a lot of people shouting Shanghai dragon is at an end, the price of cabbage orders not to earn money, but I still believe in the fertile soil on our Shanghai dragon is not a block can be lost, because any industry will be faced with the transition, facing the change, like Microsoft is trying to close to the mobile Internet, because we can’t everything becomes strange to artificially control yourself not to accept new things, and there is no Shanghai dragon you want to be embarrassed, the reason why there are so many friends that SE4O difficult to do, it is because they are in contact with some small webmaster, Shanghai dragon industry consolidation, some sites will be K lost, many small webmaster grassroots support, Shanghai dragon certainly had a bad day for sure. But for some of the strength of the company, in Shanghai Longfeng frequently rectify today might be some opportunities, but for orders, let’s be careful. from the user account Just like (four) for a pure grassroots webmaster or novice webmaster, we will not be able to hold "slaughter a meal". (two) to ask the webmaster may make you worry sometimes, because the other side of these practices make you feel a serious distrust, but throughout the entire Shanghai Longfeng environment, many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners do not have to strictly abide by the occupation ethics, in order to achieve the desired effect, and the accumulation of keywords pseudo chain, bridge page even link factories, various means are used, for the site in the future without fear, this optimization can customers worry about others? So carefully about your operation process and not trust you, but for the optimization of the process of care. (a) the other is value your price, partly because now Shanghai Longfeng service quality is uneven, many times the customer money boondoggle, so the money caution is understandable, on the other hand, after all, is a lot of money webmaster about the place, owners are small, even large in the budget is quite compact, therefore, if the other party to your prices, you do not need to get angry, as long as the description of their difficulties in a calm mood, to understand each other on the line. (three) three words from the customer money you must have met, after all, there’s always this world so few people are not bad money, when they say they do not need the money, you must do the optimization, we should remember three points, to complete the use efficiency of the most efficient established the long-term target, bind the user, offer two, not too low, as […]

Bing (Bing) Webmaster Tools Guide

website, with the love of Shanghai and noble baby Webmaster Tools similar verification method.   fill in on my website with Several major search engines ( Webmaster Tools:   love Shanghai Webmaster Platform: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝 verification is completed, your site will appear on the website administrator background page, click into the dashboard. > entrance     noble baby Webmaster Tools: https://www.贵族宝贝/webmasters/tools/home hl=zh-CN   Fill in after the need to verify the ownership of the Bing Webmaster Tools Guide: link details can be listed up to 2000 pages from the chain, since YAHOO out of Chinese, we want to query the site outside the chain is more and more trouble, we still have to make use of foreign opensiteexplorer and backlinkwatch query tools to tea, Bing launched the chain query tool, we have one more choice. first Bing landing site administrator background, the need to register an account of what, here not elaborate, add a site to enter your site in the bottom.   , Bing, noble love Shanghai baby) have launched their own webmaster tools, I believe many of my friends have been used, they each have their own characteristics, today is a brief introduction of functional demonstration methods using Bing webmaster tools and some good. noble baby? Bing Webmaster Tools: 贵族宝贝cn.bing贵族宝贝/toolbox/webmaster   dashboard which probably lists the details of the website, the search key is your site every day by keyword search times and the number of clicks.   inbound links are website chain number and the source website, click on the back of the number of links you can view detailed information link.

Seven year old station weight 6 to 0 weight on pain

Right down to the right 6 1, website security has become 2, seven years of the site should not be considered in Shanghai Longfeng optimization alone, need your own website Google search engine is a real example, since 2010, Google exit China market, it China in the server is not stable, the site open have occurred. Lead used to use Google search users, mostly abandoned Google, to love Shanghai or search 360. from the member "immortal laid off" the description of the problem, we can know about the reason why the site was down the right. The site itself is no problem, but the server is under attack, as long as half a month to open, this is a fatal blow to any website. Even if love is like Shanghai cattle B website, if it is half a month’s time to open it, users will have great losses. brand marketing website 0 experience is not everyone has a chance to experience, but can imagine the kind of feeling. Today the members of the "fairy off" in Shanghai Longfeng forum issued in the talk about their own problems, own a 7 year website last year and fell in love with the sea power to 6 IP on the right, about 100 thousand or so, because the web server is love Shanghai right down, plus your less maintenance, love Shanghai weight now 0. The 7 year old site, thinking experienced such changes turned upside down, I think should not only to analysis why the website will be right down, how to restore. factors must be considered is a Shanghai dragon optimization figure said "Daniel website Shanghai dragon is the highest level from Shanghai dragon optimization". A single by Shanghai dragon optimization keywords, get traffic from search engines, even if its ranking is again good, also can not be regarded as a first-class website, can only be regarded as a three stream sites. Because it can not control their own destiny, as long as the love of Shanghai which day not happy, would lose your job. like Taobao, it completely blocked love Shanghai, love the sea to search any Taobao page ranking, but taobao贵族宝贝 daily traffic reached 25 million as much as IP. Because Taobao will pay attention to establish their own brand from the beginning, just want to let users shopping on the internet think of Taobao, this brand is unable to give any search engine and control. a 6 to seven years the right website, if you only pay attention to the site’s search engine rankings, but did not go to their website brand marketing, it is a sad. Seven years, 6 of the investment is right, can set up the brand effect to their users. When you remember your web site. wants a long-term development of the website, the web server requires you to be very strict, do a good job in the server attacks at the same time, it is best to have a backup server, if the server […]

Root cause analysis and prevention of the site is often black

7, cross site instruction forgery > hackers can remotely execute code, remote installation rootkits or completely break a system. Any one received from the user file name or file network application software is the existence of loopholes. Vulnerability may be written in the PHP language, PHP is a scripting language most commonly used in the process of network development. 6, security authentication and session management The main reason for the XSS vulnerability is the most common and most deadly network application software security vulnerabilities, easy to occur when an application will be sent to the user data without authentication or wrong encoding content for web browser. Hackers can use browser malicious script to obtain the user’s data, damage to the site, insert harmful content and phishing attacks and malicious attacks. 2, application software is generated and displayed to the user if the error information is also useful for hackers, that information may be privacy information, users of the software configuration or other internal data leaks. injection vulnerability in recent days have a client to find our Guangzhou Shenzhen Internet service said his website is always being invaded by black, for example: add a large PW and medical, gaming and other links, that is our Hongkong virtual host problem. In fact, any development of a program when there are loopholes, etc. this vulnerability was found that more people, then there will be a large web site intrusion and black. From the current situation, the website was hacked is generally a network of many hackers caused by random scan. 1, cross site scripting (XSS) when the user data is provided as part of the instruction is sent to the converter (text instructions into machine executable instructions) when hackers can deceive the converter. Attackers can use injection vulnerabilities create read update or delete any data on the application software. In the worst case, the attacker can exploit these vulnerabilities to completely control the application software and the underlying system, even around the bottom of the firewall system. 3 malicious files, execute sites are often black mainly in the following points: 4, this kind of attack is simple but destructive, it can control the victim’s browser then sends malicious commands to the network application software. This website is very easy to be attacked, partly because they are authorized to order according to the session cookie or "automatic memory function. The bank is a potential target. if the application cannot be protected from first to last certification and session identification, the administrator user account will be broken. We should pay attention to the basic principle of privacy and authentication system and effective monitoring. 5, information leakage and error handling

Some of the best website optimization keyword ranking method

three, Title is very important. two, before doing keyword keyword selection is the basis of optimization. Title tag to contain the keywords, concise, such as my station is Shanghai dragon _ Shanghai dragon _ Optimization Website Optimization _ search engine optimization. The title tag is very important, at least for the love of Shanghai. As for the noble baby rankings, in addition to the above, site high weight, also directly affect the relevant keywords ranking, so Shanghai must grasp the Dragon ER. web page content to do it, Shanghai dragon ER the next step is to improve the site keywords ranking, bring traffic to your site. But to improve keyword rankings is a system engineering, from the beginning to the end have to pay attention to the details. Let’s talk about how to improve the site keywords ranking: Keywords we know that in the search engine retrieval is achieved through the keyword of the input information. Therefore, as its name implies, is really the key words. It is the website login process is the most basic, the most important step, is the basis for our website optimization, so I cannot overemphasize the importance of. Here are several best website optimization keyword ranking method. , the best pure static web page. > After the B H Alt tag can be appropriate to add the appropriate keyword, remember, oh! But don’t overdo it, you know. Write articles or reproduced the best original articles best also appear several key words, as for several key words to appear, where ER, Shanghai dragon you have to yourself. if the keywords do not, then the other to do better, your key word also ranked row. For example, I optimize the station first determine the center of the word Shanghai Longfeng optimization, and then use the keyword tool to find the right key, right here refers to the related, such as website optimization and search engine optimization. Also it is necessary for the good of Shanghai Longfeng tool 贵族宝贝fengzhidui贵族宝贝/ to join favorites to repeat using the query, we have to learn to labor. The keyword density is too small a little weight, keyword ranking couldn’t get bogged down, or keyword density too big keywords ranking up, but soon he was in love with the sea K to support fast, absolutely not go the. So the keyword density must grasp, do practical content, not to engage in cheating, this is how long do stand. five, the position is also very important. four, keyword density is also high on the weight ranking, general control in 2%-8%. as a web site optimization personnel all know static page to search engines. However, dynamic pages take the best, to generate pseudo static pages, this approach is conducive to optimization.

Shanghai Longfeng detours rookie entry-level experience

remember many years ago, to join the army to go forward with great strength and vigour of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon for the time, that time every thing to do is to turn over the size of the Shanghai Phoenix Forum, see predecessors footsteps, learning the experience of their predecessors, presumably such things, big home may have experienced, just in the experience of the process there will inevitably be detours, the choice of the domain name space to buy keywords???   ! for beginners to learn Shanghai, the most easy to mistake is I think of reading and learning, for beginners to learn Shanghai dragon is the first after reading practice, at times the size of Shanghai dragon forum, see gossip, do not start, so, my suggestion is that if you want to quickly learn the Shanghai Dragon, the first thing that is to the actual intervention, Shanghai dragon and website are inseparable. The website how to continue to look down,   year, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Steamed Buns quite a few detours, as a rookie Shanghai dragon, is not an easy thing in front of the hard road, the slightest mistake, it will be a waste of ten days or even months of hard work, if you can avoid detours, quickly into the Shanghai dragon industry. Today is our problem, if you are a beginner or rookie Shanghai dragon, please continue reading this article, this article will give you many detours, if you are a master or from Shanghai Shanghai dragon has marched into the ranks of dragon SEM management, please WS this article and XX off, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Steamed Buns can don’t want to waste your precious time. to build a website, we must start from the basics, Shanghai dragon is not a day to learn, but one day will be able to understand the need to build a website, you need to understand the domain name, space / server, DNS, web applications, web applications to upload the required FTP software website program for beginners ZBLOG, WRODPRESS, EMBLOG that is a good choice, like Wuhan Shanghai dragon Steamed Buns is used in ZBLOG, very good! We need to learn a simple code, HTML, ASP, DIV+CSS style code does not need to understand, at least, need to know, as well as PHP, database, website move; Shanghai dragon in our code. The query commonly used site, domain, inurl etc.; website optimization often contact terms, 404 pages, 301 redirect, robots, nofollow, Links, site map, The search engine status code, included, index, ranking; what is death, how to deal with the chain? Chain, sprocket form, the release of the soft, like the Shanghai dragon QuickStart articles, we will try to copy writing, we in order to let Shanghai dragon to do better the position, also needs to have the understand love in Shanghai know, Post Bar, social marketing.

Shanghai Longfeng inventory process that likely to be overlooked details

is undoubtedly the search engine more friendly, more conducive to the analysis of the structure of the site search engine. The URL can make the search engine more easily understand your site, URL is not too long and try to contain the keyword Pinyin, that will make your pages easier to search. In addition, clean, clear the web page layout can increase the depth of user’s browsing, not easily jump out of your website, so the search engine will give a higher score of is now a variety of online training materials of Shanghai Longfeng everywhere, so many novice in reading some of Shanghai dragon tutorial, often feel excited conceal the original Shanghai dragon is so simple, is nothing more than the chain for the emperor King content. In fact, Tai Chi circle advertising alliance believes that although the chain and content is the most important point in the Shanghai dragon, but really need to pay attention to details and experience, often put you behind the opponent is perhaps the Shanghai dragon is in the process of you ignore the details". fourth: The development of today, Tai Chi circle advertising alliance is the most easily overlooked details of Shanghai Longfeng sorted out, for example, perhaps not very detailed, but just to give you a warning to avoid making the same mistakes: website, the website is caused by dead links often inadvertently, or because of various reasons add up the. Anyway, no matter what reason is dead link on the search engine is very friendly, a lot of dead link the spider into a dead end, thereby reducing the search engine friendliness of the site to reduce the effective page crawling. Tai Chi circle advertising alliance Shanghai Longfeng Er to use dead link webmaster tools to check the website, timely delete and correct. third: no dead links now but a share of the era, is also an advocate of free speech of the times, more simple and efficient way to share and comment on the way to your website will undoubtedly bring more promotion and better user experience. Especially recently even the love of Shanghai add a share of the thumb in the search results back, Tai Chi circle advertising alliance that still has certain help to the Shanghai dragon. This is the Shanghai dragon in the death of a taboo on the to record the daily website, because it can give you a better understanding of their own records, can let you develop better habits and greater confidence. The record can also make a clear understanding of what is the effect of website optimization method, which is doing when you record for a period of time you will find the development path from the website, each pay their own have a corresponding return. Shanghai dragon Er to form a good habit in fact is a kind of optimization side on site, because the site is what you need to artificially manipulate and direct your habits affect the development of the […]

Professional work but also the effective communication of Shanghai dragon is dry out

Shanghai dragon solution, the fact that these two methods are not ideal first, work (orders) are important, but the problem is that Shanghai dragon is going on with the result of the success of the last, such contradictions encountered "work (orders) and abandon principle" approach is very difficult to guarantee the ultimate success of Shanghai Longfeng work finally, people will leave the people are not sincere, is completely. What is worse, others think you are not professional, is cheating. and second kinds of attitude is also not desirable, so people can not let people really accept your opinion — such outcomes do not pay attention to the way of communication will only make more of your leadership is not assured (or lost list), and so the debate way (even if you are cited by according to the code) can not prove professional and principle of you this Shanghai dragon ER, and will only give the impression that you "die head stubborn" (Kunming dialect, "stubborn, difficult to communicate") the strong impression of (unfortunately, gouyn12 is also have this problem). we must recognize that such a situation occurs, is still the leading (or employer) lack of the inevitable result of the Shanghai dragon ER trust, in this case, a simple statement does not really solve the problem for you trust each other enough. friends complain on QQ, in the Shanghai dragon plan discussion unit website, leadership is obviously not understand Shanghai Longfeng professional knowledge, can from the website of Shanghai Longfeng angle for the company website to consider professional advice but has been unable to persuade each other, this situation makes him feel very frustrated, very confused. must have many Shanghai dragon ER have encountered such a situation (whether work or orders process), and it can be expected that, with the Shanghai Longfeng hot, this situation will be more and more, because the Shanghai dragon is not just a simple change of its website, and the website development goals and the overall site plan is closely related to the "domino" – even ZAC said with emotion: "not good treatment with other department…… Responsible for the Shanghai dragon is at least VP level, otherwise it is sometimes difficult to promote". ER professional opinions are not adopted, painful and ER often currently Shanghai Longfeng way of dealing with this situation probably has two kinds, one is to work (orders), and fully accommodate leader (or employer) incorrect opinions; one is that our professional opinions, no bad heart, a top dead, don’t pay attention to strategies the result is very poor.   , therefore, should show their attitude, but must pay attention to the situation, grasp the way of expression, but also to empathy, "they consider standing in the position of the other side (leadership or employer) why want to do so, he hopes to achieve" Shanghai Dragon